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    Rocky movies- Why are some titles not reallly available?

    My daughter wanted to watch one of the Rocky movies a few days ago. I checked netflix instant and it wasn't available. I rarely use blockbuster streaming, but I checked it for Rocky and it showed Rocky 1-5 available in the free/subscribed section. When I clicked onto each Rocky title, it...
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    Showtime on demand available?

    Does Dish have Showtime on demand at this point? I want to watch the seventh season of Weeds and the dvd doesn't come out until the end of February. I'd like to subscribe to Showtime for a month, watch the 7th season, and then cancel it. This obviously won't work if I can only watch 1-2...
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    Any news of hard drive for 211/222?

    I haven't seen any updates for a long time about the ability to add a hard drive to a 211 or 222. I remember it was more than a year ago I first saw something about it. Is this feature still planned or is it vaporware?
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    Dish has dropped local ABC- prorated credit?

    I live in Sioux City area. Dish and local ABC affiliate, KCAU, couldn't agree on new carriage terms so it went off air on July 31. Since that time Dish has filled that channel with a 20 minute video loop that talks about how unreasonable KCAU is and gives a listing of businesses that...
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    Dishcomm 222/722 Question

    Now that its finally after August 15th I am going to be calling to set up Dish in next week or two (I want to wait a little to make sure I get a 722). :) I am going to be getting a 722 and a 222. I know that the 722 and 222 are supposed to have Dishcomm and that the ethernet ports were just...