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    original cable dtc100

    Thats the adapter I Was Talking About.
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    original cable dtc100

    Then Your Out Of Luck. You Can Get A POWERED Adaptor That Is A VGA in To Component Out. Remember The DTC 100 is First Generation HD & Is Not Compatible With Newer Inputs.
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    original cable dtc100

    Remember It's a VGA to VGA (Both Inputs The Same)
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    original cable dtc100

    It's Just A Computer VGA Cable. Go To Any Computer Store Like CompUSA & They Will Have Them.
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    Directv 101 sat going out

    When I got home from work last night Sat. 101 on TP1 No Signal. It Took About A Half Hour to get it back. Some of the other TPs had good signal but not TP1. Some of the channels were up & some were out.
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    HELP!!! DirecTV decided to shut all my recievers off

    I would think that D* would send you a letter telling you what they believe is the problem with your account. If you don't like what you here, dump D*! Switch to E* or Cable.
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    American Idol on fox west coast HD tonight

    I Had Several Sound Drop Outs During Idol Last Night. It Must Be A Fox Problem.
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    DirectTV HD vs Voom HD quality

    I Have Both D* & V* And I Would Say The HD PQ Is Better On V* & The SD PQ Is Better On D*
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    Receiver Activation

    I Have Been Told The Receiver I Might Buy Has Never Been Activated It's A RCA DTC210
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    Receiver Activation

    Thanks! I Guess I Would Have To Of Called Anyway. I Will Have To Deactivate My 4.5 Yr Old RCA DTC100.
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    Receiver Activation

    I Am Thinking Of Getting A New D* HD STB From EBay. I Went To D*s Website & Loged On To My Directv. A Year Ago I Added A Sony HD200 On Line To My Account But Now I Can't Find The Link. Do I Have To Call D* To Add A Reciver Or Can I Add It Online? Any Help Out There?
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    RCA DTC210 vs Samsung TS360 - Which do I keep?

    On My Sony HD200 You Can Either Have Black Bars Or Gray Bars. On My RCA DTC100 You Only Have Gray Bars. Can The New RCA & Sammy Do The Same. I Ask This Because I Need Another D* HD Stb & I Don't Like The Gray Bars, I Prefer The Black Bars.
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    RCA DTC210 vs Samsung TS360 - Which do I keep?

    I Have Had The Old Work Horse RCA DTC-100 For Over 4.5 Years Without Any Problems At All. It's Old Know & The Hd Colors Are Starting To Fade Compared To My Sony HD200 Or Voom Receiver. It Looks Like Now The Only Option Is The DTC-210. I Think They Stopped Building The Samy Or The Hughes. I...
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    Raining here and I still get a picture!!!!

    That's Why I Still Have D*. If Vooms Down I Just Watch Reliable D*.
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    System Setup/Technical Question

    I Don't Like The 75. You Will Get Rain Fade Really Easy.
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    Sony HD-300 a farce?

    I Have The HD 200 & From What I've Heard You Can View HD & Analog (Composite & S-Video) At The Same Time On The HD 300 Where You Can't On The HD 200. I Also Heard That The DVI Output On The HD 300 Works Better.
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    NEW HD RUMOR; 24 HD Channels for DirecTV..Bye bye Voom

    I Am NOT Impressed! But I Think That Is the real lineup. I Guess We Will Have To Wait Until 2005 After The Football Season For Some Real HD Channels.
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    NEW HD RUMOR; 24 HD Channels for DirecTV..Bye bye Voom

    I Agree With Sean. I Don't Care If It Is D*, E*, Or V*. Who Ever Gives Me The Most HD & With Little To No Rain/Cloud Fade Will Get My $100.00 Plus Bucks a Month. PERIOD!!!!!
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    Dish Covers

    I Have One For Wind Problems. It Works For Streamlining The Dish But It Does Not Help For Rain Fade.
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    Rca Dtc-100?

    RCA Has An Adaptor For Around $125.00. But The DTC-100 Is First Generation. Get The Sony HD200 or 300
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    BravoHD - when?

    Bravo SD Is GREAT. BravoHD Is The Worst Channel. I Have Had BravoHD On VOOM Since Mid Mar 04 & I Have Watched NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING On It. BRAVO HD Has The West Wing And A Couple Of Boring Concerts & Thats It. They Just Keep Repeating The Same Couple Of Programs Over & Over Again.
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    Rain fade?

    Call Who Ever Installed Your Dish On The Roof. Most Installers Give You 30 Days To Repoint Your Dish If There Is A Problem.
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    Samsung HD PVR (DVR)

    When We Had Choices The Competition made The Products Better.
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    Wiring ...

    Just Get The Standard Black Indoor/Outdoor RG6 Cable. It Will Do HD & SD Signals Just Fine.
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    DirecTV Rumors

    Bravo HD+, TNT HD , & Two More HD Channels in September. My Guess The Other Two Channels Will Be InHD 1 and 2. With InHD 1 and 2 Directv Can Make More Money. For My Self I Have D* & V* & the Prospect Of Adding Bravo HD+ Which Has No Compelling Content & TNT HD Which Is A Streched Version...