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    EchoStar/Dish raises doubts about 'ability to continue as a going concern'

    One thing to consider is that a bankruptcy court can override the agreements that the FCC or DoJ has with Dish, just like they can cancel or restructure debt based upon the decision of the judge or prior precedent.
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    Recommendation to Dish - Dump Hopper+ and Rembrace Virtual Joey

    if anyone has good contacts at Dish (cough, Scott, cough), they should recommend to anyone that will listen that Dish should totally stop development on the Hopper+ and embrace the fact that most, if not all, of their customers have FireTV’s, Fire Sticks, AppleTV’s, RokuTV’s, XBox’s, PS5’s, etc...
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    Dish Network & 5/3rd Bank Prewards

    Apparently Dish has an offer on 5/3rd Bank’s Preward system for 10% cash back if you pay with your debit card. I don’t know if it is a one time thing or a monthly thing, but I got an unexpected $7.11 back…
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    Hero's and Icons #29 now only in Spanish, WTF

    I would really like Dish’s OTA dongle that works on the Hopper to pull EPG data from the OTA signal of Dish doesn’t provide it over satellite. This will fill in a big hole for the non-Big 4 networks.
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    Boost partners with Apple, Amazon in new wireless service - September 22, 2023

    For one or two lines, it’s a good price. I’d like them to offer multi-line discounts or a Dish/Boost bundle. I’m on AT&T with 5 lines and I’m paying $175 for service and ~$240 total with phone cost and taxes. I’d switch if they would make it a better deal.
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    Time for another subscription increase

    They increase AT200 by $5, I just dropped to AT120+ and lowered bill by $10. Only channel I’ll miss is BBC America.
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    OTA channel guide not populating.

    It would be nice if the OTA adapter would permit the digital guide data that is transmitted with the OTA signal to be populated into the Hopper EPG.
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    SEC+ Again

    Do you have a Hopper or a ViP receiver? I think 404 is Hopper and it’s a different number on VIP’s, or visa versa. I’m not at home and can’t check my Hopper to see…
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    Not sure whats going on

    I didn’t think that the Dish system played well with signal combiners. Take it out and check again.
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    OTA channel guide not populating.

    Is it all your OTA locals, or just the Big 4? I wish would pull the PSIP data from the OTA stream to populate the guide, so they’d have data for sub-channels, but Dish has said they’ll only “guarantee” Big 4…
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    When does the Nexstar Dish contact run out?

    This is why I love the OTA dongle available for the Dish’s Hopper. I dropped my locals off satellite and pick them up via OTA.
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    Issues with iOS Safari

    Just wanted to let you know I am having issues accessing the site using Safari on an iPhone 12 running iOS 16.3. I get a 403 error when using Safari in normal mode, but works fine in Private mode. I rebooted my phone to see if that would fix it, to no avail.
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    Cox Media Group Removes Local Channels From DISH

    But the guide info for anything but the Big4 is sh*t. And sometimes even the Big4 is sh*t, because Dish engineers won’t pull the data off the OTA signal to at least get you some data.
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    Is There Any Way To Get NewsNation (ex WGN) Without Upgrading To Choice?

    If you have a Nexstar local channel it’s typically carried as a sub channel OTA (it is here in Indy).
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    Disney Networks Dispute Recitifed

    I called and got my $5. I’ll plan on calling each month until they get ESPN et al back.
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    dish promo codes

    They’re are typically a bunch of codes on Reddit for discounts in r/dishnetwork.
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    OTA channel guide problem

    They should be able to program the guide off data in the OTA data stream. If my TV can pull the info when it is directly connected to the antenna, Dish should be able to do so…
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    What's the cheapest service to get these particular stations?

    Sorry, I thought you were looking at best option from Dish…. I’ll just say Bobby had it right…