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    Anything new in H367?

    Yes, I agree that there is significant picture quality improvement.
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    New Software Coming -x21

    I can report pause on live tv does not work. Forward or reverse does not either
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    New H3 software

    Only one reboot coming from watching an OTA channel that had weak signal strength.
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    CIRCLE HD in testing on channel 370

    Ive got it. Im on AT200
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    4K HDCP Errors (Hopper 3 and Joey 4K)

    Yes just tested I am on U939. tried last night could only watch about thirty seconds of broadcast before message popped up
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    NFL Red Zone

    I did not see that but probably so. I have only been with them 23 years so i should not expect anything.
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    NFL Red Zone

    Just saw an ad on weather channel that NFL Red Zone was free until January 2020 I think. Did anyone else see it? Just checked my guide and it is not showing.
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    New update on hopper3 u540

    Followed this exact procedure and did not update to u540. Is it not available to all Hopper 3's?
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    DISH announces Military Package / Savings

    yes, I talked to them later that night and it was a very different experience. Very helpful and also was able to get my WW2 veteran Dad a better deal on his plan.
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    DISH announces Military Package / Savings

    I am a first responder and Ihave called and tried the chat and no one seems to know anything about this package. this seems very odd that dish has not informed any of their call takers about it
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    U239 - HWS

    did a Rescan and now everything is slowed down to a crawl. It finds the channels but when you tune to them, it causes a reboot. Big mess. I am using the older model OTA adapter that has not exhibited any of these problems before. For all intents and purposes, OTA through dish Hopper w/sling is...
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    HWS U203 Bug Reports

    Found a bug with OTA channels. you can't edit channels to eliminate some. It will go through the motions but does not change the guide. Channels will still be there
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    Red Zone HD missing?

    has been mapped down its 9467
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    Red Zone HD missing?

    Same here what gives?
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    I get Me-Tv ota in Hattiesburg-Laurel MS Market. I just wished we could get guide data. Come on dish, how hard could it be!
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    Can't connect to server?

    I am having the same problem. Watching Rizzoli and Isles that I recorded. It did not complete so I tried to watch it on demand. It came back with server error although it said it was streaming at 7Mbs. My HWS is connected to router with Ethernet cable. Does the HWS have Wi-Fi built in or do you...
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    Can't connect to server?

    I am havi
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    Need password for OTA

    It is WHPM Fox23 Hattiesburg-Laurel MS in case dish is not aware.
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    Need password for OTA

    no I don't want adult channels showing
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    Need password for OTA

    Ok is there any way to override this in settings?
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    Need password for OTA

    Just noticed that watching OTA from joey, It had me enter password to view OTA channel that happened to no have guide data. All my other channels I could regular tune to. I have HWS with two Joeys. Have to seen this posted anywhere on this forum. Software s517
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    Report DISH Guide Issues HERE

    WHPM 23 Fox and WHPM 23.1 CW Hattiesburg Laurel, MS
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    Watching recordings on Hopper/WS, skipping?

    yes ethernet is connected