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    Satellite TV on your PC Spam.

    Spam is getting out of control. Just went to youtube to kill some time and searched the phrase "Satellite TV" just to see what came up. I swear, There was literally 20 pages from the same guy advertising free satellite tv. Geez, I hate these spammers.
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    Vietnamese channels ITC I found Three.

    I am searching for a neighbor who is asking for Vietnamese channels ITC.... I searched the list and lyngsat and found only three. Siagon TV 1129V VTV4 11966H VBS 12022V Are there any other Viet channels on KU from 27.5°W to about 148.0°W that anyone is aware of that are ITC?
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    I lost my inclinometer today.

    I had a nice Suunto Inclinometer that I had for many years. It is now missing. I looked all over the place for it. Back tracked to the last 3 houses I remember using it at. Cleaned out my truck looking for it and it just no where to be found. If anybody finds it would you please PM me? Went to...
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    Scored a SonicView 360 Premier.

    Went to my wifes friends house yesterday because he just bought a new flat panel TV and wanted help hanging it. After we were done hanging it he brought out all of his components and asked for help hooking them up correctly. He had a Sonicview 360 premier amongst all of his stuff. I asked if he...
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    AMC4 at 101W using Dish 500?

    Has anyone ever tried to get the history and Bio channels with a Dish 500 and a linear lnb? Are the transponders strong enough to lock on to? The reason I ask is, My father has asked me to hook up a Sonicview 4000 to get the History channel but all I have are dish 500's and 1000's. I am going to...
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    Zinwell MS6X8WB + FTA?

    Just wondering if the Zinwell MS6X8WB will work with FTA when connecting multi linear lnb's?. Supports DIRECTV AT9 wide-band Ka/Ku dish antenna which has a 250 - 2150 MHz output capability. MS6X8WB is also compatible with all other DIRECTV dish antennas so I was wondering if this will be...
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    ABC News Now Galaxy 28 at 89.0°W

    Today was the first time I pointed my dish at Galaxy 28 at 89.0°W and had ABC News Now and ABC News 1 11955 V tp 613. Today it was pushing 62% SQ but tonight it says no signal. There are other feeds popping up from time to time but was hoping that ABC News Now would be an all day thing. I guess...
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    N. American Spanish sub package?

    Question was asked to me today if their is any Spanish language subscription packages available in N. America particularly in the Mid-West. This person specifically stated that she did not want Dish Network or Directv. She can not get the Sky Mexico spot beam. I checked with Globecast and...
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    AZbox is taking over the world!

    Request AZbox category. I Noticed that there might be the need for a AZbox category here as there are just so many AZbox threads. May I suggest the addition of a AZbox category or a sub Cat?
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    Help me understand the LNB angle.

    If you look at a dish 500 or a dish 1000 you will notice that the LNB's are angled slightly upwards pointing to the focal point of the reflector/dish. So with that said, Does the LNB have to be at that certain height just to have that particular angle? Is this angle a must? The reason I ask is...
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    Is Sadoun website down?

    Is Sadoun website down or is it just me? I tried accessing Sadoun with Firefox and Chrome through out the day.
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    Azteca 93.1 on Dish 500 - Sucess! (pics)

    Azteca 93.1 on Dish 500 - Success! (pics) Finally got my LNB's that I ordered from Sadoun. The LNB's arrived very fast and packed very secure. Converted a Dish 500 to hold the T-1500 LNB and aimed it at 93.1, To my surprise the signal was very strong and I was able to scan all of the Azteca...
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    Russian Channels

    Was wondering what satellite would be the best to point to for someone wanting Russian channels?. I only know of Russia today (English). I took a look at "The List" and searched "Russian" and only came up with two channels on 97W Glorysatar CNL Russian & Russia Today. The person whom asked me...
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    What will this dish do?

    I'm looking for an inexpensive dish that I can aim at 93.1 Galaxy 25 for the Azteca channels. I noticed that 11984 V tp 15 is very strong. Would this dish be able to lock that transponder? Would like to use the smallest dish possible as this will be a second dish at a condo. The second dish will...
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    HughesNet focal point?

    Does anyone know what the focal point on a hughesNet dish is or is their a way I could find this out using voodoo dolls or something? A few months back I read some postings on using strings but after searching the site and reading through 50,000 postings I could not find it.
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    Solid Copper Pole!

    A couple of day's ago as you guy's know, I scored a HughesNet dish. The customer asked me to remove & haul it away along with the pole, So I did. Today I pulled the pole out of the back of my truck to cut a 6" coupler off of it with my Dewalt reciprocating saw. Turns out, What I have is a 8'...
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    Is this a good fta lnb?

    I need a few LNB's for more people that want the Azteca channels on 93W.... I need the LNB's to mount to 30" dish's. I'm going to fabricate a lnb holder but I would like to know if these inexpensive lnb's will do the trick for Azteca@93W....... Sadoun Tele-Comm T-1500 SINGLE DIGITAL STANDARD...
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    So I scored a HughesNet Dish today

    I was installing Dish Network today and at the house that I was doing had a HughesNet dish.... The Homeowner asked if I could remove and haul it away. Pole and all!....So I did......:) Question: If you were the proud owner of a nice big HughesNet dish, What would you do with it? And are their...
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    Canales en Espanol - 93.1W & 116.8W

    NOTE: This is a continuation of my "Sky Mexico" thread, I thought I would post a new thread because this will cover a how to combine 2 satellites that are spaced so far apart. I have someone that is very interested in getting two popular spanish channels that are in the clear but the channels...
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    Sky Mexico?

    I have a customer that asked me a few questions that I could not answer at the time. Need some professional advice so I may give her a correct answer. She resides in the 61244 zip code Moline, Illinois. She just moved here from Los Angeles and wants to know if she can get Sky Mexico?. I checked...