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    Will I need New dish?

    I currently have a Hopper with sling and a wireless Joey all installed in 2014. Im upgrading to the Hopper 3 this week and would like to know if I will need/get a new dish before the installer arrives. I currently have a solo node installed on the outside of my house and think that will need...
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    Cost of Adding Receiver

    Right now I have a vip 722 running my tv 1&2 and a 211 with a HDD hooked up to it on tv3. I purchased the 211 box myself. I need to add a 4th tv and need to know which would be the better option price wise: A) add another 211 for tv4 or B) get rid of the 211 on tv 3 and get a 722 for tv's 3&4...
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    I have a 722 and want to hook it up to the internet. Its no where my router so I need to use some type of wifi adapter. Can U use a wifi stick usb adapter or do I need to use an adapter that goes into the ethernet jack? Also will this allow me to access the tv content from dish online or will I...
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    What Am I Missing Here?

    Right now I have the DishDVR Advantage Classic Silver 200 + Silver HD package which will cost 67.99. I have a 722/222. In looking at a chart I found the Classic Silver 200 + Silver HD with locals is only 62.99. What am I not seeing price wise here? Why not switch to the lower price package to...
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    At Wits End - Snowy TV 2

    I moved my 222 to a new room that did not have a cable line in it. I installed a new RG 6 line from the box to the inside wall plate. I terminated both ends with twist on connectors. When I originally moved the box I just unconnected it from the wall plate keeping all the original wires and...
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    Adding a New Receiver

    Im adding a 211 to my 1000.4 system and have two questions. Do I call Dish and activate the receiver before running the check switch or is it the other way around? Im also going to activate the dvr function, should I do that as a seperate process or just have the csr activate it at the time...
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    DVR 625

    Will this receiver work with a 1000.4 system? Any options if I need a single receiver that is sd only? Thanks John
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    Adding 211

    I have a 1000.4 system with a vip 722/222. Im looking to add a 211. Can I just run the line from the unused LBN port to the back of the receiver or do I need to install the Dish Plus Pro seperators/splitters? Thanks John
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    Will This Work with a 222?

    Right now I have a 722/222 and was looking to pick up a 211 to enable the dvr feature on a third tv. I got a email today about this product and it might be a beter way to go from me. Any one have any experience with it or know if it WONT work with a 222? Thanks John HAVA Titanium HD -...
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    Receiver Options

    I have a 1000.4 dish with a 722 and 222. I really could use another dvr but cant see paying 150.00 to upgrade the 222 especially when I have to turn it back in at contract end. Are there any older receivers I could buy off Ebay(or members) that would qualify for a upgrade? I have been with...
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    Stop Recording on 722

    I use record plus and set it to record programs on tv2. I set a timer for a program and once it started recording I tried to stop/cancel the recording, but could not. I was trying to do this from tv1 using that remote. I found that if I go to tv2 and use that remote I was able to stop it. Is...
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    Is System Hooked Up Correctly?

    I had a 1000.4 system with a 722/222 (4 tvs) installed a few weeks ago. The installer had trouble peaking the system so I had a service call today to see if they could peak the signal. The guy that came out today said my system was hooked up wrong and started changing all kinds of wires and...
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    New 722 or Not

    We had a pretty good rain storm go through tonight. I lost my signal and got the aquiring signal box, then the tv went blank and all the lights on the receiver went off. I heard a whining noise from the receiver, sounded like a fan spinning on high speed. After a minute or two the receivers...
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    Signal Strength

    I did a little tinkering with my dish over the weekend to see if I could raise my signal strength. My 77 satellite varies from 60-63 and my 61.5 satellite varies from 49-52. Ive done about all I can do. Are these signal strong enough to withstand the winter months or should I have a service...
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    Install question

    I posted a question of not being able to pick up 61.5 after a new install and after reading a few threads have a follow up question. I have the 1000.4 system with a 722/222 which was installed on Monday. The tech tried for three hours but could not get the 61.5 satellite at all. They are coming...
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    Problems Recording With 722

    I have a 722 set to dual mode with record plus enabled and set for tv2. Im running into problems recording some shows and came upon this quote in the manual: "" In Dual Mode with Record Plus enabled, set up future DVR timers at the TV location that was NOT chosen in the Record Plus setting...
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    Cant Get 61.5

    I had E* installed yesterday and so far am not real happy. I had a 222/722 installed using my current cable to 4 tvs. The dish they gave me is larger than the dish 500, the guy said it replaces the 2 dish method. The guy was here bright and early and said that this is a new system, called it...
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    HDMI Connection

    Im getting a 722 installed in the morning and need some info on the connection. I want to use a HDMI cable but have read that you need to turn things off and on in a certain order or audio/video may have problems. Is this really a concern? Secondly, my HDMI tv port does not have any audio in...
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    722 Recording Question

    Im having a 722 installed on Monday and am trying to get a heads up on the DVR capabalities and am getting a little confused by the online manual. It will be connected to two tvs and TV1 is where most of the watching and playing back will be done. TV2 will not be used very much, only at night...
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    Install Question

    Me and a buddy signed up for E* and I have a question on the install method. His was already installed and he said the installer just hooked up to his existing cable runs and was in and out in no time. The way his cable(from cable co) lines were set up had the main cable from the street going...