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    Adios more installation f**k story

    Had Voom installed last Friday. I have lots of open sky to the south so the satellite signal was real strong. All of my digital OTA stations are UHF and come from the same general WSW direction. The installer mounted the Stealth antenna right next to the dish and pointed it directly into my...
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    Will NE1 post their OTA signal level please?

    My satellite sig is 85. My OTA sig is 35-40. All digital UHF stations are dropping out. I need someone with no OTA problems to post a signal level so I'll know how far off I am. Remote refresher: Help, info, OK and then down arrow to System Status-Channel.
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    My install saga

    I had Voom installed on Friday. My experience was somewhat less than wonderful. Things went fairly quick as I had a short cable run. After the installer thought he was finished and packed up his stuff I mentioned that I didn't see where the antennas were grounded. He told me that I needed to...