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  1. king3pj

    No sound when setting Dolby Digital off on H3

    It does have Dolby Vision so Dolby might have put in some requirements that the audio features actually work properly. I have a feeling that is just a coincidence though.
  2. king3pj

    No sound when setting Dolby Digital off on H3

    I think this probably depends on the hardware involved, not necessarily ARC itself. I bought my first 4K TV last summer and it happens to have Roku built in to handle its smart TV features. I don't have cable/satellite anymore so I use the built in Roku constantly for YouTube TV's OTT service...
  3. king3pj

    Dish Hikes MLB Extra Innings Price By 6%

    With EI the cable/sat provider has to get their share of the money too. With the customer is going directly to them. That probably explains at least some of the price difference.
  4. king3pj

    NBC Sports in Flex Pack?

    This would work for me but it won’t for them. The whole reason they have Dish Flex Pack at around $80 after equipment fees and taxes instead of something like YoutubeTV for $35 is because they know how the hopper works and they are comfortable with it.
  5. king3pj

    NBC Sports in Flex Pack?

    They do have auto pay but I don’t think they are in any price lock period. The last time they signed a new contract was when the first hopper came out and they haven’t changed any hardware or signed any new agreements since then. It looks like they pay $34.99 for Flex and $12 for locals. That...
  6. king3pj

    NBC Sports in Flex Pack?

    My parents have the Flex Pack. They mostly watch the local channels and basic channels like TBS, USA, and TV Land so this works well for them. I add the National Action Pack for them for football in the fall and the Regional Action Pack for them for MLB in the summer. This saves them a decent...
  7. king3pj

    Streaming file sizes

    That makes sense. When you mentioned the 4K streaming plan it just made it sound like you were saying it was 4.5Mbps for Netlfix 4K.
  8. king3pj

    Streaming file sizes

    How can I control how much data Netflix uses? According to this Netflix support page, Netflix uses up to 3GB per hour for high quality HD and 7GB per hour for 4K streaming. You can change your Netflix settings to limit your self to medium quality SD for 0.7GB per hour or low quality SD for...
  9. king3pj

    No HD on ESPN2 Alternate channel?

    This was a problem back when I was a Dish customer several years ago. On some weekends ESPN decides to air the same game on ABC in some parts of the country and ESPN 2 in other parts of the country. Everyone gets both games but whether the game you want to watch is on ABC or ESPN2 is decided...
  10. king3pj

    Multi-sport with Flex Pack?

    Yeah, I've been away from Dish for a few years. When I left the only difference between AT120 and AT120+ was the RSNs. I just did a channel comparison and it looks like there are some other differences now. AT120+ carries most of what is included in Multi-sport now (NFL Network, BTN, SEC...
  11. king3pj

    Multi-sport with Flex Pack?

    This must be annoying for people who live in areas where Dish doesn't offer an RSN. They have to pay to upgrade from AT120 to AT120+ in order to pay for multi-sport to get Redzone and that AT120+ upgrade doesn't actually get them anything.
  12. king3pj

    Multi-sport with Flex Pack?

    I knew you couldn't get it if you had AT120 instead of AT120+ but I guess I didn't know that this also applied to Flex Pack. This is a real bummer because in my opinion Flex Pack is the best thing Dish has going for it. It's what kept my parents from switching to a streaming service. 10+ years...
  13. king3pj

    Multi-sport with Flex Pack?

    I haven't been around this part of the the forum in quite a while because I no longer have Dish but my parents still do. My dad is a big football fan so I just did my annual routine of going on Dish's customer support chat to see if I could get him any promo rates for Multi-Sport with Redzone...
  14. king3pj

    Issues Surrounding CUI Update

    Yesterday was my first time at my parents' house since they got the new update on their original hoppers and joeys . It looks nicer but it is unbelievable how much slower it made the box operate. Even my mom, who is one of the least tech concerned people I know, is complaining about this...
  15. king3pj

    Regional Sports issue where Directv is much better

    In Detroit's case I think part of the reason is because the Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons are all on Fox Sports Detroit and this is the RSN for the entire state of Michigan. Fox Sports Detroit covers a lot of people and Dish doesn't need contracts with multiple RSNs to cover all our in market...
  16. king3pj

    What audio formats is DISH network currently supporting?

    You are only going to see DD2.0 or DD5.1 on HD channels and PCM 2.0 on most SD channels. The only exception I ever saw to this on Dish was CNN. For some reason my Onkyo AVR used to show Dolby Digital EX (6.1) on it's display when I watched that channel. I thought it might just be Dish or CNN...
  17. king3pj

    this is just insane

    I don't think a company has to, or should have to, verify the mental capability of a customer before doing business with them. That being said, there are contract law rules to prevent things like this. Some people, like minors and the mentally disabled, can not be held responsible for contracts...
  18. king3pj

    MLB extra innings

    I see that you already ordered this but since you asked about playoffs I thought I should point out that I don't think Extra Innings or provide you access to any playoff games. All MLB postseason games are carried on national channels. I haven't looked up all the details for this season...
  19. king3pj

    I wonder if we'll ever see Autohop on cable networks

    I stand corrected. osu1991 was right. This is from the Tivo support website. I'm impressed with how quickly they are pushing out the skip markers if they really are relying on people to watch the shows live.
  20. king3pj

    I wonder if we'll ever see Autohop on cable networks

    I don't know if this is confirmed but I remember reading on the Tivo Community forums that Tivo uses the closed caption data somehow to know when commercials start and end. I don't think it's a person actually watching the shows unless they are doing as the show airs live because the skip...
  21. king3pj

    HBO and Dolby Digital

    For the record, I think Last Week Tonight is always in stereo. At least it is for me on Charter. It's basically a comedy talk show so it would make sense that they wouldn't bother to mix it for 5.1. Game of Thrones has worked in DD 5.1 every week with Charter for me. I always have the lights...
  22. king3pj

    NFL Network Dispute? -- Resolved

    But you will almost definitely be able to get a free year of Sunday Ticket with Redzone from Directv as a new customer. They have advertised the hell out of that every season for years. It's the second year where you will either have to shell out for Sunday Ticket or an ETF to switch back to...
  23. king3pj

    Just curious about autohop vs skipping commercials

    They were against letting people use DVR to skip commercials. They lost that case and it was deemed legal. Things like autohop and Tivo's version of automatic commercial skipping just make it even easier to do the same thing. Before these technologies came around some people wouldn't skip every...
  24. king3pj

    Is DISH EVER going to get Root Sports???

    No. If you live in the Astros home TV market their games will be blacked out on Extra Innings and Those are strictly out of market packages. If you are in market you are supposed to watch on your local RSN. When that RSN isn't available on your provider you are still blacked out on Extra...
  25. king3pj

    WiFi on Hopper 3

    I don't think you can get an external antenna. There are a few options that could improve things though. First, you could try a wireless bridge. This is a device that can pick up your WiFi signal and provide an internet connection to other devices over ethernet. This is typically used for...