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  1. SaltiDawg

    Watching recordings after closing acount

    I'm reading here for the first time in a long time. Does the OP want help - or not. Seems a "civil tongue" would get him some help, if he actually is looking for same.
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    722K Sound Issue

    I've been a Dish Customer for like 20 years... joined when they had absolutely no Fiel Service. I bought my first two Receivers from a Ham Radio Shop called Grady's in New England - Phone Order. (One of the two receivers was defective - I had to pay to ship it back to them. Of course, did the...
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    722k recordings getting "cut off"

    Happened again to me a couple of days ago. Recorded Shark Tank, new episode. Recording was 1:05 long with 2 minute Start Early and 3 minute end late. After three minutes the video skipped to the end. For the nay sayers that don't have the smarts o read the entire thread, this was a "Known...
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    Senior Discount?

    I also served for 24 years as a US Navy Submariner, three advanced degrees from MIT, one from The Naval Postgraduate School, and undergrad from the US Naval Academy. I'm 75 years old and do not want any favors for my Military Service - it was my privilege. I would welcome a Senior Discount and...
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    722k recordings getting "cut off"

    So this problem persists and yet no interest by Dish or anyone else in this thread after a another year?
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    722k recordings getting "cut off"

    Dish has been totally unsuccessful in correcting this long time issue with the 722K. Years ago they put me in touch with an engineer to use my 722k's logs and to receive my 722k with the defective recordings. They completely fouled up the effort. Over a year ago the Dirt team puffed on their...
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    Multiple Dwelling Unit question

    Oh for Chrissake. I quoted you as saying, "If managment has been given the instructions on reboot & retune .. then I can't see where it would harm anything to "accidentally" reboot and retune one to a different channel to see if it does what you & they think that it might do. At the worst they...
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    Multiple Dwelling Unit question

    So, you think the OP's Mom gets to decide what channels should be available? I suppose after following your advice to break the Terms of Service Agreement or the Contract, "someone" will bitch about how screwed up Dish is....
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    Backlit remote

    When he says "RF" he actually means "IR."
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    Satellite TV on PC Monitor

    How about Dish Online if he has a VIP?
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    A Nice Feature Would Be ....

    Of course. An additional step is to find out what timers were skipped during the power outage and then there is the need to search to see if there is a repeat available. That's exactly what i did do. Just musing about how nice it would be if the receiver recognized it missed events due to a...
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    A Nice Feature Would Be ....

    Oh, it's connected to a UPS. Power was out for over two days and the UPS battery depleted.
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    A Nice Feature Would Be ....

    Born and raised in the Oakwood Heights section of Staten Island - before the Verrazano Bridge.
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    A Nice Feature Would Be ....

    Thanks, Mary. I'm in the suburbs of DC and there really wasn't much damage - massive electrical power outages, however. The local utilities are patting themselves on the back for their responses, however we're not all pleased.
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    A Nice Feature Would Be ....

    As many others did, this week I lost power for two nights due to Hurricane Irene. I had numerous "New" Timers that did not record because my equipment was without power. Upon restoration of power, I had hopes that re-airing of those missed episodes would be considered as "New." No such luck...
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    strange phone call about my account

    I think you may have missed a post or two above...
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    strange phone call about my account

    That does not prevent Dish from creating a Do Not Call List for their existing customers as a voluntary effort.
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    September Bill (Slightly) Higher

    Yikes! You talk about stereotyping? lol I'm retired and pay more in taxes than many a (still) working guy. Additionally, there are a lot of "working stiffs" (Your choice of words.) that make a living off the backs of retired folks - and not all of those "working stiffs" are people out trying...
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    Moving - How/Where to dispose Dish Antenna of Dish Network

    Just confirming, you are talking about only the dish... not LNBs nor switches.
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    Protection Plan

    Not surprised that you'd make a nasty post like that. It had absolutely nothing to do with a CSR. You've been bashing Dish for so long that I'd hope you just go away. lol EDIT: Now you have gone away.