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    Dish Spam

    I am constantly getting spammed by independent satellite installation companies selling Dish subscriptions. I try to filter them out but they just use new email addresses. I know it's not coming directly from Dish, but these companies represent Dish IMO in a bad light by spamming customers. At...
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    Any Way To Add External Storage to X1 ?

    Just switched to Comcast from Dish and so far I absolutely love it. The only problem is that the HD fills up pretty quickly. Any way to expand storage?
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    Can You Pair More Than 1 Remote to X1

    I'd like to add a second remote to my main TV for my wife to use. Is that possible?
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    X-1 Questions

    I'll be going from Dish to Comcast when we move and I have a few questions: Is there an OTA tuner ? Can you combine 2 together so all TV's share the tuners/DVR's? How much more do they charge for the second X-1? Do they charge a fee for each of the client boxes? Can you watch live TV on an iPad...
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    Going from Dish to Comcast

    We will be moving next year to a development that doesn't allow sat dishes so I will be switching to Comcast. The house is being built so I can have it wired to accommodate whatever is needed for cable. We will have at most 6 TV's one of which is a home theater, with 3 of us living in the home...
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    Some Channels Dropping Out

    I'm in NY and I have all 722k's and lately some of the channels are pixillating and dropping out . How do I figure out what is causing this and how to fix ?
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    Dish Blocked With Snow, How to get to OTA on 722

    I can't seem to get to my OTA channels, I keep getting "Error 024" . Oh and Happy Thanksgiving lol!
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    Watch 722 DVR on a Distant TV?

    My daughter is going away to college and I'd like to know if there's a way for her to watch her recordings on her TV at school. I have a Sling adapter, and I know she can watch that from a computer/tablet/cell phone, but is there any way to watch directly on a TV ?
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    OTA Dropouts

    I'm starting to get more and more drop-outs on my OTA stations. I have a signal strength of around 70 on all stations (722k receiver) which are about 50 miles away, is that a decent signal? I have an amplifier and the antenna (yagi)is in the attic. Any ideas ? I was thinking of trying one of...
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    Any Way to Watch On-Line Videos on a TV

    There's so many videos that are 0n-line only, not just from Dish but from many other sources. I have a 722, a Mac, iPads, a Roku and a Marantz AVR, and some videos will play via Plex but most will not . Is there any possible way to play them all on a TV either with hardware or software?
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    Anyone Want to Sell Their Roku?

    I got my free one, but I could use 1 more for my kid's TV so they can watch Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead (which we are all hooked on). I already bought the Seasons Pass for Breaking Bad on Amazon and it works pretty well. I could keep shuttling the Roku between TV's but it's already become...
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    Shipping Fee For Leased Receiver Replacement ?

    I have 4 722's, and one of them died a couple of weeks ago. The CSR said they'd send me a replacement, but there's a $15 shipping fee. Then I remembered that I had to have another of my 772's replaced in April because the HD went bad, and I wasn't charged anything. What has been everyone...
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    Confused About 722k + OTA Antenna

    I finally connected an OTA antenna to the OTA module on one of my 772k's. I am using this receiver to feed 2 remote TV's using Home Distribution and Dual Mod. I did the "Scan Locals" routine and all of my locals came in. Questions: 1 What do I do next, are they automatically added to my...
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    Returning Disc to BB Store for the first time

    I have a disc that I received from Dish/BB via mail and I'm going to return it and get a new one at my local Blockbuster. I'm not sure if they are going to have a glazed look in their eyes when I do this so I want to be sure what's supposed to happen. Do they scan the return envelope and then...
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    Is There Any Way to Tranfer Recordings to iPad?

    I used to use my Archos to record my shows to watch while traveling but that no longer works with the 722 receivers. Is there any way to do this with an iPad? I also have a Dish Sling but I don't want to just stream, I want to be able to record/transfer my programs from my 722 to my iPad to...
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    722 Modulator Question

    I'm using the Channel 3 output on TV1 to feed a distant TV in my house but the signal is a little noisy. Anyone know if the built-in modulator for channels 21 and up has an amplifier on it?
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    More Outages After Switching to EA

    Since being switched over to Eastern Arc, I seem to get MUCH more outages due to clouds. I live about 60 miles due north of NYC and have all 722 receivers. What could be causing this? Are the sats at a shallower angle than before ?
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    Way to Teach Commands to 722 Remote in Sat Mode

    I really love that you can teach the new remotes commands. I'd like a way for the wife and kids to change the channel on the TV to our security cameras without leaving Sat mode. Is there any way to teach commands to the 4 colored buttons while in Satellite mode? Or, are there any 'punch...
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    Pocketdish+722 Not Working

    I've used my Pocketdish (Archos 500) in the past with my 522 receivers without any problems. I now have all 722's and tried hooking up to that and I'm having problems. First it wasn't recognized at all by the receiver, so I downloaded the latest firmware from Archos. It shows up fine now and...
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    How Do I Sell My Old 522 Receivers ?

    I have 3/522's which I own, that were replaced with 722's . If I sell them on ebay do I remove the smart cards? Do I need to notify dish?