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  1. tbenning

    Scott, is SG gave full monopoly for posting Dish SI tables to one person ?

    I think Scott partially covered this topic in this post in the pub members forum in case you missed it while you were gone:
  2. tbenning

    Join the SatelliteGuys Folding@Home Team!

    The team's production has been sliding quite a bit this week, but we just passed 10,000,000 points...Quite a milestone.
  3. tbenning

    when will this hit 100,000 users??

    If I were to guess I'd say around December 17th...
  4. tbenning

    I'm curious

    I'll throw out some site data that may help to answer your questions... numbers: In the past year more than 34,000 registered members have visited. (59% of members) For comparison purposes DBSTalks numbers look like this: In the past year more than 16,700 registered members...
  5. tbenning

    Recent threads:Dish Tech forum is missing

    Posts in the new "Dish Network - Technical Discussions" forum are not showing up for me on the front page's Recent threads list. Was this an oversight?
  6. tbenning

    Recent Threads now in New Window

    Thanks Scott for fixing this. I like it much better this way.
  7. tbenning

    Recent Threads now in New Window

    I'm not a big fan of this change... I'm not used to this behavior. I do really like all the other changes that have been made around here lately though. The New server is running nicely. the Software upgrade today fixed a few annoying little glitches as well. Thanks for all the hard...
  8. tbenning

    Recent Threads now in New Window

    I noticed today whenever you click on a thread in the "Recent Threads" on the front page it now open in a new window instead of simply going to the thread. The same is true if you click on the "last post" icon in the recent threads box. I was not paying close attention, then noticed that I had...
  9. tbenning

    Welcome Back!

    Scott posted about this earlier. You can fix this easily by follwing the instructions in this thread.
  10. tbenning

    SatelliteGuys on TV!

    Scott, I read all of the criticism before watching the video. I was actually quite impressed...I know it is not as easy as it looks. I agree that I'd like to see over the shoulder graphics instead of the brief graphics that slid in...too briefly. The only graphic that stayed up long...
  11. tbenning

    Birthday Thoughts

    There is no link to such a list on the site, but it is possible to get all kinds of information from the site by extracting it from the member list. I use a program, that I recently sent to Scott, to extract some stats from 5 different forum sites. For the top # of posters, you can see that...
  12. tbenning

    Birthday Thoughts

    But, when considering the most number of are #13 on that list.
  13. tbenning

    Birthday Thoughts

    Currently... Sean Mota 15,739 Scott Greczkowski 10,725 Iceberg 8,906 BFG 5,738 Stargazer 4,776 Neutron 4,424 Ilya 4,238 DarrellP 4,150 dfergie 4,056 SimpleSimon 4,026
  14. tbenning

    Birthday Thoughts

    Here are the first 20: Scott Greczkowski Anonymous John Corn scottct1 James angiodan ride525 DRGingras marko mikew aboz Hawkdad sksatellite Tim Hanthorn thescrub Dishdude n0qcu METFAN757 n1wbd Mike500 I was #293...
  15. tbenning

    Birthday Thoughts

    @party Happy Birthday SatelliteGuys@party Some interesting Stats: New registered members in the 1st Year: 11,109 New registered members in the 2nd year: 13,803 The other site today has 13,694 members...less than the 2nd years growth here. During those same 2 year periods the other site...
  16. tbenning

    Get on the Map!

    I highly recommend zooming way in before placing your location. I was able to zoom in to my actual street and accurately place the head. But back on the unzoomed map the heads do seem to show up a little above your actual location.
  17. tbenning

    Please include date on homepage news/info headlines!

    Scott, I like the time and date on the news items. I also like many of the other small tweaks you've made to the front page. I like the expanded "Recent threads" section. I like that the Weather and sports sections are now missing...making the page load much faster. The annoying Auto-refresh...
  18. tbenning

    SatelliteGuys spamming? (No it's not)

    I filed my complaint and got this response:
  19. tbenning

    Win a Dish 942 HD DVR from DishStore.NET and SatelliteGuys.US!

    Packages of Candy: 82 Amount of money: $5.34
  20. tbenning

    Back Online again!

    Scott, While your adding things... How about a link at the top of the homepage to the Voom homepage, and a link on the Voom homepage back to the main homepage. If there is already one, I have not found it yet. Thank you, Tom