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    DVB-S2X / DVB-S2 Minimum C/N Lock Calculator

    Since I'm not a math genius, can you clarify a bit what you mean by "a BIG dish"? Assuming I am in the continental US, would an 8 foot dish be big enough? 10 foot? 12 foot? Or some gargantuan dish that only a TV station or cable company would have? It looks like they switched the feed on the...
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    Who is allowed to take part in the FTA hobby?

    I must say I find it a bit funny, or maybe ironic, that a ham radio operator would be posting this, given that many hams have held similar attitudes toward non-hams that dabbled in any kind of technology. I am old enough to remember how contemptuously some hams viewed CB radio operators back in...
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    No playing with my dishes today.

    Welcome to what we northerners like to call a January thaw! :biggrin
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    5-G interference solutions from Norsat

    I am not running any antivirus that you have to pay for, but I am running uBlock Origin in my browser, so that may be what's blocking it.
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    5-G interference solutions from Norsat

    Same here (on both counts).
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    Free to a Good Home - LNBFs, Feed Mount and 12V Coax Switch

    Maybe you could answer a question for me - looking at your item #6, I could have used that to mount a Ku LNBF to a 6 foot dish I picked up that had originally been used for C-band. But at the time I didn't know where to get one that would have been shipped in a timely manner (less than six...
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    Future moon base TV station?

    No, in order to show to the world what is going on up there you only need a video stream. The networks on earth can retransmit that to they viewers if they wish. How do you think video from the ISS gets shown on NASA TV? They aren't operating a TV station on the ISS; they are sending a video...
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    Future moon base TV station?

    If you are talking about a moon colony, I would think that initially it would have such a small footprint that it would just use Internet-based video. In other words the colonists would use something like a Roku or FireTV or AppleTV, or just watch video on their phones or tablets, assuming they...
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    4:2:2 Chroma

    What you need is to set up a satellite backend system using one or more DVB-S2 tuner cards (or USB connected tuners, but I have heard they are prone to overheating so I recommend the cards). There is a somewhat dated article here that more or less explains the process...
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    Looking for help

    Well, sur Well, sure, you told them what the costs COULD be. But they don't necessarily HAVE to be that high. I don't have the time to do it right this second but if you search on Amazon and/or eBay, unless prices have skyrocketed in the last couple of years you can buy DVB-S2 compatible...
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    Looking for help

    You "speakth" YOUR "truth".
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    Looking for help

    I wish we could downvote replies like in Reddit; I'd be doing a lot of downvoting on some of the replies you've received already, particularly from those who are ASSUMING that you are trying to get pay TV for free. But that said, you mentioned the satellite dish you have, but gave no details so...
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    Bird View dish?

    I think you are wrong about that. I have two of those and the Channel Master brand is embossed on the back. Those are old PrimeStar dishes and they are great for Ku reception.
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    Newbie tips

    The mounting pole does NOT double as a ground, at least not according to code. I think part of the reason is that you typically paint the pole and/or bury it in concrete, so it really does not make good contact with a ground. What you should do instead is ground the pole using a ground wire...
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    You guys were right a couple years ago

    Maybe, but just as a hypothetical question, would you buy something from someone that engages in heavy-handed censorship, and who has banned you or a friend of yours on a whim, for no apparent good reason, and with no path to reinstatement?
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    You guys were right a couple years ago

    Yep, it happened to me too. My suspicion, based on a few things he has said in the past, is that he is a very religious person and therefore has a very authoritarian worldview. If he goes to church, it's probably one of those where the guy in charge preaches that if you question the church's...
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    NBC on SES 3 KU band

    Quite some time ago I found this article which explains what is going on, and how to use ffmpeg to get full 5.1 audio in programs you have recorded. If you happen to be running satellite tuner cards and Tvheadend you can even do it in real time, which they explain in a different article. I...
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    Dish 500 linear mod for 103 - How do y'all like today's handwork?

    Unfortunately the problem with mounting anything on wood, especially unfinished wood, is that it can warp. If you are lucky it will never warp enough to cause a problem. If you are unlucky you'll need to re-aim the dish a couple of times a year or more to compensate for the warping. This is...
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    Ran out of space in main circuit breaker panel, what to do?

    It's not uncommon at all to have breakers with total amperage much higher than the main breaker. The assumption is that not all circuits will be in use at the same time, and that of those that are in use, few or (usually) none will be drawing full capacity. The main breaker is there to prevent...
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    getting xfinity and worried installers might trash my rig.

    Pro tip: If you know how to do it safely, pre-drill any holes they will need to run their cable and pull a string from wherever you want the cable modem to be to the hole where they will bring in their cable (usually right next to the electric meter, since by law they are supposed to use a...
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    New 4 input(?) tuner card supports DVB-S2X

    I'm not spending any more money on satellite equipment until I see what happens to C-band, but if I were going to buy a new PC tuner card today I might consider this one, particularly if I could buy it from a North American seller: 8 Tuner TV Card - DD Max SX8 Basic (4/8) - DVB-S2/DVB-S2X Full...
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    Has anyone made a mini-headend at home?

    As I have aged I have noticed three things that would cause me to change my viewing habits, particularly if I were still watching "appointment" TV: 1) I have a much greater tendency to fall asleep in the middle of a show, particularly if it's boring. Maybe several times! 2) Some programs these...
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    Has anyone made a mini-headend at home?

    Ah, okay. That makes sense. There is probably a technological workaround for this (so he could continue to use his existing remote but have it control a frontend program) but if so I don't know what it is offhand.
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    Has anyone made a mini-headend at home?

    I get what you are trying to do but you may be thinking about this the wrong way. If the idea is that you want all the satellite channels you can receive to be viewable on all the TV's in you home, and that you can select the channel to view from a cable-like guide interface, then here is an...