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    Why charge for DVR

    well i guess that would depend on what type of customer you are. and when i say hassle im not speaking of every customer but when you have a customer who deliberatly lies-and wastes you time yes you fall into the catagory as hassle expecting me to move your television or any furnature who job is...
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    Why charge for DVR

    look at it from my point of view since i work for dish consider it a offset fee for all the free and hassles we deal with : mirrors attic crawls under home crawls wall fishes carpet fish dish relocations because the husband wasnt there and the wife said thats where she wants...
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    Episode # and Original Air Date - One 522 shows this, the other 522 does not show it

    check the current software on the newone against the old im sure it just needs to be downloaded on to the old 522
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    Dish multiswitch

    that depends on how many recevers your hooking up. if you have more than two recievers then you would need to use 3 dp dual if you have a dual tuner then you can just use a dpp twin with a dual for the 129 sat. with the dpp twin you can hook up two two reciever to it single and or dual tuners or...
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    Condo is bringing a Dish QAM system?

    we have several QAM building here in los angeles for dish and were only allowed to install the 351/381 boxes i have never seen a QAM Hd/dvr
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    Updated: Court blocks Permanent Injuction ordering DISH DVRs disabled

    Ok let me ask the dumb question being that tivo isnt even worth 89 million is there a reason we cant just buy them ?. And im a dns employee and every one in my office is asking the same question
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    dish conversion

    no you cant the 148 isa dbs satellite and the 105-118-121 are fss so they use a different lnbf and a different size dish
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    Do you remember when Directv first came out?

    i can remember my uncle purchased it $1200 for 2 rec. and a dual lnbf from ken cranes electronic they had reps from direct and ussb ( for those who remember them) on site with cameras for there comercials not that we got paid for being in it but it was nice to see myself on tv,the only problem...
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    HDMI VS Component

    If you can just buy both and make your own choice i work for dish and get asked this question all day,which ever one you like just return the other and to be honest i have never seen a difference between a monster cable for $200 and a off name for $30 component or hdmi
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    Signal Strength On 118.7

    The 129 is not fss the signal is just low because its a bad satellite
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    Dying 129

    Im a dns tech in Los Angeles (long beach office ) dont even expect 70's for the 129 it's a waste of time thinking that a csr would know any thing they usually dont even admit there is a problem with the 129 location. and a two dish solution is just a way to make the custome think were trying...
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    International Services Moving to 118.7 Orbital Slot - DELAYED

    we got our first dish 1000+ on monday and hooked it up it 's setting are much like out superdishhere in los angeles but from what they are telling us and from what i saw and from what our regional director said is the signal on the 118.7 could only reach about mid 40's to 50's so is this going...
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    Coax Grounding question -- Help!

    ok since the topic is now on apartment grounding how would you do it if your in a apartment as many here in california your only option may be grounding to the A/C condenser which can be on a central electrical feed and on a seperate circuit per unit and not connected to your panel do u ground...
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    Loss of all Even Transponders

    i would still say its the 34 switch thats the onlything all 3 recievers have in common the lnb could be the problem but he lost transponders on the 110 sat which is a dual and seperate from the 119/121 whats the chance the 119/121 and 110 would bad at the same times but the switch will he may...
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    Coax Grounding question -- Help!

    i have worked for dish network going on four(4) years now and atleast once a month we argue over grounding, which is a losing battle since i have worked for an electrical contractor for ore than 10., lightning thru a number #10 or #6 wire on a direct strike to the dish would fry your...
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    First Look: DISH 381 Receiver

    The 381/351 was designed as a qam box here in los angeles we have been installing them for about 3 months. We have a few new building wired for dish and u just go and install one of the recievers to the customer make a jumper from the wall the the box and go, There "WERE" 811's but that do not...
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    Any techs have experience with this meter?

    i have one and use it to this day but it has had some problems with dpp twins and the battery sucks it only lasts me about 3 jobs but is very helpful with the 129 sat. problems being able to peak it in with the digital scale.. the down fall for me was the front glass panel is helped in place by...
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    dish 1000 elevation & skew for L.A?

    Oh and u come out better with two dish 500's
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    dish 1000 elevation & skew for L.A?

    since im a Dns tech from los angeles( long beach) we use 49-51 and u can leave the skew at 90