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    Does Google TV work well with ESPN3?

    I does work. It took a while to load, but it does work. The HD games looked great.
  2. J

    XM Sirius Announces "Best Of" Packages to be available 10/6

    I just activated the best of Sirius on my factory (Acura) XM radio. The XM website crashed when I tried to activate online, but I had no problems when I called the 800 number. The CR said it may take 24 hours to show up, but I have Howard Stern etc. right away.
  3. J

    Received upgrade letter 942 to 622, advice?

    Make sure that they give you a "new" 622. The rebuilt boxes are junk.
  4. J

    622 Sling Box Issue

    Never mind...A dish network fix all, a reboot, fixed all.
  5. J

    622 Sling Box Issue

    I have had a slingbox connected to my 622 with no issues for months. Today my video is only a test pattern using both the TV1 analong outputs (s-video and composite). I am trying to figure out if this is an "E" issue or a sling box problem, before I star pulling apart all on the...
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    Dish Launches Big 10 Network

    When are we going to get the SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac 10 and Big East channels?
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    Remote (Aux mode)?

    My 622 remote controls my Sony Receiver's volume. I do not use the input button.
  8. J

    Is the 622 outdated now that 622-1 is coming?

    I am sure at the 2009 CES they will introduce VC -2.
  9. J

    622 Daily reset--Anyone having this problem

    My 622 started to reboot more and more frequently. I had to have Dish send me a replacement. Tech support will tell you that is a "known issue" and they trying to resolve it, but don't buy their b.s. Make them replace the unit. My replacement unit works perfectly.
  10. J

    What is this $59.95 charge for?

    Dish has fixed the problem....No more paper bills!!
  11. J

    XM to launch 24 Hour Surround Sound Channel

    What good is Dolby 5.1 if the music is not recorded in 5.1?
  12. J

    New 942 Feature but does it work?

    I have a cannon camera which did not work, but when I used the USB card reader I had no problems. This is very cool feature.
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    Does anyone remember???

    Maybe they can release the schedule of when the schedule will be available for release.
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    942 Install Problem

    I have had an 811 and 508 running off the same TV. The 508 was connected right to the DP34 switch and a separate line with a diplexer for the OTA and my 811. No problems for the past year. I just tried to self install my new 942 and can only get the box to recognize my sat 1 or 2. Just not...
  15. J

    Dish installer near Lake Worth-West Palm Beach FL

    This company Discount Digital Satellite Phone: (954) 227-7379 does excellent work. I know they work in Broward County and should go to Palm Beach also.
  16. J

    Support for "TVGuide on Screen"?

    Get an dish DVR.
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    S. Florida Locals WTVJ

    I still do not have 6.1, but I see WTVJ 31.1 in the guide and am getting a strong signal but after a few minutes I can the message that I have a weak signal. I was getting 31.1 until the new uprade hit. I was hoping that this would of worked it self out, but it does not look like that is...
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    S. Florida Locals WTVJ

    Has any one else lost WTVJ (NBC) channel 6.1? On Thursday or Friday they added a new channel 6.2 with weather information. Ever since that day I cannot get the regular channel 6.1. I have a friend with a "D" HD box and 6.1 is still transmitting I far as I can tell.
  19. J

    Hurricane Frances headed my way ... peace and quiet to reign on SatGuys forum

    I have a E* 811 with an OTA tuner. In Weston I am having the same result. Sat pictures have been perfect, but the most stations except 6.1 (nbc) must have turned off their digital signals.
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    will dish network installers install a ota antenna? digital home advantage question?

    When I got my 811 in December, the Dish (corp installer) charged me $30 extra to install one of those round antennas that clip to the dish. These antennas are cheap and may not work for everyone, but they allow me to pick up all of my digital locals with a decent signal. The $30 was paid to...