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  1. MikeFr

    TV Apps overhaul

    It seems that as of at least a week ago many of the TV Apps have disappeared. Most were ignored by me but I regularly used the NOAA weather radar app for local radar info. It wasn't as good as using some web pages radar info but much better than what TWC's radar showed on Local updates. Here's...
  2. MikeFr

    Facebook app within TV Apps

    For about 2 weeks now this app has been unavailable, timing out after about a minute on both of my HR24's. Anyone else have the same experience? Even tried removing and re-adding it back, but no change. Anyone using the twitter app? It's made my the same company.. curious if it's out also..
  3. MikeFr

    DVR not properly recording shows that had buffer already built up

    I'll describe this by how it happened tonight although it's been going on and off for a couple weeks now, on a HR24, with both of the most recent software versions.. Normally I record the 11 o'clock news on ABC 7, tonight my receiver was already on 7 by the time the recording started. I was...
  4. MikeFr

    one HD DVRs programs show always in use on other receivers

    Starting today, the recorded content on one of my 2 HR24's has been unable to be viewed on either of the 2 other receivers in my setup. The red warning advising of playback in use appears when viewing the dvr list in both alternate locations. Turned the mrv share settings off/on, did a...