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    antenna signal

    The transmitter is only 15 miles away. You could almost use an indoor antenna. As long as there is no issue with the transmitter. You may have had power outage to the transmitter during the latest storm.
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    antenna signal

    Channel Callsign Network (1278396) Community of License State Map Transmitter Distance (Miles) Direction (True) Direction (Magnetic) Field Strength (dBuV/m) Signal Margin (dB) Repack Info 23‑1 (22) KAEF-TV ABC ARCATA CA 15.8 162.6° 148.6° 94.80 Good 55.24 13‑1 (11) KEET PBS EUREKA CA...
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    Retired Satellite to crash tomorrow
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    Streaming from OSmio4K to TV

    Are there instructions for that?
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    Streaming from OSmio4K to TV

    Can this be streamed outside of home network?
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    ATSC 3.0 DRM Encryption

    Thank you:hatsoff2
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    ATSC 3.0 DRM Encryption

    Oh tuning with internet. Just wasn't sure if out of the home network in another city works?
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    ATSC 3.0 DRM Encryption

    This may explain why Air tv 2 sling does not work properly.
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    All ATSC 3 TV Tuners will EXPIRE & More DRM News

    So this may be why Air tv 2 sling does not work?
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    Maybe a naive question

    For the most part at ricks site they post feeds for the satellite truck guys so they can verify that the signal is up. Once they give that first info of color bars that is fta then they scramble. I. have noticed more and more signals posted and being scrambled. So it sucks for fta folks like us.
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    What Happened to Everybody?

    I was posting until people complained. So i stopped. But also discovered the ignore option for some folks that get out of hand. Wish everyone out there a merry Christmas! And for those who have helped me thank you.
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    First ATSC 3.0 OTA Experience today

    Once they get more 3.0 transmitters on they will have less sub-channels and can play 4K and other media. The transmitter that was turned on on Mount Sutro in San Francisco was in place when they put up the atsc 1.0 conversion. So i assume there are more that are in place that just need to be...
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    First ATSC 3.0 OTA Experience today

    Depending on the pixels 1080i atsc 1.0 is converted to 1080p on atsc 3.0. As for right now they are taking up too much bandwith just to get 6 stations out there. In the future they will have more 3.0 stations so we could enjoy more of the capabilities of 3.0 nextgen. But when will that happen...
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    Latest news on ATSC 3.0, VVC after HEVC?

    Big question here is LG still updating the nextgen firmware?
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    Big News: LG to Drop ATSC 3.0 Tuners on New TVs

    Wonder if they will still support firmware of current lg tv's. I just purchased this tv in january them in March San Francisco started the 3.0 broacast. ugh
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    Win a 2 LNB Add On Bracket Bundle for Ku Dish w/Amiko LNB and Pansat 4x1 DiSEqC Switch!

    Thank you Casey. Looking forward to trying this out to save space.
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    Win a 2 LNB Add On Bracket Bundle for Ku Dish w/Amiko LNB and Pansat 4x1 DiSEqC Switch!

    I want in on the contest please. My first set up was a Manhatten RC 1978 that came with a 33 inch dish. Purchased on Amazon at the time. Found 97 west and was floored that it worked and searched for as much as I could find with that dish. Would be great to add 99 west to 101 west on my 1.2...
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    PGA Tour, LIV Golf agree to merge

    Interesting because i know the owner of PXG wants nothing to do with LIV when it started...................Will see what happens.
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    SiliconDust LTE 5G Filter Review - Improve TV Reception, Block Interference

    Is the Silicone dust better then channel master?
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    Bob Cooper has passed away

    A legend. Prayers to the family. I remember him back in the 80's when my boss then had a 12 foot paraclipse. Bob Coopers Satellite Legacy