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    Hopper 3 won't turn on

    I also have the same issue each morning. Only fix is to press the reset button.
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    Maximum Wireless Joeys on Access Point

    Ok, so I would either need to get a second access point or hardwire any joeys after the first 3.
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    Maximum Wireless Joeys on Access Point

    I want to add additional wireless joeys to my system. How many wireless joeys can my dish access point handle with the Hopper 3 system? Thank you!
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    Odd problem with downloaded VOD

    I have a similar problem. When I download a on demand show or movie, it will almost always download for a bit and the state, "download failed". I will come back later and it will continue downloading it. This just started recently. I have the Hopper w/ Sling on the carbon software.
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    Hybrid LNB Wiring Diagrams

    Sorry if this has been answered before but I was curious about something. If I have just 3 wireless joeys and 1 hopper, do I really need a solo hub? Can I run the wire straight from the dish to the grounding block and then to the hopper?
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    4K Joey new software is out U454

    I'm hoping this solves my issue I have every morning. I turn on my 4k tv and my 4k joey is already on, but locked up. I have to unplug it every morning or keep hitting buttons on the remote until the 4k joey reboots itself. Very annoying.
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    52.0 Remote Question

    Not sure, but I also have a question on it also. Will it work on my Hopper 2, Super Joey and Wireless Joeys.
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    Update Pulled

    I don't think that the new UI is priority for the first gen Hopper since it isn't compatible with the 4k Joey. At least from what I saw on the internet. So maybe that is why there isn't a version out yet for that series.
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    More than 3 joeys for one hopper.

    I wouldn't mind buying the 4k Joey, which would be the additional joey. I know I could go with the Hopper 3 and add up to 6 joeys without an issue, but it would just be overkill. I don't need that many tuners. Are you saying that if I bought that 4th Joey, I could have Dish activate it? Would I...
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    My Shop has a hopper 3

    At least they have Paris in the promo video. :)
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    More than 3 joeys for one hopper.

    Is it possible to have more than 3 joeys if you have only one hopper and one super joey? There won't be more than two joeys in use at a time. I currently have 3 wireless joeys and don't want any wires going to other rooms to share the joeys. If i could have a 4th joey, it would be wired though...
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    Hopper / Joey install question

    You were right. I had to opt for the wireless Joeys if I only wanted two cables ran in the house. The area the cables were being ran were in a tight spot, didn't have much room to put any more in it.
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    Hopper / Joey install question

    Sorry if this was answered before. I'm getting two Hoppers and two Joeys installed later today. What is the minimum number of cables that need to be ran into my house? Can or will they install the Joeys via ethernet since I have my home wired for network. I know the Hoppers need at least one...
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    HWS keeps rebooting.

    Sometimes twice a day when watching live or recorded content, my hopper reboots. We mainly watch tv via one of our two joeys. The hopper is in the basement where it's a bit cooler (65 degrees). I've only had it for about a month or so. Is this an issue with the hard drive potentially? The...
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    Additional Hopper on Account

    Thank you for the quick replies. I will PM DIRT. When I ordered online, I was trying to find an option for what I wanted but just figured you needed more than 4 tvs to get that option available. Thanks again.
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    Additional Hopper on Account

    I just got the Hopper and two Joeys installed last week. Brand new account. I was wondering what it would / should cost for an addtional Hopper. Just curious if you order through Dish if you get a discount or should I buy one off of Ebay or somewhere else online? Thank you in advance. Greg
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    Skew Plate for Dish 1000 +

    Anyone have one or know where I can get one. Still in need of one. Thanks, Greg
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    Skew Plate for Dish 1000 +

    Anyone know where I could find a skew plate for a Dish 1000 + dish? I have lost the circular plate that adjusts the skew for the dish. Thanks, Greg
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    Does E* allow adding programming online

    I got that also, but only after I was on the Cinemax Penny for a Year w/ Autopay promo.