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    another TEGNA/DirecTV dispute happening again, TEGNA contract with DirecTV expires on Nov 30 at 8 PM ET

    So when I lost NBC I was thinking ok no big deal, the dispute's between DirecTV and Tegna, I can just watch their NBC Sports App cuz it's not their beef.. wrong! Notre Dame and Sunday Night Football are blacked out on the app. How do DirecTV/Tegna have the power to do that???
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    DirecTV blacks out.. High school football?

    So on Christmas Day and on New Year's day (late night, early Jan.2) Comcast Bay Area (698) was replaying California High school football championship games, One of them interested me (De La Salle vs Centennial), I tune it in and it said It wasn't available in my area. I'm in Ohio but I have...
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    strange problem with HD

    You're right, the other one already has a b-band on it. The problem stays in the room
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    strange problem with HD

    So we switched from a SD to an HD receiver (H24-100). But noticed we were getting about half the HD channels,rest were getting the 771 message. Our other HD Box in the other room (H24-700) works perfectly fine. We called DirecTV and they told us we needed a B-Band converter, so we said sure...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    awesome. thanks for the info!
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    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    so DirecTV released their 1st commercial for Sunday ticket, but a rather vague one. Basically it just says less than $2 per game. There's a lot of open ended questions: Does this price include the local games blacked out on Sunday Ticket...
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    NFL ST for 2012 update

    This might be a stupid question but are auto-renewals locked in at $199 or do we have to do something? (I didn't have to go or any of that, just the basic ST.
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    ScoreGuide Lists Winnipeg Jets as the Thrashers

    That scoreguide was still calling Sporting Kansas City the Wizards until recently
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    Fox pushes English soccer alongside NFL

    Fox is airing the 2nd Chelsea/Man U Match up live from Samford Bridge on Super Bowl Sunday. There's a couple more taped games coming too. FOX to Broadcast Premier League Live On Free-to-air TV in US: Exclusive | Premier League blog, soccer news and football shirts from EPL Talk
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    Aussie Rules Grand Final Late Tonight!

    Geelong Cats win ! 119-81 close and exciting game through 3 quarters but Geelong ran away with it in the 4th
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    Aussie Rules Grand Final Late Tonight!

    Network Ten in Australia is under a lot of scrutiny from AFL Fans for not showing the game in HD but ESPN2 (Simulcasting Network Ten) has it in glorious HD. strange that. Network Nine isn't showing the Rugby League GF in HD either
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    Fox pushes English soccer alongside NFL

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    Fox pushes English soccer alongside NFL

    No matter if the NFL Fans care or not, this is a sign of Soccer's growth in the US. First its the Champions League Final, now this. maybe some day Fox will show a game every saturday morning from February until the end of the season
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    Which Thanksgiving game are you looking forward too?

    Miami/Dallas but I'm a little bias as a Dolphins fan :)
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    Aussie Rules Grand Final Late Tonight!

    from ESPN2 and ESPN3 in the USA will carry the Grand Final between Collingwood and Geelong LIVE on Friday night / Saturday morning, September 30th / October 1st. US coverage on will begin at 8:00 PM EDT Friday including most pre-match festivities; Coverage will continue...
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    WWE Network

    I'll find it ironic if they add it to the sports pack:D
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    Rugby World Cup - how to get a PPV package added?

    Here's another question. Why aren't any of the games on Versus? NBC/Comcast could easily cover half the tournament on those two channels alone. I thought RWC on Versus would be a given.
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    Attention current NFL ST Subs! - Discounts.

    so before I saw this I asked for a discount on anything I subscribe to. I got $5 off of starz for 6 months, and $10 off the sports pack for 6 months. you guys think I should call back and ask for a discount on Specifically Sunday Ticket? or could I be risking my credits?
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    Adult programming on Directv...issue

    I smell a troll :)
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    Free NFL Sunday Ticket promo

    did anyone catch this last night? Joe Buck said "now NFL Sunday Ticket is available at no extra charge." ?Joe Buck gives away Sunday Ticket for free?‏ - YouTube I knew this was originally the deal for new customers only, but this doesn't say that, no fine print, it doesn't even...