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    Contract up, bill up - can DIRT help me without calling Loyalty?

    I do have the phone number. I hate making phone calls, I have massive anxiety issues and cannot think straight when I'm on the phone. If Dish makes me call to get a good rate when in the past I've been able to do it through the online chat or DIRT, then they've lost me as a customer.
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    Contract up, bill up - can DIRT help me without calling Loyalty?

    Well, if that's the case I will be using that phone call to cancel. It's 2021 and I can buy a car or get a mortgage online, I'm sure as hell not wasting time on the phone negotiating with my TV provider.
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    Contract up, bill up - can DIRT help me without calling Loyalty?

    Can someone from DIRT drop me a note so I can re-up on a 24 month contract without having to call the loyalty dept. Thx
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    My install went fine and my H3 saw the EHD without an issue. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I was also able to transfer my timers after about 10 attempts (the H3 kept saying it couldn't restore the settings), the Dish tech didn't even know that was possible so he learned something new :)
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    This thread has me worried, I'm scheduled for an H3 install today and moved all of the stuff I care about to a 500gb WD drive. If I can't see those recordings on the new Hopper before the tech leaves, will he leave the H1 for me to send back later so I can do an ethernet copy to the H3?
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    Buggy Hopper?

    Don't forget the drive has to be formatted by the Hopper so you can't use it for anything else at the same time. Also plan for a lonnnngggggg wait, moving data from my 75% full Hopper ready for my H3 install tomorrrow has taken 16 hours so far.
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    Hopper/ Joeys Screensaver Locks Frequently

    Wow that would be a really interesting find if it works - the Joey in my master bedroom locks up frequently (2-3 times a week) and I only use a Harmony with that one. I'll try new batteries in the remote tonight!
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    Quick question about moving around Joey before I make move to Hopper???

    I do this, I have a Joey in my theater but when my Mother-in-law comes to visit (not often) I move that Joey to her bedroom - all of my Joeys (I have another in the master bedroom) run off a single coax from the node in the basement with just standard splitters sending coax to each room.
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    Hopper Update Coming This Week

    Well obviously something is new, or it wouldn't be a software update. Maybe it's a pre-cursor to Carbon to get everyone's Hoppers ready.
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    can't move PTAT shows to external?

    My original Hopper (installed in the first week it was available to customers) is dying - keeps stuttering/freezing, originally started with just the Joeys then the main receiver too. Dish is replacing it (arriving today) and I've been trying to get everything moved off to an external drive but...
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    CNN and HLN gone/ Dish-Turner Dispute - Now Back 11/21

    Wow my wife is gonna be pissed when she gets home tonight, her 2 main channels are CN and Boomerang because she's a Scooby Doo fan. I hope this doesn't go on too long, I love the Hopper too much to switch.
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    Anyone having problems with hbogo?

    I have the 1/2 off HBO deal and can use HBO2GO just fine on my iPad. I've subscribed to HBO in the past but wasn't an active HBO sub when I got the 1/2 off deal (I only get HBO for True Blood)
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    Dish Remote Access for iPad with a new UI

    My problem is from the iOS app (new version). I'm pretty sure it hasn't worked for me since I got the Hopper. I can view live TV, but no recorded content shows up.
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    Dish Remote Access for iPad with a new UI

    I still can't see any of my recordings either, but I can watch Live TV with no problem. Overall the app is nice and much faster.
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    Dish - Please fix collapsible RSN's

    yeah that's what I do, 41225 is CSN-NE.
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    Fed up with dishonline going INSANE!!!!!

    Man this bug is really annoying, never had the full-screen issue with my 722 but with the Hopper I can't get it to stay full screen for more than a couple of minutes. It's a real pain when trying to watch the daytime Redsox games at work :)
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    What DLAN server are you using with the Hopper?

    I use Handbrake for my BD to MKV conversions, always have. I have my entire library ripped to my 4.5tb NAS and I use XBMC on my HTPCs all linked with a MySQL database so I can stop in one room and resume in another - sound familiar? :) Still, the DNLA feature of the Hopper could prove very...
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    What DLAN server are you using with the Hopper?

    I couldn't even get the hopper to see XBMC, and I don't think it has any transcoding built in.
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    What DLAN server are you using with the Hopper?

    I tried tversity but it will only play my x264 stuff, won't play any AVI/xvid. I tried Serviio but that won't even display any of my media. For those using Serviio, what profile are you choosing for the Hopper?
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    My quest to get DLNA working on the Hopper...

    I'm seeing the same thing with tversity and avi/xvid files, but h264 files play fine. Tonight is my first time trying it so haven Thad much time to play with settings etc. I have "always transcode" turned on. I don't think this is an issue an HIC will solve. For me this is just for fun anyway...