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    Cheap Spekaer Wire

    I'm looking for some cheap speaker wire to use for some speakers. I heard that you could use lamp cord and get fairly good results. I went down to Home Depot and couldn't believe the price! It was 29 cents afoot for 16 gauge lamp cord and 27 cents a foot for 16 gauge speaker cable. Over $1 for 4...
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    Is there any other person in this world that likes Bose. Every one on Every forum bashes Bose. I feel if set up properly they sound good. I also feel they are reasonably priced for what you get. Let me know if you like Bose and what Item you own and like. I have and Acoustimass 16, Lifestyle...
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    I'm a Bad, Bad Boy!!!

    When I saw the website that allowed you to send a message saying "Save my Distant neworks on Dish", I clicked on it and filled out the form. But.... I changed it to saying "I'm a DirecTV customer wanting the Distants to be taken from dish so DirecTV can get more customers".
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    Got the Protection Plan

    Last August I purchased an HD TiVo and a month from now, the warranty is about to expire. I also have 2 other HD boxes and one DVR (all owned) and thought it might be worth getting the protection plan. I read online that it is 5.99 a month ...
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    Slow load

    Every time I go to a page, the main part of the page loads instantly.(I can read the posts and stuff just fine. BUT, the URL: take a while to load. It doesn't affect me surfing satellite guys quickly i just wonder why this takes so long.
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    My AT9 Installer

    After my AT9 was relocated, I was talking to the guy about his setup and what kind of stuff he gets from D*. He said he didn't have directv and he Got every channel from E* for free. He said that E* is so easy to hack into and D* was hard. I couldn't believe my ears. Don't directv installers get...
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    New Site(Sort of)

    Today I noticed the directv site has been changed to a new theme. The weird thing is on Firefox it looks like the old site but in IE, it is the new one? What goes?
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    Dish Boxes Better?

    One of my neighbors has an HD VIP211 from dish net. (there current MPEG 4 HD box) and it runs so much cooler than my 2 H-20s. Who makes dish boxes. This box feels just slightly above room temperature. How can this be?
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    Over Heating

    On Tuesday night, after watching TV for a while, my HD TiVo overheated. It is in a cabinet that is closed with no airflow. It also sits on my Receiver. It usually runs 48-64 Celsius but it apparently got to 68. It came on with a blue screen saying to check vents and to reset the receive by...
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    Two solidsignal Sites?

    I noticed that solidsignal has two sites, one .com, and one .tv . Has this always been? The .com has directv stuff and the .tv had dish network.
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    New Humax TV

    Today on solid signal, I found a Humax LCD TV that has a directv receiver built in. I know they were talking about it at CES... Is it here? Link:
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    IR Extender for HD Tivo

    For my living room, we have or electronics hidden out of sight including our AV receiver, DVD player and our HD TiVo. I currently have the terk leapfrog but it doesn't work. Is there any hardwire solution where each device can have it's own IR repeater wire. I've seen in other peoples setups...
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    Spaceway 2 Is On

    99 network 11 is now active on my H-20! I only get 1 transponder though.
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    Should I have a tech out?

    I had my dish moved and the signal on 103 is now 41-45!:eek: It is now lower than it has ever been. I knew this and the installer said it is the highest he could get.:confused: Some of you are reporting it up in the 80s and 90s. With Columbus locals comming on soon. I want to have a picture!
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    Dish Relocation

    Today we had our 5 LNB dish relocated from the pole mount we had originaly. See this post: We were worried about plants in the garden might grow in front of the dish so we moved it to the corner of the fence. Here are some pics. We had a...
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    Low Signal

    As you may have seen earlier, I got mu 5 LNB dish installed on a pole and at the time, the installers birdog wasn't working so we go signal on 101, 110, 119 and a little on 103. He said he would be out and realign it once his new birdog comes in. Then you may have seen, my dish broke. On friday...
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    Look At This
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    AT9 Breaks!!!

    Today when I got home and turned on the TV it said searching for sat signal. It was clear outside and everything so I go out to the dish and you'll never guess what happened! The LNB are and LNBs were on the ground!:eek: I looked, and the dish was rusty along with the fact that the LNB arm is...
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    My Dream

    My Pricing Idea If could change Directv's new lease system, this is how I would do it. Look at attached PDF. Please post things you would like to change!
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    R15-300 Pics

    I'm looking for pictures of the R15-300. I have only seen the -500 every where I have been. If someone has both and has a comparison in size even better!!! Thanks