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  1. rad

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    The point is they can lower their regular fuel price to help compete with the non-major brands by making up the lost revenue by increasing the premium prices.
  2. rad

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    No, not boat gas. IMHO they hike the price in premium so they can reduce the price of regular.
  3. rad

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    I try to use gas from ‘Top Tier’ stations since that’s what Lexus recommends, but within that I try to use Gas Buddy to find those stations with the cheapest price. The wife’s car requires premium and some stations charge .90 cents more than regular, a spread that’s out of line IMHO.
  4. rad

    DirecTV allows subs to drop locals

    Well, this really sucks for us folks with HS17's, have that nice USB port on the back but can't use an AM21 or LCC to get OTA channels. I still have an AM21 laying around in the closet, maybe I should see about swapping the HS17 out for an HR54. Not only save the $12 but also get the ability to...
  5. rad

    Dune (2020)

    All I know is the showings here at the theater I use have been close to sell out for all showings.
  6. rad

    D11 outage 2/27/2024 (Resolved on 2/28)

    Well it hit our locals so yep knew about it.
  7. rad

    D11 outage 2/27/2024 (Resolved on 2/28)

    I'd live to see the post mortem on this incident.
  8. rad

    D11 outage 2/27/2024 (Resolved on 2/28)

    Maybe they'll start to use all those reverse band transponders if the sat is gone for good. I just hope they don't do like when HD first came out on D* and go to HD lite to fit all the missing channels in the bandwidth remaining.
  9. rad

    Does DIRECTV’s wireless boxes work as well as regular ones?

    My two cents, while both the C41W and C61W work the UI experience is much better with the C61W, couldn’t even tell it was a wireless client.
  10. rad

    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    For new unsold units or also do it for the ones people already have? If they do that I can see a class action happening.
  11. rad

    Will pay-TV services drop locals in 2024?

    Since DIRECTV decided that supporting either the old AM21 or the newer LCC for integrating local channels via OTA, like the prior STB's did, if they drop locals I drop DIRECTV. Yes I have other ways to get our locals but not a fan of having to go to multiple places to view programming since the...
  12. rad

    How to change a DIRECTV Gemini from wired to wireless mode

    Don't you need to also call DIRECTV to have them change the account to use the MAC address of whatever network connection you're using? Last I knew the Genie's look at the MAC address of the clients to see if they're authorized for the account and the wireless and wired adapters each have their...
  13. rad

    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    They have a right to make a profit, yes. They also have a right to go out of business if they can’t adjust to changes in the market. Maybe there needs to be a major change in how the entertainment business works, starting all the way at the top. Stop paying millions of dollars to the stars of...
  14. rad

    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    IMHO, unless the local station has an expense in providing their signal to DIRECTV, there should be no payment for providing the signal. Before cable and DBS, and congress screwing things up, local stations got all their money form advertising. So go back to that model, and don’t charge...
  15. rad

    Ota Dvr

    I've got one of the old Tablo Quad units. It's been working fine but I'm not happy on how they've changed since they were purchased by Scripts. The used to have a feature that would, for an extra charge, automatically skip commercials, which mostly worked. They've removed that as a feature that...
  16. rad

    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    I still have my AM21 just in case a miracle happens.
  17. rad

    DirecTV Satellite - 95+ bonus channels over streaming?

    Bally Sports Oklahoma shows in may guide at channel 675 on DBS, currently showing a high school football game.
  18. rad

    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    Got my Tablo ready to go for when they pull the plug on our ABC affiliate .
  19. rad

    Dish stock down 22% today as I type

    From Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen Admits Company Must Walk “A Narrow Path” Toward Financial Stability; DirecTV Merger Pursuit Is Paused As Stock Crashes To 25-Year Low
  20. rad

    Back from streaming (YTTV) to DirecTV? Has anyone done this?

    I have DIRECTV DBS service but had also used the DIRECTV stream option via an Apple TV and to me the PQ looks as good as the DBS service. Since you can cancel the DIRECTV stream service act any time why not just try it and see how you like it before considering the DBS service with its commitments.
  21. rad

    Can you use a DIRECTV HR44 with a Gemini?

    You'd be able to use all the available apps on the Google Play store such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc so you can use one box for your DBS service and streaming services.
  22. rad

    Why no undelete option?

    I know dish had it but never recall Ditectv having it.
  23. rad

    Why no undelete option?

    I know it’s something that many moons ago people asked why we couldn’t have a undelete option on the DVR. I thought it might just be that as soon as we said delete the pointers to the file we’re delete and that was that. But since they’ve added support in the Apple TV client I’ve seen that I’ve...
  24. rad

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $3.49 in the SW Austin area.
  25. rad

    New DIRECTV Receiver Coming in August

    Hell let them support any additional received on a HS17 account. During testing on the HS17 no problem with HR44 or HR54 also active at the time. But right now with the Nexstar dispute going on I'd be happy if they'd support my old AM21 that's up in the closet. My Tablo is filling the gap but...