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  1. Cyclone

    MAVTV off of DISH

    This stinks. When Speed/SpeedTV/Speedvision went under, I was glad MavTV picked up some of my shows. Ugh. It should be back.
  2. Cyclone

    Hopper - Netflix - Caller ID - Bug

    Yeah, I saw it too.
  3. Cyclone

    Curious question, are Disney XD and Disney Junior ever going to be in HD on Dish?

    Just an FYI: I have been looking forward to the Star Wars:Rebels show ever since Disney cancelled "The Clone Wars". The problem of course it that it will run on DisneyXD which is SD only here on Dish. I did find that if you go do Dish's On-Demand that they have Rebels now in HD. So at...
  4. Cyclone

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    I've read the Press Releases. I'm looking forward to the Star Wars: Rebels series that is going to debut later this Summer. I don't see Disney HD mentioned in this agreement. I'm I missing something or will DisneyXD-HD be absent?
  5. Cyclone

    New Hopper Features Video

    Very well done Video. The 3hr skip ahead is good when you just want to advance the EPG a 'page' at a time. No foul since the 'day' feature was retained.
  6. Cyclone

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Yes, I hate having to sit through all the SD shows that my kids watch on Disney. Not to mention that ABC Family often has decent movies on that we have to watch in SD. Those Pixar Movies really do need to be see in HD only.
  7. Cyclone

    Star Wars X-wing Miniatures game

    pew pew pew - I win! [Cyclone makes a Tie Fighter roar a couple of times]
  8. Cyclone


    You will see the little red Kangaroo logo next to the Show icons when AutoHop is available.
  9. Cyclone

    IFC contradiction

    Does Dish carry IFC in HD? I could not find it in the guide. I ended up finding IFC up in like the high 300s. I used to be down in the 100s before the 'fight'!
  10. Cyclone

    Need Disney HD to switch

    Count me in on the "Wants HD for Disney crap" club. My kids watch plenty of Disney. So it sucks when I see shows on in SD when I know that they could be HD. This is especially true when they show some Pixar or classic Disney movies. Plus, I really like "The Clone Wars" and I've been...
  11. Cyclone

    No broadband with hopper

    It sounds to me like someone needs to put a sniffer on the network and see what is going on. Take a hub (not a switch) and place it between the Hopper and the network. Then hook a laptop with Wireshark (a free sniffer program) to the same hub. So you don't have wade through a ton of...
  12. Cyclone

    Hopper internet app

    Do you mean a web browser?
  13. Cyclone

    USB-OTA Tuner Question

    Just incase it wasn't explictly answered. Usually on Dish equipment, both OTA and SAT channels are displayed in the guide together. So you may see CBS 7-00 in the guide (Sat) and CBS 7-01 (OTA) right next to each other as two distinct channels. You then just choose which one you want to tune...
  14. Cyclone

    New nickname for the Hopper with Sling

    Hehe, Slopper works for me.
  15. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    Thank you. Its good to have a copy of Visio to make those diagrams. The first Diagram I made, I had Visio zoomed in at 200%. So When I published the jpg, the picture was much smaller than when I had been working on it. This time I made it a proper size. :D The only drawback that I'm...
  16. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    Ok. I re-wired my Sat network the other night to free up that third Coax from the Attic to the utility room for the Hopper. I currently have it wired up as follows and it is working with the 722k & 622. The hopper will use the 3 & 4th ports on the DPP44. Let me know if everything looks...
  17. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    No. Neither the 622 nor the 722k have a TV2 associated with them. I will try rewiring the system tonight with the exception of the Hopper runs to make sure everything else performs as expected.
  18. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    Would this layout work? The hopper will be a on a separate account.
  19. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    Great. Thanks again. I don't know why, but I for some reason expected the node to be something more complicated. I want to keep my 722k online using the existing hardware. Thanks again. Cyclone
  20. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    Hmmm. Ok, a big thanks on that post about the node. It was the missing piece to the puzzle for me. Now where do I found out more info about this node?
  21. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    Well, the Dish is on the roof of a three story Townhouse (I don't like climbing up there) but the switch is in my Attic (easy access). The DPP44 predates the 1000.4. When I had the Eastern Arc dish installed, I had the installer hook it up to the DPP44. So I'd like to just continue to use...
  22. Cyclone

    Hopper connections to DBS hardware

    I currently have a 1000.4 Eastern Arc Dish with a DPP44 Switch. If I get a Hopper, will have to replace my DPP44 or can I use it as is? I currently have a 722k & 622 each getting served via a single coax from the DPP44. Can I just swap out one of them with the hopper, or will this require...
  23. Cyclone

    Dish says I own the 722k that I have?

    I have a 642 that I though was leased, but when I check my equipment status online, it says that its "owned".
  24. Cyclone

    The Miltary Channel in HD

    I think that Discovery wants to kill off this channel. But its already under contract and they do get some $$$ for it. So they are just neglecting it. I also suspect they don't want the bad publicity that they'd receive if they had done something like swapped it over to Planet Green. So I...
  25. Cyclone

    Why can't dish use RG6 output with HD

    Yeah. I think that the original Dish Model 5000 HD receiver did have an HD over RG6 output. Back in 2002 people used this to connect to HD VCRs and record programming. Dish ended up ending support for that receiver. When dish moved to new Modulation schemes (8PSK?) the old 5000 could not...