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    Is anyone incredibly surprised at Lost on ABC? Possible Spoilers

    They Have To Do Sayid (I Think It Will Be Next Week) & The Brother & Sister.
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    Is anyone incredibly surprised at Lost on ABC? Possible Spoilers

    I Love This Show. Last Saturday They Showed 2 Episodes. This Is When I Miss Voom Not Having An HD DVR.
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    Bravo-HD+: Excalibur 11pm EDT

    I Hope This Is Step 1 But Then Again This Is Bravo HD & It's Probably Just Gas.
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    Network Premieres shows in HD Tonight!

    Lost Was The BOMB! Man... The PQ & Sound Were The Best (Way To Go ABC)
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    ABC-HD:The Benefactor - Mark Cuban's reality series

    Again I Saw It On HDNET! Mark Talking About The Benefactor, Promoting It & Saying After Its Run On ABC It Will Then Be Shown In HD On HDNet.
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    ABC-HD:The Benefactor - Mark Cuban's reality series

    Mark Cuban Has Advertised The Show On HDNet. He Said It Would Be In HD On HDNet Later & SD On ABC. (It Was His Choice)
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    Cinema 10 - Why did Voom pick these movies??

    The Reason I Got VOOM Is For All THe Premium's In HD. I Saw The Ads For Voom Back In November 03. I Went To Vooms Web Page & I Saw The Cinema 10. I Saw Their Content & Except For Monsters HD I Thought No Way! How Boring! In March They Had All The HBO's Showtime Starz Etc. in HD & I Signed Up...
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    Cinema 10 - Why did Voom pick these movies??

    Sean Lets Face It. By Far Most of The Cinema 10 Movies Are Not Worth watching. Not Even In 1080i
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    About that Olympics commercial - even Sony is bummed!

    The Last Olympics Were The Same (24 Hour Delay) I Hate It Is On A Loop. You Watch It Once & Then 8 Hours Later You See It Again.
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    Any word on adding HDNet???

    Walter L. It Has Nothing To Do With VOOM. It's All About Mark Cuban. People Don't Bother VOOM. They Can't Do Anything About It. VOOM Is A Joke To Mark Cuban. 35,000 Subs Mean Nothing To Him. HDnet & Movies Is On D*, E* & A Lot Of Different Cable Systems. It Already Has The Potential To Be In...
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    How are you watching the Olympics - SD/HD?

    I Am Watching Only The HD FEED. There Is To Much Of A Picture Quality Difference To Watch The SDs. But I Am Watching The HD Feed On D*Ch.84 Because V* Has Blacked Me Out.
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    NBC-HD: XXVIII Summer Olympics : Soccer, Track and Field, Basketball, & Diving 8/29

    I Have D* & V*. I Get 84 For The Olympics On D* But On 321 On V* Nothing. V* Emailed Me & A Letter That Said You Can Get The Olympics On Your Local NBCDT But Not On 321 Or The 900's. Strange I Get ALL THE OLYMPICS On DIRECTV But NONE ON VOOM. I'm VERY UNHAPPY!!!!
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    NBC-HD: XXVIII Summer Olympics : Opening Ceremonies 9pm EST

    I Got An Email From VOOM Saying I Won't Get 321 Or The Two SD Channels Because My Local NBC (KGW in PDX OR) Will Be Broadcasting It In HD. FYI
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    HDN 100 News

    Seawaves Just go away !!!!
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    Encore HD - No more HD?

    The PG Says Everthing On THT-HD Is HD When Most If Not All Is Not (Just Stretched)
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    The "normal" channels??

    They Are Better Then My OTA SD. Of Course They Are Not As Good As MY OTA HD. The Locals on D* Are Only As Good Of A Feed The The Local Station Provides To D* Or E*. My TVs 36" RCA Digital 27" Panasonic S-Video 78" Front PJ 87" Front PJ
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    The "normal" channels??

    I Get My Locals From D* (Spot Beam Sat.) & The PQ Is A+.
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    Am I Gay?

    People On This Thread Are Getting To Be To Nice To Each Other (There Must Be Alot Of Democrats Here). All THe Other Threads About Divine HD Are Very Mean Spirited. This Has Been A Fun Thread.
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    To Me Getting HDNET or InHD is a moot point if...

    All I Know Is The People I Know Who Have Dig. Cable Say INHD Is The Best Thing Since The Invention Of The Bong, NO! NO!, I Mean Sliced Bread.
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    disappointed with programming

    Voom Has Nothing To Take The Place HDNET But The Cinema 10 Is FAR FAR Superior To HDNET Movies.
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    Euro Cup 2004, do we get that?

    I Watched A Little Euro Cup 2004 Last Night. I Have To Tell You Those Channels 323 Fox Sports World Thru 329 Golf Are So Fuzzy They Are Unwatchable.
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    SD Quality on Bravo - neat

    IFC On My DLP Projector (Great), On My 27" SD TV Through S-Video (Great) On My LCD Projector (Poor) The LCD Is Great For HD
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    Divine? or not?

    There Has Been More Gay Theme Movies On 102 World Cinema Then On Devine So Far. There Is More Gay Theme Shows on Bravo, NBC, BBC America, Showtime & HBO Then On Divine. Heck There Is More Girl On Girl On Playboy Ch. Then Will EVER Be on Divine.
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    SD Quality on Bravo - neat

    The PG on SD Channels When Viewing On My Infocus X1 DLP Ft Projector Is Excellent But The PQ On My LCD HD Ft Projector When Viewing The SD Channels Is Pretty Poor. I Think The Higher Resolution Devices You Have Show The Flaws In The SD Channels. On My 27" SD TV Thru S-Video The PQ Is Great On...
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    Divine? or not?

    You Are What You Are.