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  1. bryan92

    Guide (some channels shown in green)

    Teal green actually. :) BTW, I searched this and came up empty. If its been discussed, I apologize in advance. I have a 722, America's Everything, HD, Locals. Last night I was recording a program. I let it get about fifteen minutes in and then attempted to watch the program. It said it was...
  2. bryan92

    Favorites question

    Is there a way, when I turn on my system, to have my favorites appear each time rather than ALL Channels or all subjects (whichever it is).
  3. bryan92

    Frying a friends TV

    Ok, I think this will be the first time this has been asked. ;) A friends wife told him that he could get a new TV when the other one died. He has informed me that its time for it to die. He asked if I could find a way to fry it without her knowing. This TV is ancient so its not like it cost...
  4. bryan92

    HDnet show last night... Brazil

    Did anyone see the show last night on HDnet? It had something to do with Brazil. If someone replies that they watched it I would like to post a picture and see if this is the same girl that hosted it.
  5. bryan92

    Powell leaving

    FCC Chairman Powell stepping down,,SB110627220789332234-INjfYNilaJ4nZ2pZIKIcKWHm4,00.html
  6. bryan92

    Help with viewing a program thats being recorded

    I want to watch the Falcons game Saturday night but Ive got to go to party. I should be home by 9 o'clock. When I get home and its an hour into the game how do I back up and watch from the begining? Do I just go in and select " start over" and still be able to watch everything? Sorry, havent had...
  7. bryan92

    What cables to hook up

    Which cables to hook up Just got my 921 after having an 811 for a year. I dont have DVI on my TV. My question is.. other than the component cable should I hook up the s-video cable as well? I have all my components running through a Denon 3805. In other words would I be wasting my time to do...
  8. bryan92

    Question about jtag

    I am selling my 508 on ebay and keep getting emails about jtag. I told them that I was pretty familiar with satellite talk and jtag was not a term I was familiar with. I told them that it must have to do with hacking and I would not answer their question. Did I screw up or was I right on the...
  9. bryan92

    Question about contract

    I want to upgrade to a 921 from an 811. If I remember correctly I had to keep HD pack for a year. If I switch I will be ok, right? I got the $249 deal on the 811. I hope I gave enough info. My contract should be about up anyway because my bill this month included the renewal for the HD pack...
  10. bryan92

    Question about switch for 921

    I really didnt want to start a new thread for this question but I did a search and I am still confused. I am going to buy a 921 and have a question. What switch will I need? I have a 105 the switch already there? If I do need another much? This is all the info I can...
  11. bryan92

    A little help with Superdish

    I'm posting for a friend. He has a problem with 105 locals (Savannah). During daylight hours he cannot receive his locals. When the sun goes down, no problem. Any suggestions? Dish has come out and attempted to fix the problem but no luck. Daytime signal is at 55-58%, night time is around 64-65%.
  12. bryan92

    2 questions about 508

    1st question...When getting ready to record a program thats a few days out in the guide, is there a quicker way to get there vs. pressing the right arrow and scrolling forever? Example..Today is Thursday and I want to record a program for next Monday and don't know the time and so forth...
  13. bryan92

    Pat on the back for me and you

    I am trying to sell an old receiver on ebay ( 4700 ). I got an email right off the bat about bypassing the auction. His first question was about rev and rom. I did a search on here and found that him being from Canada and those two words aren't good. He emailed me a second time and said that...
  14. bryan92

    Page had expired

    Warning:Page has expired Every post I make, here or on others, gives me a page expired and then asked me to refresh. When I refresh it makes a double post. Any fixes or will I need to deal with this. Was told by a friend it was messed up cookies. The only thing I know about messed up cookies is...
  15. bryan92

    Superdish chimney install

    I wanted to share these photo's with those who were thinking about a chimney install.
  16. bryan92

    811 and Superdish

    I have searched the forum but have not seen this mentioned. While viewing a channel and then switching to the next and so forth ( without using the guide to view the program ) it is extremly slow now that my Superdish is installed. It is slow to the point that I almost have to wait until the...
  17. bryan92

    New NASCAR wantabee

    I didnt know whether to put this here or in sports.
  18. bryan92

    811 OTA analog problem

    I have searched and not found this problem discussed yet. I am posting for my boss, so I haven't seen this problem with my own eyes. He said the OTA channels he is receiving are black and white. The one digital channel he gets is fine. This seems like a call to Dish, however I wanted to check...