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    Sirius Outdoor Antenna and Grounding

    Does the Directed Electronics Sirius outdoor antenna (model #14240) need to be grounded? TV antennas and satellite TV dishes do, but the installation manual I downloaded from Crutchfield doesn't say a word about grounding. Assuming the answer is "yes," my next question is how? Where would I find...
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    What happens to a Sirius subscriber with a lifetime plan?

    I got my lifetime sub back in October of 2005 (as soon as I heard Howard was coming to Sirius). My breakeven point is fast approaching. :up
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    Siruis Package!

    David, Glad I could help. Helping to get these other folks back on the road again will be thanks enough for me. :up
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    Siruis Package!

    It's here. Close - it's the Space Marine from DOOM. ;)
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    Siruis Package!

    A Bit of Good News For the past week or so I have been in email contact with Scott MacLean, one of the Time Trax bigwigs. He took me up on my offer in the (now deleted) other thread to send him capture logs of the Recast sessions that failed. I'm happy to report that the latest test version of...
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    Sirius radio complete not working

    BTW, if anyone from TT would like a capture of the TTRecast that doesn't work as well as a capture from the third-party app that does work, just let me know. I have a little utility called PortMon that can capture all kinds of information that may be helpful to you. Just say the word. :D
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    Sirius radio complete not working

    I am having this exact same problem. I ordered a Sirius Complete and Time Trax Recast simply refuses to work with it. It detects the USB interface on (virtual COM) port 3, but then times out with the same error message you guys saw. I assumed there was a problem with the hardware and was in...
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    I got Lucky!!!

    While searching for a suitable spot to pole-mount a dish (I have a tripod onto which I mounted the dish and moved it around to various places in the yard), I tried one spot that I felt certain would be completely blocked by my trees. To my utter amazement, I got a usable signal through the...
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    Alernative Entertainment AEI is the worst installer by far

    ...and won't do fulfilment installs because they aren't compensated fairly. ;)
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    How Would You Ground This?

    Ugh!!! Dang, I was hoping for a better solution. :( Thanks, guys, as always I appreciate your help. :) Looks like I may just stick with the pole-in-the-ground method after all - that way, the ground wire can run inside the trench and enter the house near the service panel (and be bonded to...
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    How Would You Ground This?

    My house was built in the 1970s. It originally had a TV antenna somewhere on the roof, and the builder installed three small metal conduits that penetrate the roof and lead down into three rooms (the living room and two of the bedrooms). The wall plates in the rooms suggest that 300 ohm twin...
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    Man! This makes me mad.

    I had no problem understanding him. If Dish treats you like this when they are trying to court you as a customer (and, presumably, on their best behavior), imagine how it's going to be after they have your money.
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    In Embracing Digital Recorders, Cable Co.s Take Risk

    "Zipping" and "Zapping" have been a problem (from the advertising industry's point of view) for years - long before there were PVRs, there were remote controls. Suddenly, people didn't have to get up out of their comfy chairs to change the channel when a commercial came on, they could just hit a...
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    OT: How can people stand OTA?

    I've been watching OTA for over a year now since I moved to the LA basin, but I'm not exactly the typical TV viewer. ;) I don't watch TV all that much, and I watch it even less when I don't have 100 channels to flip through. I mostly watch the news on KTLA in the morning and in the evening; the...
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    Team Summit update thread!

    So you're saying the 942 will have a (functional) USB port?
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    How many CSR's does it take to change a lightbulb?

    ...and you can't buy the bulbs - you can only lease them.
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    Snap N Seal connectors

    Thanks, guys! BTW, do I need a special stripper for these connectors, or will the same one I've been using for my regular hex-crimped connectors trim off the proper amounts?
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    forgot parental lock password

    Ask your father what it is. ;)
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    Snap N Seal connectors

    Where's a good place to purchase the Snap 'N Seal connectors and tools?
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    I predict...

    I predict that Dish will exceed expectations for new subscribers by a significant margin.