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    622 Sling Box Issue

    I have had a slingbox connected to my 622 with no issues for months. Today my video is only a test pattern using both the TV1 analong outputs (s-video and composite). I am trying to figure out if this is an "E" issue or a sling box problem, before I star pulling apart all on the...
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    942 Install Problem

    I have had an 811 and 508 running off the same TV. The 508 was connected right to the DP34 switch and a separate line with a diplexer for the OTA and my 811. No problems for the past year. I just tried to self install my new 942 and can only get the box to recognize my sat 1 or 2. Just not...
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    S. Florida Locals WTVJ

    Has any one else lost WTVJ (NBC) channel 6.1? On Thursday or Friday they added a new channel 6.2 with weather information. Ever since that day I cannot get the regular channel 6.1. I have a friend with a "D" HD box and 6.1 is still transmitting I far as I can tell.
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    DirecTV wins judgment against O.J. Simpson over pirating

    "Associated Press Posted April 30 2004, 1:06 PM EDT MIAMI -- DirecTV moved closer to winning its lawsuit against former football star O.J. Simpson for allegedly pirating its satellite television signal when he failed to respond to the company's complaint. A clerk issued a default...
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    501/508/510 Software Upgrade

    The Dish Website listed software upgrades for the 501/508/510 as of today 1/8/2003 ver p.2.20. I wonder whats new? What about my 811?