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    Strange Package Options on Directv Account

    They may have fixed it because now it's not giving me those extra options.
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    Strange Package Options on Directv Account

    I'm getting some strange package options on the Directv satellite side. Anyone else have this? I have several options for each package. One of the options for the Premier package says it's $0, I don't believe that though.
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    Is Directv Stream Sports Pack Really A Thing

    It is the streaming service as you can see the channel count is only 140. I'm assuming it's just an error, but was excited at first thinking they might of actually added channels to it.
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    Is Directv Stream Sports Pack Really A Thing

    Does Directv really offer a sports pack lineup? When looking at the different packages, under Premier, it states the movie channels along with Sports Pack channels. What channels are these? Or is this just an error that they forgot to take out when copying it from the satellite service?
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    Thinking of going from DTV to DTV Stream...questions

    No NFL Network on the Streaming service.
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    Promo Pricing - Switching Packages

    Thank both for your suggestions. I did call and at the voice prompt asked to speak to the loyalty dept. I ended up getting a deal for $16 off the $103.99 price for the Ultimate package. I was getting $47.01 off from my Choice promo. So at that price, plus whenever the auto pay discount of $5...
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    Promo Pricing - Switching Packages

    I came back to Directv in July. I started out with the Choice package, but then found out that I was missing a few channels I'd really like to have. After about month or so, I upgraded to the Ultimate package, but the price went up to around $100 instead of the price advertised on their website...
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    Directv H25 Menu Layout

    I was curious if the model H25 still utilizes the green, yellow and blue buttons at all on the remotes. I know the old software did and I know the Genie software doesn't.
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    DIRECTV NOW Launching in November!

    I wish Tivo and Directv Now got together and integrated the two, allowing users to connect OTA and run Direct Now service to the Tivo, something like Dish is doing with their Sling tv box.
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    Not getting anything from 119 satellite.

    Turns out it was the lnb. For kicks I unplugged the power inserter and plugged it back in. That seemed to fix it. Not sure why that did, but I decided to try that before replacing the lnb.
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    Not getting anything from 119 satellite.

    Other satellites are in the 80s and 90s, except for 110. That is in the low 70s. I think we only have one local channel that is not in HD, hence we rely on the 119 satellite for that one. I have an extra lnb sitting around somewhere that I can swap out tomorrow morning.
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    Not getting anything from 119 satellite.

    Sounds good. Thank you for posting back.
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    Not getting anything from 119 satellite.

    Just noticed when changing a channel that I have zeros on all transponders on satellite 119. I repeated the satellite setup and it comes back fine except for 119. Anyone else having issues with 119 or is it my lnb.
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    Samsung RVU question

    It will not count against the number of tuners you can have, since it does use a tuner from the HR44. So you are correct, even after that setup you will remain at 7 tuners. Just so you know, it will count as a receiver though, so you will get charged the $6 mirroring fee.
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    Do I have the right equipment for HD?

    Just make sure you other receivers are SWM compatible.
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    MRV - Scheduling Recordings across DVR's?

    I think that would be a great feature to have also. On top of that, if you are watching tv on a Reciever or DVR, it would be cool to have a little Record icon in the guide, indicating if a show was set to record or not. I know... they want you to get the HR34 or HR44 to do this. It would just be...
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    This Location is Not Authorized

    Make sure the client is still authorized to the Genie. Go in the Genie menu and "add location". You should be asked a 4 digit pin. Enter this in on the client.
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    Install Today--No HR44 for me

    I have the HR44-500 and the c41-700. One thing I have to say is that client does respond to remote control presses a bit slower than if you were on the server side. Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Install Today--No HR44 for me

    No, the RF antenna is built in. Speed and the wireless Internet connection is the main differences internally. Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Install Today--No HR44 for me

    The first installer showed up with an HR34 and C31. I told them I didn't want that and when I placed the order through Directv, I told them to make sure I was getting the HR44 and C41. According to the first installer, they had to get rid of the HR34s before they could mass deploy the new HR44s...
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    Install Today--No HR44 for me

    Mine is 54313. Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Install Today--No HR44 for me

    I got the HR44 and one C41 installed last weekend. So far so good. I was told by the installer that the C41 would be wireless in the future but not yet. I wonder if it will be a wireless usb device of some kind. Would be nice to take the tv outside in the summer. Haven't had an issue either...
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    Changes coming to GenieGo (NOMAD) in June

    I'm assuming this will be a software update for current Nomads or will you need to purchase a newer version of it? Thanks, Greg Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    No Signal on new receiver.

    That's the issue. An H25 will only work on a SWM lnb. Do you have access to an SWM lnb? Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Genie - Lots of Disk Errors.....

    I had the same problem half a year ago with my HR34. Called support at Directv and they sent me a different HR34.