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    Sky Angel Will Suspend IPTV service on Midnight January 14, 2014

    I don't think it was the religious channels that paid the bills for Sky Angel but rather the FAVETV channels such as Hallmark, PIXL, NFL Network, Outdoor Channel, etc., and many of these channels are not renewing their contracts. I also thought there were some legal issues surrounding the whole...
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    All I really wanted was the Hearland Multi-Sport w/ Redzone packages

    SkyAngel is officially closing it's doors on its IPTV service. Too bad. My wife got the Hallmark Channels and Pixl, and I got the NFL Network for $40. We get our locals OTA (about 15 channels total), but Happy Wife, Happy Life :-). In order to get UP (which stopped broadcasting on Sky Angel a...
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    Price increases in February 2014 (UPDATED!)

    In about an hour the Dish guy is to be at my house to hook up my new subscription. We had SkyAngel IPTV for almost 4 years. That service gave us Hallmark, Hallmark Movie Channel, Pixl, Outdoor Channel, MLB Channel, NFL Network, NBA Channel, UP, Pursuit Weather Channel just to name a few. Plus...
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    Sky Angel Will Suspend IPTV service on Midnight January 14, 2014

    It was the best deal in town My wife loved getting the Hallmark Channel, the Hallmark Movie Channel, and Pixl. I loved getting the NFL Network, the Outdoor Channel, NBC Sports Channel, just to name a few and all of this cost less than $40 per month. To get all of those channels on Dish, Dtv, or...
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    FAVE TV and the new Nintendo Wii U

    My kids got the new Nintendo Wii U for Christmas. One of the new features is TVii which basically lets you control interact with your TV/CABLE/DVR services with the new Wii U controller. We only subscribe to Sky Angel/FAVE TV and receive local channels OTA. I was pleasantly surprised to see...
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    Anyone using Vulkano DVR?

    The Vulkano Blast seems to be out of stock in many of the online stores. I found it for 198.99 plus 4.99 S&H at Cost Captain. I just placed an order. I hope it's worth it. I was frustrated to get the new STB only to discover my DVD Recorder no longer worked with it.
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    No Olympics on the SkyAngel NBC sports channels????????

    I also wondered if it was due to Sky Angel being an Internet based service, and perhaps Sky Angel's use of IPTV technology to deliver its content was viewed as Internet streaming and therefore prohibited by NBC
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    No Olympics on the SkyAngel NBC sports channels????????

    Why is Sky Angel showing fishing shows instead of the Olympics?
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    ETAs on ordered Receivers

    I sent an email to customer service, and two days later I get an email that my stb has been shipped. I'm thinking it's not a coincidence. Someone dropped the ball on this one. No worries. It's scheduled to arrive today.
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    ETAs on ordered Receivers

    20 weeks since my credit card was charged and still no STB :-(
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    ETAs on ordered Receivers

    I guess I need to place another call.
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    ETAs on ordered Receivers

    I placed my order for the new receiver in October, and my credit card was charged the first week in November. I called to inquire about the status after 8 weeks had passed and was told it should be here in January. Then we get an email explaining that the demand surpassed the available...
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    If Sky Angel can carry subchannels such as Oldie Goldie, Qubo, PBJ, and Ion Life

    I love it when a show airs on ION that has been deemed inappropriate. You get a black screen with text that states they are having "technical difficulties." They could probably block certain shows on the other networks as well.
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    Sky Angel Update - Going to be HD Capable!

    Waiting for my new box to arrive. I only wish they would permit two boxes for those who have the bandwidth to handle it (which I do).
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    YouToo TV an additional channel or a replacement channel?

    I noticed that YouToo TV is now on SkyAngel, but is it another additional channel or did it replace something? Honestly, there are several channels that I don't watch, but this one caught my eye when I saw the Green Hornet. I love those old shows.
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    Sky Angel Update - Going to be HD Capable!

    The letter also made reference to price increases. $32.99 per month for Family Package and $17.99 for Faith Package effective Otober 15, 2011. Their website still shows current pricing. I'm not opposed to this increase. We've had SA for three years now with no increase, and they have added some...
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    Got SkyAngel today

    I am running Verizon DSL at 6mbs. This allows me to watch TV and still stream video content on my PC with very few buffering interruptions. I blame my Internet service for this rather than Sky Angel. Overall I'm quite happy with it. Sky Angel has strategically priced the packages so that you are...
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    Sky Angel Wish List

    I know there are many grumpy former subscribers, and this thread is not for you. I was once a lifetime member too. The vision of Sky Angel back in the early days was to one day launch their own satellite. They were very limited due to transponder issues on Echostar 3, so they could never offer...