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    Quality of VOOM on Dish Network

    My quality if better now than with Voom. The only issue is the lack of new content.
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    Voom Originals in Best Buy

    Now that was great!!!!
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    Voom Originals in Best Buy

    I was in Besgt Buy yesterday and they had a Voom Originals promo loop running on all the HD Tv's. They showed all Voom 21 channels in the circle and then clips from Rush HD, Worldsport and several other channels. They did not advertise the fact that there is very little new content though...
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    Rainbow Creates International Unit

    I have a great idea. Why doesn't Rainbow create a "New Content Unit" for Voom HD Originals!
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    The Rebirth of VOOM

    Is there a base package requirement? Can't you just pay the $5.00 access fee and just get the HD Package. That is what I used to do.
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    The Rebirth of VOOM

    I am just an old Voomer from October '03. One of the original Voom dinosaurs, hoping for a miracle that James Dolan can actually and will actually make this work. Unfortunately he is all about short-term gain and does not appear to have the ability to grasp long-term strategy goals...
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    The Rebirth of VOOM

    Sounds like a preganancy rather than a rebirth if we have to wait that long for new content ;-)
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    The Rebirth of VOOM

    I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but how many re-births to we have to go through ;-) I wonder how long before we see new content.
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    Voom Pitches HD Nets

    Great lenghts....just commercials at Wal-Mart. Why not on national TV?
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    Voom Pitches HD Nets

    Voom needs to add more new content to make it viable. It won't be successful with the pitiful entry of new content it has been making. It is a wise move on their part not to seperate the package so people can't/won't drop it because of lack of content. So far for September I believe they have...
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    Rainbow Pulls Cablevision Down in 2Q

    Cablevision Systems Corp. reported strong second-quarter results in its cable operations -- basic customers rose by nearly 21,000 and voice customers increased by 114,000 -- but weaker-than-expected results at its Rainbow Media Holdings LLC programming networks drove down overall results for the...
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    Voom Sideshow - They've removed the VOOM in the pieces

    I'm going to D*. I am pretty upset that I spent $250 to lease a 942. I did this because I wanted a DVR for Voom every since I had Voom.
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    Cablevision retains advisors to evaluate buyout offer

    What good is a Voom exclusive if James is not adding new content. I am sick of Monsters, Rave, Rush, Equator...Everything is getting old. D* has not officially talked about any HD except locals. Rumor has it though that they will add a handfull of channels. (1) Inhd1 & 2, (2) Cinemax, (3)...
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    Cablevision retains advisors to evaluate buyout offer

    I guess Voom programming is doomed with James at the helm. I guess it's back to D* after my year is up.
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    Becoming Jaded With Half/voom

    I agree, I jumped on E* and cancelled cable when V* went under. I was with V* from the beginig. It seems that not only can they screw up being a true satellite provider, but they can't even do well at just programming. What was up with all the press releases about selling to other providers...
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    Other Voom content - TMC-HD, MAX-HD, STARZ-HD

    because there is no new content?
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    how do you email ceo at the dish website? thanks
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    VOOM-21 to have long life!

    Didn't it say that $100M is the minimum and the cap is $500M per year ?
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    Not Happy with Dish HD

    But I did think the PQ aulity was fantastic on Dish. I wonder if acted to quickly on returning my 921 to Costco. I also have two Tivos and could not get used to the rudementary interface. It is a very primative DVR.
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    Not Happy with Dish HD

    I just returned by 921 to Costco which I got for $469 because Dish told me it would no longer work after August. Did you get yours from Dish? At least it would not work for the HD Pack and the extra Voom channels unless I got the new 411 mpeg 4 receiver.
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    10 channels of Voom on Dish? My letter says 14 ?

    Lab again? Wouldn't Filmest, Kunfu and Vice be better? Is Ergen turning into a Dolan ;-) ?
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    What about us Charter Members!

    Actually, I have 6 months warranty left on 4 of my receivers. One went bad and I need it serviced. CVC warranted my receiver for two years as the owner of VOOM. Aren't they obligatged to fix my reciever so I can use it as an for OTA? I don't think any court in America would disagree with that.
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    Anyone Receiving Voom On The West Coast??

    I have my own equipment, bought a 921 an Costco and my friend gave me an 811 for my two HD sets. Had two 501 already so no big deal. One bad LNB but I signed up for the 5.99 monthly warranty when I ordered the install so it was covered. I had Dish before VOOM. I only activated the HDPack, VOOM...
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    Now he Loves us LOL

    I just installed a 921 :) :D But I sure wish I could record Vice, Kung Fu, Family and WorldSport. Hint Hint Hint :yes :yes :yes
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    Anyone Receiving Voom On The West Coast??

    I'm in AZ and just got my 921 up and running today. VOOM looks great on E*. Can't wait for the rest of the line up, then I will add all of the E* channels.