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  1. Jimbo

    My Install

    Same thing ... However, the link you posted Did work. I just wanted to see if it Might be in SC as well, but the City I'm looking for is not listed, so I guess, it doesn't matter ....;)
  2. Jimbo

    NFL 2024-2025 Season

    He needs to come to Pittsburgh and team up with TJ Watt and Cam Heyward and Alex Highsmith :)
  3. Jimbo

    My Install

    Hope it works better than the website ... I've tried 2x to access It times out each time.
  4. Jimbo

    New plan with auto renewal.

    pause, rewind, or skip forward. Hmmm, I could do that with my old Cassette tapes as well ... really don't want to go that route again ... My SiriusXM ... I can Pause, Rewind, go back to Live ... In my Truck as well as my Show at home.
  5. Jimbo

    Disillusioned tv streamer, and former DTV sat customer, has a question regarding equipment

    IF they have to come out, have them change the whole dish ...
  6. Jimbo

    NFL 2024-2025 Season

    Is he going to let his Best Player Micah Parsons leave next ???
  7. Jimbo

    MLB 2024 Season
  8. Jimbo

    NFL 2024-2025 Season

    How many years did Rodgers sign for with the Jets ?
  9. Jimbo

    It got dark

    Here, it was like maybe dusk .... nothing spectacular like many of you had.
  10. Jimbo

    Futile effort (undoubtably) to explain my issues with DirecTV.

    Very well put ... Keep us informed with that you hear. I Major problem is the fact that there are No New Sats built or being built, therefore , the older Sats get, the worse off they will be, no neww recvrs to speak of. ATT and D* combined to let the company go to hell and unless someone...
  11. Jimbo

    Moved and switched to Directv Stream - Is Gemini worth it?

    Which way do you Not have to pay Monthly for the use of the box .... Stream or Via Internet ?
  12. Jimbo

    DIRECTV ultimate free 3 month offer

    Full Movie package, as in All the 500's basically ? I never knew they had a specific package like that.. I can't help a whole lot as I have the Ultimate package ... don't watch movies though ... it only offers a few in that package.
  13. Jimbo

    MLB 2024 Season

    Tonight was Blonco's 2nd start of the year, He backed the No Hitter up with 5 2/3rd innings of No Hit ball again, gave up a hit, got the last out of the 6th and handed it off to the bullpen ! Tonight was against a Red Hot Texas Ranger team. 15 innings to start the season, 1 hit ... :shh
  14. Jimbo

    Roku decides to ruin pausing

    Like I said, I don't expect them to be in the Top End TVs anytime soon.
  15. Jimbo

    Roku decides to ruin pausing

    Don't buy a Cheap Roku either ...
  16. Jimbo

    Roku decides to ruin pausing

    I think the Rokus may be built into the - Not High End - sets. I haven't seen them in the Top of the Line sets, I doubt that you will. In all this would just diminish thier portable boxes.
  17. Jimbo

    Roku decides to ruin pausing

    I believe it was Intentional, as far as placing ads in the FF mode (It pretty much would have to be)
  18. Jimbo

    NFL 2024-2025 Season

    Houston will be happy to have him ... for 1 year. If he's smart, he realizes he'll be on an up and coming team with a very good QB (Not that Allen wasn't). Houston will draft a WR as well. Not at the top of the Draft. This way if Diggs does not play nice, they can let him go after the...
  19. Jimbo

    Roku decides to ruin pausing

    Someone else tried that years ago, when you paused the program, maybe it was when you FF'd , they inserted an ad ... It didn't last very long.
  20. Jimbo

    SatelliteGuys HAS MOVED again!

    Looking Good So Far ... No Eclipse anyways !
  21. Jimbo

    YouTube TV is now the #4 Video Provider for the United States

    I can pull up the local ABC here on the Streaming app, but its news only and it would be last nights if I did it now ... I've never tried at the actual News time, seeing I have it on Sat, no point in using the App.
  22. Jimbo

    Directv Satellite Service Call

    Maybe Wobble can call back in and get it removed, but then again, thats why they have the Protection plan.
  23. Jimbo

    MLB 2024 Season

    Heres hoping the Astros get some Positive momentum going soon. They lost 4 to open the season, the next night they get a No Hitter, then they get beat, then last night, they get a 1 hit performance ... and a blow out win .... Sheeesh . And were still in the first few weeks of the Season ..
  24. Jimbo

    YouTube TV is now the #4 Video Provider for the United States

    How would you watch the Live Local News on ABC ? Thats what I use ABC for the most. I watch a Ton of Football on Fox, ABC and ESPN at the moment. I'm a person that likes to watch things when they are LIVE (Sports) I don't want to watch the Local News at 3 pm the next day, I want to watch it...
  25. Jimbo

    YouTube TV is now the #4 Video Provider for the United States

    Here I thought you gave up LIVE TV ..... You just pointed out that you have an OTA antenna .... Thats LIVE TV. I understand that you use your subs for most of the Networks. I didn't think that Disney/ESPN/Hulu would give me my Live ABC ... you mentioned ESPN got the games, that I get...