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  1. bryan92

    What do you think of the Smithsonian Channel?

    No need to type my response. +1
  2. bryan92

    Why so many duplicate HD channels; which ones to use?

    I just deleted the SD versions (on my favorite list) so I wouldn't see them all the time. It used to drive me insane too.
  3. bryan92

    Issue With My 722

    Mine was doing it too. I knew the process and unplugged, reset, etc. Mine finally got a little better. Now, all of a sudden, it wants to record five minutes of a program, then I guess it resets itself, misses five minutes and records twenty minutes more. I guess I will break down and call...
  4. bryan92

    Need four receivers.

    I had that problem too. My only solution, but another receiver.
  5. bryan92

    Saturday Baseball 5/10 on Fox

    Terrible here out of Savannah Ga.
  6. bryan92

    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Might have been. The program that I remember recording was I survived. I have no idea which channel that was on. But, I did see some that were in green that I am pretty sure I had before. One being Outdoor. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. bryan92

    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Ok, I will try that.
  8. bryan92

    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Teal green actually. :) BTW, I searched this and came up empty. If its been discussed, I apologize in advance. I have a 722, America's Everything, HD, Locals. Last night I was recording a program. I let it get about fifteen minutes in and then attempted to watch the program. It said it was...
  9. bryan92

    Is Dish 1000+ too heavy for Chimney?

    Here is mine from several years ago. No problems whatsoever.
  10. bryan92

    Anyway to lessen the fan noise on my 722

    I put one of those fancy $3 pieces of rubber mat thingys down under mine and it did the trick.
  11. bryan92

    Congrats to the Dish Network Racing Team on another Victory!

    I dont think Carl wins a lot. Maybe a new channel for every time he takes the track for a race. That would be at least 40 a year depending on which "extra" race he qualifies for.
  12. bryan92

    Super Bowl not in HD in Sacramento?

    You should be estacic you even got it at all. Our Fox in Savannah, after years telling us it was right around the corner (OTA), just went up two nights ago!
  13. bryan92

    Favorites question

    I have a 622. No, I've got favorites done. When yall answered my question about it always comes up with the last one used, then it makes sense. My wife watches TV in the mornings so its on whatever she uses, which is the all chan or all subjs. Thanks for the help.
  14. bryan92

    Favorites question

    Is there a way, when I turn on my system, to have my favorites appear each time rather than ALL Channels or all subjects (whichever it is).
  15. bryan92

    Newbie to Dish Network

    Daughter was doing this too. Took a while to figure it out, but all is well now. Took it away. J/k
  16. bryan92

    dish quality control shows up at my house..

    I've got a buddy who recently started doing this for Dish. He seemed to give me the idea that he would announce himself, show some type of id and then continue if they were ok with it.