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  1. Howard Simmons

    Poll: Fire Stick or Roku?

    If they would just add Bluetooth to it and let the consumer worry about recharging the batteries.
  2. Howard Simmons

    Manifest (NBC)

    That's why I didn't mention any names.:)
  3. Howard Simmons


    It was because of Chauvin verdict. 'NCIS' Season 18: Why a New Episode Didn't Air This Week (
  4. Howard Simmons

    Manifest (NBC)

    Don't erase them. Start watching at least three episodes then decide. Some of the people here watch it and then NBC puts it on hiatus and they forget what happened.
  5. Howard Simmons

    2020-21 NCAA Football Thread

    WBNS's TV is a good source for all OSU things going on. I didn't know anything about what happened until my sister told me. I watched a little of the practice and they looked pretty good.
  6. Howard Simmons

    Huge IPTV stream list

    Yep you were right. I went on the channel and got an STD!:mad:;)
  7. Howard Simmons

    The Blacklist

    I see by the reviews for coming attractions for this Friday April 23rd, it looks like they're going to do a retro on Liz up until this point.
  8. Howard Simmons

    2020-21 NCAA Football Thread

    Hey Jimbo did you see what our beloved youth at OSU did after the Spring game yesterday? Police break up large block party near Ohio State campus; several cars flipped over
  9. Howard Simmons

    No CC on TCM again.

    There's a thread on this previously it involves going into the closed captioning settings and changing something but I can't remember what.
  10. Howard Simmons

    Can't Access Satelliteguys Anymore

    I finally got my forbidden removed from Edge reading this. Thanks
  11. Howard Simmons

    MLB 2021 Season

    Is he in the running or just a guest host for a week? I heard that Levar Burton wants the job and a lot of people agree.
  12. Howard Simmons

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Better stock up on those pork and beans. Picard's not coming till next year.
  13. Howard Simmons

    Free Previews Discussion Thread - April 2021

    EPIX free preview is up for watching if you're so inclined.
  14. Howard Simmons

    Joey IR Sensor location?

    I always thought that was the optical laser light on sound.
  15. Howard Simmons

    Refresh long-term idle HWS

    Isn't that what Bobby posted under your first post?:)
  16. Howard Simmons

    Ladders and Installing Dish?

    Under the eye.:)
  17. Howard Simmons

    Joey IR Sensor location?

    Just to change the subject but did you read where Logitech will quit making Harmony remotes. They will still support the warranties etc .
  18. Howard Simmons

    Problems with Hopper 3 is it just me?

    Please do. I would really like to see that.