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    OTA adapter tuner guide question

    No time table, couple of hours to full day or after nightly download.
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    Get out of contract for dropped locals

    You maybe able to get a credit for local channels that were dropped, but you cannot get out of the contract.
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    Something didn't work as expected

    Do you try rebooting the receiver?
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    Trying to setup 1000.2 EA on 61.5 & 72.7

    Cover one of the lnb's and try to find only the sat it should see,
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    Autopay question

    I have Auto Pay on my bank account, it take two days unless it falls on the weekend. It has never taken a week.
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    Possible To Get DVR Without Fees?

    Other than the 211, any current dvr receiver would incur the dvr fee.
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    Starz freeview?

    Been active since Wednesday.
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    Can I use my dish receiver in two locations?

    You can move between the two locations, but not both at the same time.
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    VIP 722 DVR Outside Antenna Help

    If you only have one coax run coming from the dish to the receiver, then that is a separator and not a splitter, The diplexer would need to be used before the separator
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    I'm moving my dish system

    To check if you need aim your dish 9 degrees to the west, cover both outside lnb's and see if you are still receiving 119. If you only get 110 you need to re-aim it.
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    Movies saved on DVR

    No, USB powered is not (although some have worked for a time). Self powered means standard plug.
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    Tune signal with old receiver

    I believe the OP is going for 119. Wouldn't the 4900 work for that along with 110?
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    Back after 6 month pause

    It does take several days for Hoppers to become fully functional. Give it time.
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    Tune signal with old receiver

    OP is only using it for it's signal meter and not trying to activate it. It should work for what he wants to use it for.
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    And if you own the 211. Hopper not allowed if 211 is leased.
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    Dish Anywhere

    You would need the adapter to view live tv or dvr recordings on the receiver. You shouldn't need any thing if you want to view on demand material. And you will not be able to view anything from a EHD no matter what your setup is.
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    Only getting sat 129

    You may be getting 129 on the wrong eye of you lnb(s). Cover both outside eyes and aim for 119. Once you find it, uncover the others and fine tune for 110 and 129.
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    Eastern or Western Arcs

    I don't believe an 508 receiver can even be used anymore. I was under the impression they were replaced some time ago.
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    Eastern arc install help

    48234 is Detroit whose locals are on 61.5 and 129 so if your customer does not have international channels, 77 is not needed.
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    Eastern arc install help

    And unless his locals are on 77, adjust for 61.5 and 72 since 77 would probably not be needed in his case.
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    Or maybe using a booster when it's not needed?
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    This sounds like you are using an OTA antenna connected to your Dish receiver. Do you have the same problem with the OTA connect directly to your tv?
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    Signal Strength

    Stop button works on the 722.
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    Wing Dish Won't Work With Hopper

    77 only has locals and International channels, unless OP wants one of those on 77, there is no need to have it.
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    Remote SAT button not lighting up, remote not turning on Sat feed

    Did you try to change batteries? I had Dish remotes with would stop working on the SAT input but would still work tv. Cleaning connections couldn't hurt either.