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    DirecTV blacks out.. High school football?

    So on Christmas Day and on New Year's day (late night, early Jan.2) Comcast Bay Area (698) was replaying California High school football championship games, One of them interested me (De La Salle vs Centennial), I tune it in and it said It wasn't available in my area. I'm in Ohio but I have...
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    strange problem with HD

    So we switched from a SD to an HD receiver (H24-100). But noticed we were getting about half the HD channels,rest were getting the 771 message. Our other HD Box in the other room (H24-700) works perfectly fine. We called DirecTV and they told us we needed a B-Band converter, so we said sure...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    so DirecTV released their 1st commercial for Sunday ticket, but a rather vague one. Basically it just says less than $2 per game. There's a lot of open ended questions: Does this price include the local games blacked out on Sunday Ticket...
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    Aussie Rules Grand Final Late Tonight!

    from ESPN2 and ESPN3 in the USA will carry the Grand Final between Collingwood and Geelong LIVE on Friday night / Saturday morning, September 30th / October 1st. US coverage on will begin at 8:00 PM EDT Friday including most pre-match festivities; Coverage will continue...
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    Free NFL Sunday Ticket promo

    did anyone catch this last night? Joe Buck said "now NFL Sunday Ticket is available at no extra charge." ?Joe Buck gives away Sunday Ticket for free?‏ - YouTube I knew this was originally the deal for new customers only, but this doesn't say that, no fine print, it doesn't even...
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    Aussie Rules Football Grand Final- REMATCH

    I say rematch because the first one ended in a draw! 68-68. Australia's version of the Super Bowl is late tomorrow tonight/Early Saturday Morning (again!) on ESPN Classic, ESPN2, and In Canada, it's all on TSN2. This year it's between the Collingwood Magpies and the St. Kilda...
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    New Arena Football League? RSNs?

    I know the NFL Network is on board for at least a game a week, but I cant find anything about which teams have contracts with RSNs, if any? I am hoping to find games on D*'s sportspack. Anyone have any info? Thanks :)
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    Scoreguide for NHL?

    Why aren't they updating scores for the NHL in Scoreguide? the MLB scores work fine, just not NHL scores. I get that Versus isn't on D* but They won't even let me keep track of the score? D* sure likes rubbing salt into our wounds :mad:
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    DirecTV Mail about NASCAR hotpass *Scratches head*

    When I got my bill a few days ago from D*, they included a postcard sized (maybe a bit bigger) card advertizing their free NASCAR Hotpass but the thing said there were 13 audio channels included.. I am thinking D* made a big boo boo since I can't find this option anywhere nor any information...
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    Blackhawks/Rangers games blacked out?

    I come to turn on the 2:30 AM ET Replay of the Rangers/Blackhawks game on channel 665 but they blacked it out. Last year i depended on these delayed games quite a bit last year, is this a new thing this year or just a mistake? (Yes I have NHL Center ice) is DirecTV doing this to push their...
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    tricky sports blackouts question:

    I live in zip code 44035, which allows me to get the Blue Jackets, but all of the Crew games are blacked out.. now I know that D* does not carry a channel that broadcasts crew games on a regular basis, but am I able to stake a claim that i am in Crew territory, and that I should be able to view...
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    Free Preview of Setanta Sports (this weekend)

    direct from an ad on my myspace of all places: Setanta Sports will be free for DIRECTV subscribers on Feb 3rd & 4th tune to channel 615. Don’t miss 6 Nations Rugby, Super 14, English Premier League, and La Championnat. Italy vs. France and England vs. Scotland 6 Nations Rugby Chiefs vs...
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    Fox Sports En Espanol

    FSE has recently moved from para todos to the sports pack tier..the channel guide I got in the mail says FSE is on 616 but when I tune to that channel, it tells me Channel not available.. is there something I can to do obtain this channel? I do have the sports pack. Thank you :)
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    David Beckham to play for Los Angeles Galaxy. ADRID, Spain -- Former England captain David Beckham will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and sign a five-year deal for MLS team Los Angeles Galaxy, he told Reuters on Thursday. "This week Real Madrid asked me to make...
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    Boise State

    anyone starting to wonder if they deserved a shot at Ohio State for the National title? They went undefeated.. played a hell of a game against Oklahoma.. and even showed the ability to play smashmouth football with the big boys, trick plays aside... they have a lot of weapons in their arsenal...
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    Sportstime Ohio problem

    The Wrong channel is there! I am getting one of the NHL center ice channel on 657 which is supposed to be where STO is located. I do subscirbe to NHL center ice.. but it would be nice to see the real Sportstime Ohio. I should have no problem viewing it since I live in Elyria.
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    NFL on Fox. SAP audio.

    I can't be the only one that has noticed this.. when you are in SAP mode for fox football games, you are pretty much shutting off the audio from the commentators mics .You can only hear the crowd/atmosphere,pa guy,etc. I think this is pretty cool!
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    a few installation questions (making the jump from cable)

    how many recievers can be phyiscally hooked up to a single dish?I know only up to 4 boxes are "free" with most of the deals I see.. but I will need more than that(big family) and am willing to pay extra for the 5th box. not all of our tvs have a video/audio input or a video input channel...
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    mega swap with comcast

    any other areas besides northern ohio get swapped form comcast to time warner or vice versa? we got it a few days ago with little warning.. now we are caught in this nfl network crap, and lost weatherscan.
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    Tv Dx? (OTA)

    I don't see an anolog OTA board so I decided to post it here. Anyone else here into TV Dxing? meaning the catching of distant OTA signals? This past Saturday , I caught my 1st ever e-skip signals here in Elyria, Ohio Between 1:30 and 3PM (abouts) I was able to catch KDFW Fox 4, from Dallas...