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    WARNING! 921 ports now covered over on newly shipped units.

    I just discovered that the DISHwire ports have been covered with a piece of thin white plastic and screwed in place. I just talked with two guys who received their 921's yesterday and they also have the DISHwire ports covered. Needless to say, we are infuriated. This very clearly means...
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    Can I sell my free DVR510 without penalty from E*?

    Question: I signed up for the free DVR510 offer with the 2 year Top 50 agreement. Now that the 921 is out (sort of) I was thinking of selling the 510 to help pay for the 921. Can I sell my 510 without penalty from E*? It is my understanding that I only agreed to keep Top 50 and did not...
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    Anything mentioned last night about the 921?

    I don't see anything here on the boards.
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    Strange PVR510 problems - Cannot get a signal without doing

    I have a brand new PVR510 and it is suffering from the strangest problem. If I turn the unit off and leave it off for more than say an hour, when turning it back on, it comes up with a message saying aquiring Satallites. Unfortunately, it never aquires them. If I go into the Menu to check signal...
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    Does the $150 6000 offer include Component cables?

    Hi. Are the standard high quality component cables that come with this unit included with the $150 refurb offer? The CSR I talked to didn't know. WHo knew?! :)