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  1. bookworm370

    EchoStar/Dish raises doubts about 'ability to continue as a going concern'

    I read a fascinating analysis of why this may be true. It seems that the loss he's taken on X-ster can be used to offset gains in his other businesses. So if you consider the tax implications of offsetting Tesla, etc., Running it into the ground might be a shrewd decision. A pity, though...
  2. bookworm370

    DISH TV Antenna Dual Tuner

    I bought the AirTV and it's been rock stable, if not just a tad warm but I have an exhaust fan anyway behind the entertainment center
  3. bookworm370

    SatelliteGuys HAS MOVED again!

    Yeah, it works. Now the big Q. Where do we post to or will you sync up the posts from the new server and the old server or keep posting on the this one?
  4. bookworm370

    SatelliteGuys HAS MOVED again!

    Well Scott, Great work. I've noticed that screen updates are much snappier! Job well done! It just shows that the cost of computing is going down, and providers have to be more competitive to keep their subscriber base.
  5. bookworm370

    Are my eyes deceiving me? BOS - Blue Screen of Start!

    Great, thanks for the explanation. I'll take a shot at re-plugging.
  6. bookworm370

    Are my eyes deceiving me? BOS - Blue Screen of Start!

    I was a little taken aback when I restarted my Hopper this morning. I am unsure how long this has been this way (H372), but I was used to seeing two black Hopper 3 Starting up screens one after the other. This morning, I had to look twice, as the first screen was a very nice, pleasing Blue while...
  7. bookworm370

    DVR recording question

    It's funny how we talk about it here, and it magically gets fixed. Same here for last night as well. One data point doesn't make a trend, but we will see. If it was Dish Tech support that monitored this and reported it, then you have our gratitude.
  8. bookworm370

    DVR recording question

    Great, glad to know it's just not me. I will try to do the same thing and compare. Or at least be on 4.1 while recording 4.0, as even if I'm on 4.0, it still breaks up, and also on other shows on 4, even in the evening, as they switch from local programming to network. If we can establish a...
  9. bookworm370

    Binge Watch Auto Setting

    Oh it's back now.
  10. bookworm370

    DVR recording question

    Hey, also in Columbus. Have you been having audio breakup problems on Ch 4 NBC4i? It seems that the audio will break up randomly but always when it switches from local DMA to the network. Like NBC News at 6:30, it always breaks up for about a minute before stabilizing. If you're having...
  11. bookworm370

    On Demand can’t watch or delete

    You can watch but just selecting the on demand movie and just hit play, not opening up the menu, just highlight the movie and press play
  12. bookworm370

    EchoStar/Dish raises doubts about 'ability to continue as a going concern'

    Well, if they go TU, as long as I can keep the Hopper and keep the 10+ TB of saved programs going back 15 years then at least it will be some consolation.
  13. bookworm370

    EchoStar/Dish raises doubts about 'ability to continue as a going concern'

    Sorry but in Chapter 11 or receivership contracts are null and void.
  14. bookworm370


    First, I've heard they used Zigbee, but if they do, you might be able to use a Conbee stick and DeConz to try to find them and their addresses. If they can be added to the Conbee controller as an endpoint, then by definition, they all can act as relays.
  15. bookworm370

    Hopper 3 software H370 and Joey 3 J570

    Those normally get turned off after an update. Funny thing that my Caller ID has never but some of the TV features have.
  16. bookworm370

    Bonus view classics fast channels new on the hopper 3

    Because of this thread I found them. Been watching them and some are really great classics. I know you can't setup a record on a streaming channel, I wish you could set up an auto-remind or auto-tune on one though as you can't rewind it.
  17. bookworm370

    What format is used on external Wally drives

    I wouldn't do that. The Hopper and Wally do not support the Trim command required for SSDs to prevent them from corruption. WIthout Trim the SSD controller has no idea what blocks are used or not.
  18. bookworm370

    anybody else having audio dropouts on AXS TV?

    Oh heck yes. Constantly.
  19. bookworm370

    Forbes’ Profile/Hit Piece of Charles Ergen

    Works great in the MAC version of Safari, just press the little box icon to the left of the URL. In Firefox it's on the right side of the URL. Reader mode has been available in almost all browsers for the past 2 years or so, iThingy, MAC or not.
  20. bookworm370

    What format is used on external Wally drives

    EXT3 format (A Linux format) But if you format it to anything else the receiver will auto-format it to EXT3 itself.
  21. bookworm370

    Dish hacked again or closed?

    Since you can get to it if you are already logged on but can't if you log off, it smells like their DNS server went down, and new incoming connections can't find where to connect to. But existing connections remain fine.
  22. bookworm370

    Change in fast forward (related to AutoHop?)

    And it differs by network. NBC allows auto-hop the next day (good for them!). ABC and Fox are after three days, I think. CBS makes you wait the entire seven days (boo). Luckily most of our favorite shows are NBC and CBS sucking hind t-t.
  23. bookworm370

    EHD questions for Hipkat/Boston or any experienced member

    Krell answered the question of the 7TB total limit on all connected EHD's. But they don't make 7TB drives that I'm aware of unless you get SMR drives (bad news for PC's and servers but probably OK for an EHD), but I'm not sure if they even make 7s in those. It seems the industry went up by 1TB...
  24. bookworm370

    EHD questions for Hipkat/Boston or any experienced member

    You might want to wait and listen to the drives. All my WD MyBook enclosures will auto-spindown after a while. Also, the enclosure I used for my 6TB drive will also spin down if not accessed in a little while. This is the enclosure I used for my 6TB surveillance drive that I used. It's can...