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    4:2:2 on the MicroHD in the future?

    Any chance that 4:2:2 could somehow be implemented in the future?
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    microHD Manual

    Is the microHD Manual available online anywhere? I searched here, Googled, looked on Satellite AV, LLC - Satellite Broadcaster Support and Equipment Distribution and didn't see anything.
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    Ham Radio Field Day - Public Welcome!

    Ham Radio Field Day - Public Welcome! June 23-24, 2012 I know a few of us have mentioned Field Day on the board in various threads and thought maybe some non-hams might be curious as to what we're talking about. Field Day is the most popular on-air event in North America. Over 35,000 people...
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    Eurovison Song Contest 2012 Grand Finale Live from Baku - May 26, 3PM EDT

    I know there's been interest here in the past so I thought I'd put a reminder out there that Eurovision is on this afternoon starting at 3pm Eastern (2100 CET). You can watch it live on 97W on a few channels including TRT, TVRi, BVN, and perhaps others. For those who have never seen or have...
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    Bell Ethernet Hookup for Remote PVR in a Grey Market Sub?

    It has long been said, don't hook up the phone line to your receiver in a grey market sub as when the receiver phones home they will blacklist it. Other than the convenience of ordering a PPV from the remote, you didn't really lose anything. For a few months now, Bell has been teamed up with...
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    AMSAT-Germany receives satellite 14.7 BILLION kilometers away

    On March 31st, 2006 an AMSAT-DL /IUZ team received the American space probe VOYAGER 1 with the 20 m antenna in Bochum. The distance was 14.7 billion km. This is a new record for AMSAT-DL and IUZ Bochum. The received signal was clearly identified through means of doppler shift and position in...
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    Dayton Hamvention May 19-21/2006

    It's that time of year again for the largest gathering of Amateur Radio enthusiasts in the world; the Dayton Hamvention! If you're a ham radio operator, it's like the obligatory trip to Mecca. If you can't find it at Dayton, you likely can't find it anywhere. Radios, parts, computers...
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    Want to hear what a ham satellite sounds like?

    I'm eventually going to start a page with some recordings of satellite QSO's. Once I get my own recorder, one that doesn't interfere with my downlink radio, there'll be more such recordings. I have a recording that was emailed to me of part of a satellite pass today at 1720Z. This was...
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    Now's a good time to try AO-51

    For one full week, AO-51 is in high power mode until March 13th at 0000Z. There have been reports of people hearing the satellite down to as low as 5 degrees with just a quarter wave antenna. It might be a good time to just give a listen for it. If you don't have a licence, try it on your...
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    P3E - The next High Earth Orbit amateur satellite

    Since AO-40's premature silence, the amateur satellite community has been yearning for another HEO satellite. Come October 2006, P3E will be launched into orbit. A High Earth Orbit will allow people to communicate with an entire hemisphere at a time. Someone literally half way around the...
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    Talk through a satellite with a telescoping antenna?!

    Yes, you've read that right. It's possible to work a satellite with a dual-band HT and a whip antenna! Enter the Anli AL-800 antenna. What you have here is a telescoping dual band antenna for your HT that provides 3.2dB of gain over isotropic on 2 meters, and 5.6dBi of gain on 70cm! For an...
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    Farewell Suitsat!

    For those who may have followed the Suitsat posts here in the past, I thought I'd copy this over from the BB: All, SuitSat-1/Radioskaf/AO-54---the mission that has captured the imagination of people and students around the world---is now a confirmed silent key. The outreach, press...
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    A chance to work an astronaut on UHF

    This weekend (Jan 14-15 UTC) Bill McArthur plans to operate on the UHF band exclusively. It is his desire to work all continents on the UHF band from the International Space Station. The frequency he will be using will be 437.55 simplex. Due to the high Doppler effect on this band, one...
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    New AO-51 schedule announced

    In a couple days, the easiest easy sat will get a bit easier to work, being placed into high power mode and with the PL tone (CTCSS) shut off. This will make it even easier to hear and easy to access even with an old clunker of a radio without a tone board. Also, digipeating on the packet...
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    Amateur Satellite pass prediction webpage

    Frustrated trying to figure out how to use some satellite tracking software? Using someone elses' computer and don't want to install stuff on it? There's a web page you can use to predict when the next passes are for any of the ham satellites or the space station for any location in the world...
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    Space Station Repeater ACTIVE Dec. 27-31/05

    For the first time in over 4 months, ISS's repeater will be turned on for a period of 3+ days to be used worldwide! The ISS in repeater mode is the easiest "satellite" to work. Operation will be possible with a standard dual band mobile radio with your standard run of the mill dual band...
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    Amateur station hears Mars Orbiter at 45 million miles

    This week the Mars-Net e-mail list reported that Paul Marsh, an amateur observer, has detected Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at X band at a range of 45 million miles from Earth. The MRO transmits on Deep Space Network channel 32 which is 8439.444444 MHz. By the time that reaches Earth, due to...
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    AO-51 back to V/U mode Monday

    After 3 days of L band uplink, followed by 4 days of being switched off, then a week of S band downlink mode, the voice transponder on AO-51 will be switched back to V/U mode Monday. Also, for those with packet the PBBS will be turned back on for normal ops again. These modes should be in...
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    KG4 activated on sats on Dec. 17

    Guantanamo Bay will be on the air on the satellites from about 9am to 5pm EST on Saturday, so if you're looking to work a relatively rare grid/DXCC entity, now's your chance! Look for KO4MA/KG4 on the birds Saturday. Good luck!
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    Amateur Satellite chat and QSO logger

    Come join us for a chat in ON4KST's satellite chat room. Schedule a QSO on a bird with a fellow ham, or just rag chew about satellites and radio. Made some contacts on AO-51? Log them online with this logger for all to see...