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    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations

    Ka band. Put this in your pipe and smoke it. Starlink Snow Update + Speed Test + Cloud Cover Speed Test - YouTube
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    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations
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    I know I’m nitpicking, but why do so many people type “alot” when...

    Oh you need to spend some time in the panhandle of Florida. I got an afterdavid sayin' that trailer's mine. I gots a real good ideal the other night at the pub. Mary lou's my sister-cousin. I can't wait to git home and re-cline in my valooah 'polstered La-Z-Boy. Well, uncle Billy's finally...
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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Gary Seven's cat Isis at the end was smokin'. Dax was always nice to look at. T'Pol was t'bang though. Just sayin'.
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    Looking for suggestions for FTA satellite dishes

    Zipping through this post reveals what many others eventually find out. Put your spare change in a cookie jar and save to do it right. Just rely on what seasoned folks suggest and don't skimp. I saw the PVC pipe thing. Nope. Not even. That small dish that you think will give instant...
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    Verizon 5G Rant

    It kills me when people use a voice assistant to post on social media or a marketplace. Especially when they have a heavy southern drawl or a buh-rwooklyn accent. "I got's a mopa fo fotty fer sale with stock boar an maysures fo pernt thutty too". Price fi fitty y'all come n git it.
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    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations

    All in all the math does work. And in simple terms Starlink will always beat the pants off of TRIA Internet providers. It's easy to understand. 22 up, 22 down to the earth station and 22 & 22 for packet travel distance. Right? That's 88k miles the way TCP/IP has to work. UDP may be a little...
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    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations

    Post #14. And probably much better now since Elon spewed out a bunch more sats.
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    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations

    Chuck can kiss my butt...although I'll have to wait almost a whole second for him to get his lips nice and wet.
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    Name any well-loved celebrities you can’t stand...

    Gilbert Gottfried Andy Dick Any Baldwin except Alec
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    Thick Orange Cable

    I did the numbers in Florida. A guy had 3 pallets of PV equipment dropped off and professionally installed. Cost: appx $40k. His electric bill for a 2 story ranch house was was previously ~$240/mo. After installation in July with net metering he was getting $80/mo. back. That was in 2008 ish. 7...
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    Wind Turbines and TV Reception: Well, this stinks....

    I guess politics and logistics of alternate energy is going to be a subject to stay tuned on. How about our Cali. members test bedding the findings of being in front of and in back of a wind farm for TV and VHF reception? There is a new wind farm close by here in my county in PA. OTA reception...
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    WiFi calling on Hughenet Gen 5

    What is the latency? Also the bandwidth used when talking? Wifi calling can use up to 2 Mbps and over. Compound that with what data is already being used and the Hughesnet advertised 3 Mbps upload speeds are gobbled up. We've got problems! Starlink on the other hand....
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    Thick Orange Cable

    Are you sure it's not natural gas line? Look for a heat fusing rig where they splice sections. Or you could try asking one of the guys. It's on the surface up here in the woods tying wells together.
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    Fire TV Cube

    I'm working on getting the Logitech Hub skill working to integrate my HT system. So far no joy. Just takes time I guess.
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    New OS Mio 4K setup questions

    "Can you teach me to play guitar?" Sure son. First you need to have the right soil to grow a tree. Then once the tree starts growing you have to prune it and trim branches to get the best lumber. When it's mature and time to cut it you need to get the logs to the mill fast so sap doesn't go to...
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    Fire TV Cube

    Over on Tom's Guide the Roku would be your better bet for speed. But for freedom of app installs, Fire has it hands down. With and OTG cable and wired Ethernet the Fire devices I have really run fast enough.
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    New OS Mio 4K setup questions

    Hard to say. Try it out and give it a go. To be honest I just use it for the basics. I had a trial of the full version and there are a lot of other bells and whistles in it. I would believe what you said may be true. I wonder if it's channel specific.I do know I have used a couple of other...
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    Fire TV Cube

    I've had the cube for about 2 years now. I really like it. Works real good. I put a USB OTG adapter on it although I really didn't need it with an 8 gig usb drive. The only darned thing about it is leaving the tv on on and a commercial comes on and someone says "Alexa, play Taylor Swift" and I...
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    New OS Mio 4K setup questions

    Just download E-Channelizer. Channel editors have been used since Dreamboxes were the thing. It's easy to use, you can create your own bouquets and name them whatever you want to. Rename channels. Reorder them, drag 'n drop. As I mentioned I use the TVROSat satellite charts for my reference...