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    All I really wanted was the Hearland Multi-Sport w/ Redzone packages

    SkyAngel is officially closing it's doors on its IPTV service. Too bad. My wife got the Hallmark Channels and Pixl, and I got the NFL Network for $40. We get our locals OTA (about 15 channels total), but Happy Wife, Happy Life :-). In order to get UP (which stopped broadcasting on Sky Angel a...
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    FAVE TV and the new Nintendo Wii U

    My kids got the new Nintendo Wii U for Christmas. One of the new features is TVii which basically lets you control interact with your TV/CABLE/DVR services with the new Wii U controller. We only subscribe to Sky Angel/FAVE TV and receive local channels OTA. I was pleasantly surprised to see...
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    No Olympics on the SkyAngel NBC sports channels????????

    Why is Sky Angel showing fishing shows instead of the Olympics?
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    ETAs on ordered Receivers

    I placed my order for the new receiver in October, and my credit card was charged the first week in November. I called to inquire about the status after 8 weeks had passed and was told it should be here in January. Then we get an email explaining that the demand surpassed the available...
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    YouToo TV an additional channel or a replacement channel?

    I noticed that YouToo TV is now on SkyAngel, but is it another additional channel or did it replace something? Honestly, there are several channels that I don't watch, but this one caught my eye when I saw the Green Hornet. I love those old shows.
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    Sky Angel Wish List

    I know there are many grumpy former subscribers, and this thread is not for you. I was once a lifetime member too. The vision of Sky Angel back in the early days was to one day launch their own satellite. They were very limited due to transponder issues on Echostar 3, so they could never offer...
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    So how is Sky Angel Doing?

    I really like Sky Angel. I had a lifetime subscription, and I waited about a year before subscribing to the IPTV service. Channels are between 30 to 60 seconds behind Dish Network, and occassionally I still get bufferring from my DSL connection, but it's not bad. What I am wondering though...
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    Love my SkyAngel IPTV - Just Wish I Could Get Locals

    I live in a small town that is surrounded by hills. Due to a tight budget, I can't afford to pay the cable company almost $30.00 for 13 channels in order to get my locals, and I don't want to pay for other "cheaper" Dish and DTV packages that have junk I don't want (that's why I went with Sky...
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    Can't get horizontal frequencies

    I think my BUD may be damaged. It was in bad shape when I got it, and I didn't help it any when I moved the dish and forgot to move my gorilla ladder that was in front of the dish. Two off the pannels got bent. I was still able to pick up all c-band; however, today I cannot get the networks out...
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    BUD stopped moving

    I've been reading several posts about reed switches, and I think this might be my problem. I'll try to send some pics to help identify this beast of a BUD. It's an old HH motor and it weighs a ton. The manufacturer was Janiel Corp. The motor model number is Janiel 180 I think. Anyway, winter was...
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    Has anyone been brave enough to open up their Visionsat iv200 PVR?

    I love the Visionsat 200. I don't like the fact that the usb port is on the front. I was wondering if anyone has peeked inside their box to see how the usb port is connected to the mainboard. If there is a usb socket on the mainboard, then it would be a fairly simple task to make a small...
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    Get HD via the Visionsat IV200 PVR Plus (sort of)

    I decided to record some of the PBS HD using my Visionsat IV PVR Plus and an 8GB thumb drive. I recorded about 60 seconds and then played the recording through my laptop computer using the Media Player Classic . I got a good picture and sound. So for those of us who do not have HD, it looks...
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    Visionsat 200 with DiSEqC 1.2 issue

    OK, this has me baffled and I was hoping this is an issue with others. First I bought my box from an Ebay seller who had about 80 "New" receivers for sale. The receiver looked new, the box looked new, the receiver even had the film cover on the display - so it looks new. The firmware was 1.15...
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    A criminal tells me about "FTA"

    I work for a non-profit agency. We often get people who are court ordered to complete community service hours as part of their sentencing. Today I was telling my boss about my new Visionast 200 PVR and how it allows me to record and pause live TV. Well this guys begins to tell me about his...
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    Where will FTA be in 15 years?

    Just wanted to get some feedback on this. Considering all the emerging technologies, where does TV from satellites fit into the picture? Do you think there will come a day when satellite TV is replace with IPTV? Any thought on this?
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    Is Dish Network's card swap working?

    I have not shopped for an FTA box for a while, but it seems the prices are dropping. A lot of sellers have a their boxes on sale. Under $300 bucks for an HD box? Under $80 for and SD box? Hmm. The demand must be dwindling. Here's to you Mr. Dish Network guy! Make it secure this time! Happy...
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    Do PVR FTA Boxes work?

    My DVD Recorder for my television stopped working, so I am tossing around the idea of getting a new FTA box with PVR capabilities rather than getting a new DVD recorder. A low end DVD recorder will cost about $130.00. My current FTA box is an old Megasat. It works fine, but it can only store...
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    Will HD broadcasts affect the quality of SD video?

    I know this is a strange question, and I wasn't sure how to clearly state this in the title. Anyway, while watching NFL games on Fox using my C-Band BUD, I noticed pixel distortion during fast moving scenes (i.e. terrible towels being waved, quick pans of by the camera man, etc.) I have 90...
  19. R owes me a big thank you

    I was checking my emails today and noticed an email from UPS. The email stated that UPS had received my order from, and the expected deliver date is October 15. There's only one problem. . . I didn't order anything. I checked my credit card accounts and bank accounts, and no...
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    Any News on the Captive Works 4000 HD?

    Mods, Please move this if it needs to be in a different forum. The CaptiveWorks 4000 HD listed at caught my eye, but I have not seen any reviews on it. It appears that this one device would pretty much give you the best of all worlds. Since it has network capabilities, I...