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    Thinking about switching to Hopper - need advice

    I currently have: Eastern Arc - two sats 61.5 and 72 Two 211Ks at the house - owned One 222K that is used for tailgating - owned America's top 200 ($74.99) and two HD receiver fees ($7.00 each) - monthly bill is $88.99 - have free HD for life I am thinking about getting rid of the 222K -...
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    Moving to GA

    I currently live in Johnson City in northeast TN. Locals here are on the western arc. For a variety of reasons, I have two 500 dishes - one for 110 and 119, and one for 129. They feed into an SW34 switch that feeds three owned VIP211k receivers. I am moving to Dublin, GA. What arc are they...
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    211k false LNB drift

    I have three 211k receivers connected to a SW34 switch. One of the receivers is seeing a +150 drift on the 129 LNB - this causes many of my HD channels to show total signal loss. The other two show no LNB drift. I have physically replaced the LNB. I have physically swapped the "bad" receiver...
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    Best dish for Western Arc?

    I am currently using an old 105/110/119 Superdish with the 105 lnb disconnected to receive 110/119 and a Dish 500 wing dish pointed to 129. Three cables are buried underground to a DP34 switch on the side of the house. The switch connects to my house wiring. For a variety of reasons, I do not...
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    Tri-Cities TN/VA on western arc

    Perhaps a DIRT person can tell me why Tri-Cities TN/VA is on western arc. Take a look at a map - it makes no sense at all. Sight lines and elevations for eastern arc make much more sense.
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    TV2 channel selection with 222k

    I just replaced a 322 with a 222k. TV2 is connected using coax via the modulator. Of course, TV2 is a SD TV. You can see the both the SD and HD channels. They look different on the screen, so I want the SD channels. I set up a favorites with only the SD channels. Using this guide...
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    Replacing 322 with 222K

    I currently have two 322s pushing 4 SD TVs and one 211k with EHD pushing a HD TV. THe 322s are leased, the 211K was purchased. I want to add another HD TV. So, I am considering replacing one of the 322s with a 222K. I see three options: 1. Upgrade to the 222K through Dish - they want $100...
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    211 extremely slow after adding EHD

    I added a 1 terabyte WD My Book Essential external hard drive. Finally got it activated. Now the 211k is extremely slow to react to any commands. It can take it 20-30 seconds just to change channels. I have talked to Dish Network and I am up to date on all software, ... This is not a minor...
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    How long to format EHD on 211k?

    Just hooked up and activated a WD My Book Essential 1TB drive to my 211k. It went through the "you have a EHD would you like to format it and restart" cycle multiple times - it took about 10 minutes each time. It is now stuck on the "your EHD is being formatted" screen - it has been on there...
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    Tri Cities TN/VA HD locals on 61.5

    Dish turned on the Tri Cities TN/VA HD locals on 129 this last weekend. I use a wing dish pointed to 61.5 to get HD. Any idea if or when these will be mirrored on 61.5?
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    211 upconverting?

    The data sheets on Dishnetwork for the 222, 612, 722, ... all mention that the receivers upconvert SD to HD. The data sheet on the 211 does not state that it upconverts. Does it upconvert or not?
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    Replacement for Superdish - which one?

    I currently have a Superdish 105/110/119, DP34, two 322 receivers. I have a duplicate dish on my boat. My 105 LNB has died on my boat. It does not really matter, because Dish moved my locals off of 105 last year. I have disconnected the 105 LNB, but it still seems to confuse my receivers at...
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    105 Superdish

    I have the 105/110/119 Superdish setup. Two 322 receivers - DP34 switch. I have had this for 3 years now and it suits my needs just fine. I have a couple of questions: 1. Over a year ago, my locals were moved off of 105. Is there any reason not to remove the 105 LNB? 2. I take a...