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    For what it's worth...

    I have Cox HD at my house since Voom went out with 1 DVR, 1 HD box, 1 Digital Box a a couple of TV's with regular cable. I just hooked up a 921 and just got the HD Pack and the VOOM channels and the Outdoor Channel. I have D* for NFL Ticket. Once E* adds the rest of the channels I will have...
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    Voomer moved to Comcast – initial thoughts

    I am into both. I miss VOOM, but I have Sirius. Once you listen to satellite radio, you won't go back. Unless you like comericals, non-specific music genre's etc... they even have the NFL ticket on Sirius. I just might cancel my Directv NFL ticket.
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    Watching Inhd1 & 2 under sunny skies in Arizona

    Sean, I am still trying to get over it. After 18 months I just can't believe it. Now if Cox adds Cinemax-HD, TMC-HD and TNT-HD that will be good. But what to do about, But whoever pics up VOOM programming, I am going with. If E* was smart, they would and they would have an outlet for their...
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    Cable TV HD Competition

    It's not just televisions, IT'S VOOM!
  5. K and other channel websites

    that has always been there.
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    Common sense says VOOM/HD Select is not dead!

    So what does a cable provider do for us if it is not a nation wide cable provider. With a base package of D* (high defs and NFL Ticket) and the fulle COx cable lineup, you get more movies channels (premium) than VOOM, local HDs, extire lineups for Starz, Nickelodian and Inhd1 & Inhd 2.
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    Transition Period

    Is this what Cablevision considers "service through a transition period". 2 weeks notice. Shame on you Cablevision.
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    I will NOT sub to VOOM content if they become a content provider!!

    If he ws 'De Man' we would still have VOOM. He time fr him to retire after he tries to sell the content. Noone still devote the bandwith. Would you. Here is the sales pitch. I tried selling this wonderful package of VOOM 21 channels + all the HD available and in 18 months were abale to sign...
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    Cable TV HD Competition

    I talked with a COX Cable CSR yesterday. He said with VOOM gone, there is less incentive for them to add HD programming to their lineup. That's the sad part, lack of competition is not in the best interests of the consumer. Maybe the government could have bailed them out like Chrysler for...
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    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    You don't have responsibility, knowing they were going under two weeks ago, and I know that from an internal source of cablevision. Why were they still selling $500.00 boxes to new people. They damn are responsible, but then again maybe Martha Stewart wasn't either. Sorry for tone but I am...
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    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    I know it was a little low, guess I am a little peeved. I can blame them for not managing the business correctly. How many subs would we of had if the equipment was messed up in the begining and the programming was there. You guys know how much I loved and supported VOOM and convinced a lot...
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    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    As I said I believed the CSR when I was told VOOM was apart of Cablevision and had their backing. I was not aware of the ability to convert to lease until it was too late. I just don't like the way this whole thing went down. One minute they are expanding, the next minute he votes against it...
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    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    I was not aware of the conversion to lease at the time. By the time I heard about it, it was too late. I was also promised by a CSR that VOOM would never go under because it was part of Cablevision. I trust people. I was told the only way VOOM would stop is if Cablevision went under. So you...
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    C. Dolan Fork up another $10mil and refund bow ownere

    C. Dolan fork up another $10mil and refund box owners Chuck, why don't you fork up another $10m to refund the box owners you apparently ripped off. You had a lot of strong supporters that you let down in the wrong way, at least make good on their money. You are not half the man everyone says...
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    Where are all the VOOMERS Going?

    I got Cox Cable and was grandfathered into D* so I only have NFL Ticket & the HD pack. I get a pretty decent line-up. Just need the VOOM movie channels and World Sport now.
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    Watching Inhd1 & 2 under sunny skies in Arizona

    Yes. Cox Cable, 14 HD Channels including locals and Direct TV for HD NFL ticket and HD Package. Cox Phoenix is adding Cinemax HD soon since Vegas already has it. There is some life after VOOM. Acutally Inhd1 & 2 are awesome, but I will miss the Cinema 10's, Worldsport and Monsters.
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    Watching Inhd1 & 2 under sunny skies in Arizona

    At least I have Inhd1 & 2, Hdnet & Movies, and HBO-HD, SHO-HD, STARZ-HD,U-HD,ESP-HD,ESPN-HD,ALL MY Locals in HD, Distant FOX,ABC,NBC in HD. :) I get about 20 different HD channels without VOOM now.
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    Just got a call from Voom in which I was told Voom won't end at the end of the month.

    Well I just cancelled and the CSR thought I leased my equipment and she said all installations, deinstallations and technical issues can no longer be scheduled.
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    If you cancel VOOM please post here

    I canceled. All my boxes are unauthorized, but I still get locals. I own the boxes, I was told I could use them as coffee warmers. Ken
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    Voom's PQ Is Lousy

    The Family Channel is a very good channel. Don't you think it is better than LAB, ULTRA, and AUCTION? IMHO, I would get rid of these first. Also, I personally could live without HDnews, ANIMANIA (children like it but it needs more content). Maybe combine Gallery and Equator and Ultra. That would...
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    what new channels will be on voom

    The other channels are either canadian as well or not even available yet. I don't know how you expect VOOM to get them. We neeed 1. RSNs 2. Outdoor Channel 3. Maybe G4, but it sucks now. 4. The missing 2 Cinemax channles 5. The complete Starz line up 6. ESPN2HD, HDnet, Inhd1 & Inhd2...
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    what new channels will be on voom

    Most of these channels aren't even available yes in the U.S. market,
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    No sat signal in Storm.

    I live in Arizon and when we have monsoons I used to loose my signal. I had VOOM install a 30" dish and my signal never goes below 92 even in the heaviest monsoon storms. Ken
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    New Channels Needed

    This was a question. The first line of my statement asked if the FCC would see VOOM as a more viable 3rd provider not if I thought they would. I am not trying to be any kind of programmer for VOOM. My statement was purely aimed at the question of whether of not the FCC would see VOOM as a...
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    New Channels Needed

    I know, I did go overboard. It was late at night. The one's I really care about are the exact ones you mentioned and that's it. Add OLNHD and I am there! VOOM is smokin'