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    New DishHD $29.99 HD Only Package Details

    Sign Me Up!! This is what I've been looking for. All of the other channels I can watch on my cable connection. A lot of the HD channels provided aren't available on cable.
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    How do I receive a Wireless Cable Video Signal

    The main cable that comes into the house is split to all the rooms in my room which are quite a few. I've used a cable booster which doesn't work to no avail. I will try and test by reversing the connections for the splitter and see what that does. Thanks...
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    How do I receive a Wireless Cable Video Signal

    :( Is there a way that I can receive the cable video signal wirelessly to my television? I've split the cable that comes from the wall that goes to my tv and cable modem. When I do this the cable signal always drops from the modem. Still able to view tv. When I have to have a direct...
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    Am I Gay?

    I'm glad to see the divine channel. A little variety no matter if you're gay or not.
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    OTA Signal

    I'm finally showing an OTA station in the PG. When I select the channel (15-1 WTAP-DT) I'm receiving the "No signal received on local channel". Any ideas out on why? Thanx...
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    Charter Member Poll-Lease or Buy??

    Good point. I'll probably stay put also.
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    Any voOmers in West Virginia

    wvmike, I'm scheduled to get a replacement of my receiver. I've gotten a couple of calls from a service rep in Charleston. When I first had my initial installation in December/2003 it was from Pro Star Digital from Columbus, Ohio. Still waiting on my receiver replacement.
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    Any voOmers in West Virginia

    Are there any voOm subscribers in the Parkersburg/Belpre area?
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    VOOM on the Cover of Sound & Vision

    It does kill me what really little trivial things people can complain about. Case in point the look of the receiver and remote. This is really minor. The main thing here is the HD programming that's available. I don't see this much programming being made available from any other satellite...
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    Early subscriber STB replacement

    I received a call today. I'm scheduled to have mine replaced on Tuesday, March 2, 2004. Bring it on.... :p
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    New VOOM Lease Program is not fair to early Subs

    Duh, if I'd check my email once in awhile I would have see it. :rolleyes: Received the email on Friday. Sorry.....
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    New VOOM Lease Program is not fair to early Subs

    What this $300 that you received back? I'm a early subscriber and was wondering if this is available.
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    What are you going to do.

    I'll probably stay. I'm sure there will be a few more channels coming in the next few days. I'm keeping the faith.
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    Are you still having problems with your VOOM box (OTA Problems)?

    Sean, Nothing about OTA in my area code. I'm going to have someone to check and make sure my antenna is in the right position. I should at least be able to pick up my location station WTAP-DT 49. They will be transmitting in HDTV before long. Thanks, Apone...
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    Spice-HD, will you pay this much?

    Spice-HD, will you pay this much, $14.99? :shocked That's an easy question to answer. NO!
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    VOOM New Policy - No monthly charges 'till 2/29/04 (and maybe 'till 3/31/04?)

    Sean I have to agree with you on this. Anything that starts out on the ground level is going to take some time to work out all the bugs. I think I'll stick around for a while.
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    Request HDnet to be added to VOOM

    That's right. I forgot to add the www. Tried and again and got to the correct place. Sent in my request. Thanks neo0285. :)
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    News Now On in HD...Channel called "HDNews"...

    I just turned on my satellite and there it was. The new HDNews channel. It was a very pleasant surprise. Keep them coming Voom. If they do this a couple more times with new channels looks like I'll stick around for awhile.
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    Request HDnet to be added to VOOM

    It appears you need a username and password.
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    My Thoughts on my VOOM Experience After 1 Month

    Rick, Just a quick response to your post to say that I enjoyed reading your thoughts with your Voom experience. I have to say that you've taken the words right out of my mouth. I've had a pleasant experience with my installation (12/03/03) and have enjoyed the free trial period. There...