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  1. jamieh1

    Directv DVR streaming

    i can’t get my app to register my dvr anymore. I scan while on my home network and it does not find my receiver. So I enter the IP address for my genie it says not correct. Anyone else having issues
  2. jamieh1

    Severe Weather Channels

    Directv has 361-1 and 361-2 up No programming on yet.
  3. jamieh1

    TBSHD TNTHD MTVHD West now live

    West coast feeds of TBS TNT and MTV now live on Directv. Comedy Central and BET west feeds still in test mode.
  4. jamieh1

    TBS HD West and TNT HD West in testing

    TBS HD west and TNT HD west are up in test. 245-1 and 247-1
  5. jamieh1

    Nick Jr

    Has anyone else’s Nick Jr already been cut off? Thought it was mid May when it was to be shut off. I don’t even have the Opt in option showing when I log in.
  6. jamieh1

    Accuweather local info

    accuweather now has your local info on the bottom bar of the channel. Looks seamless can’t tell that it’s reciever generated. Can’t find any other options. As soon as you hit exit. The local info goes away and comes back instant.
  7. jamieh1

    Looking for a video review

    trying to find a hands on video review of orby. Video showing the screens and guides Checked you tube and nothing.
  8. jamieh1

    UNC and UNCEX

    Directv was carrying a statewide UNC and UNC EX feed for NC until this past month when they changed to carrying each local markets feed of the same channel. Ever since the UNC and the UNCEX feed has the same program info in the guide. Any plans for Directv to correct this? UNC statement...
  9. jamieh1

    ESPN 3 now working again

    im now able to view live and replays on ESPN 3 on the ESPN app on my Genie. Not sure when it returned.
  10. jamieh1

    Music choice channels not in Xtra package

    can someone who has the xtra package post the channels not included. I have preferred xtra with a 5lnb and get all MC channels except Classical Masterpiece Brazilian pop Italian favorites
  11. jamieh1

    Music Choice returning this week?

    Online guide has some MC channels in guide.
  12. jamieh1

    New HR54-700 On demand & ESPN app

    New reciever how long before on demand comes available. Also ESPN app just has 3 little white squares flickering in center of screen. Is there a issue with ESPN app. IHeart app works along with Directv apps.
  13. jamieh1

    Replacement HD DVR

    ive got a old HR23 that has started giving me problems, Directv is sending me a replacement at no charge. Any ideas what models they are sending out?
  14. jamieh1

    Preferred xtra

    Just changed my package from xtra to preferred xtra trying to save a little money. Ive tried this before and didnt keep the package. Was missing some of the FX channels and a few others. But did go back to this package and now on the preferred xtra im getting all the xtra channels except most of...
  15. jamieh1

    FETV ch 323 now on Directv

    FETV ch 323 now on Directv. Shows like Matlock, Perry Mason, Maude, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, TJ Hooker, Hart to Hart, Barney Miller, Lassie, Sergeant Preston, Hazel,Bewitched, The flying nun, One day at a time, Designing Women.
  16. jamieh1

    cloo - SIGN OFF

    Has cloo gone off the air, guide shows Sign off. Anyone that subs to this verify this?
  17. jamieh1

    Changed local market now ipad iphone app locals wrong

    changed my local channels market on acct. But my ipad iphone app is still showing old locals in guide. How do i update. Ive deleted. Logged out. Back in and no luck. Refreshed acct
  18. jamieh1

    Free Internet SPEED increase coming this month (NC Markets)

    Seeing commercials saying there will be a free speed increase this month. Any details of what the speeds will go up to. Im hearing that top speeds will go to 1 GBPS, and that 15 mbps will go up to 200 mbps. Any details??
  19. jamieh1

    Weather Nation HD coming to Directv Ch 361

    Directv is testing Weather Nation HD on Ch 361, Currently has a message the the NUTV infomercial channel is moved.
  20. jamieh1

    Get More QVC® TV with the New QVC Plus™ Channel

    Love QVC® TV? Here’s some great news. We’re introducing QVC Plus™ on DIRECTV. This new channel brings you everything you love about QVC—all your favorite shows, brands, program hosts, and special offers—plus the convenience of previously recorded QVC programs at different times. So you can get...