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    Great To Have Voom Again But Only 1/2??

    bcope9 I'm not happy that it may take that long, but it's better then D*. I would not be surprised if D* drags its feet until 2007 before we see any real national HDs.
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    No final Statement?

    I have two leased boxes and I do not know what to do with them. I Have them in a closet but they are big and taking up space.
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    Are You Vooming Again On Dish Yet?

    My Ebay Dish 811 Should Be In My Hands By Friday. I Have To Keep D* For Another 6 Months Due To A New D*HD Receiver I Got 6 Months Ago. Hopefully Friday Night I Will Be Firing Up My Voom 18" 61.5 Dish & I Will Be Vooming Again.
  4. W gone again??

    I Just Typed In An The Message Came Up Saying They Are Not Taking Any More Sub. & Will Shut Down By The End Of March
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    Voom Alive! --- 21 days & counting (post sale of Rainbow 1)

    I Just Got My Voom Bill. #1 The Price Did Not Go Up. #2 My Voom Bill 1-16-05 To 2-16-05
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    Ellipitcal Dishes Coming Soon??

    What Size Is The Top Dish? I Believe Vooms Will Be a 35 incher
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    Anyone looking at Rainbow2 yet?

    Don't Bother Trying To Find Rainbow2 With Your Current Dish & LNB. The New Sat. Does Not Use The Same LNB That Dish, Directv Or Voom Uses. The New Elliptical Dish Will Have 2 LNBs (One That We Use Now For 61.5 & A Second Different One For The 72 Sat.)
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    Amendment #4 To Form 10: Rainbow Media Enterprises (all related articles posted here)

    When I Joined Voom In March 04 There Were 6,000 Subs. By June 36,000 & Now 26,000 Subs. That's Not Good. No MPEG 4, No New East & West Coast Sat.s (Means No New Channels) I Love The Channels They Have But Because Of Vooms Financial Proplems It Is An Incomplete Service. Right Now I Have Voom...
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    New AD campaign??

    Last Night On Bravo (Celebrity Poker) I saw The VOom Advert.
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    When are the elliptical dish coming?

    I Need The Bigger Dish. Rain Fade With The 18" Pie Plate Will Have Me Gone Before The End Of 2004
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    New info in SEC doc filed 9/2

    Self Installs Is Not A Option For Most People
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    New info in SEC doc filed 9/2

    Sell It All To Mark Cuban, Or No I Take That Back, Mark Is To Smart To Do That
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    Is it just me or do other experience Olympics Pixelation?

    Boy It Took The Twenty Second Post To Put This Baby To Rest. Thanks jawilljr.
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    Is it just me or do other experience Olympics Pixelation?

    The Funny Thing About Vertical Striping. On My LCD Proj. & VOOM I Get Vertical Striping On World Sports (Soccer/Euro. Football) & Rush. I Don't Get Any Noticeable Vertical Striping From DVDs Or Directv HD Channels. I Think It May Be A Bandwidth Issue But I'm Not Sure.
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    Is it just me or do other experience Olympics Pixelation?

    It Is A Bandwith Issue. The Problem Here Is People Making Generalized Statements About Something When All Our Displays Are Different & Each Display Has Different Issues. LCD, DLP, CRT(Direct View or RPTV) & Plasma (EDTV & HD) All Show Potential Pixelation Differently.
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    Is it just me or do other experience Olympics Pixelation?

    It Must Have At Least Something To Do With It Because I Could Tell You Had An LCD Based System. LCD Based Tend To Make A Sharper Image, Showing More Screen Door Effect, Potential For Vertical Striping & Potential For More Noticeable Pixelation. The Only Real Drawbacks For DLP Systems, Some...
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    Is it just me or do other experience Olympics Pixelation?

    DarrellP You Must Have An LCD Based Projector. I Have 2 DLP Prpjectors & One LCD Projector & The DLP's Don't Show A Fraction Of The Pixelation. Also D*'s NBCHD Feed Is A Tad Better Then KGW (NBC) HD Feed. They Have Really Let The Second Channel Go. If I Want To Watch SD NBC I Have To Use The...
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    Delayed Sound

    Its Not A VOOM Problem. It Happens On My Digital Locals (D* stb), Digital Channels On VOOM & D*. Anytime They Use Digital Sound(5.1 or 2.0 Digital Stereo) It Can Happen. You Just Have To Hang In There Until The Sound Video Interface Gets Better.
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    How I got VOOM NBC HD and SD for the Olympics

    VOOM Is Shooting Themselves In The Foot On This One. For The Last Couple Of Months I Have Watched VOOM & VOOM Only. But Since Friday Night I Have Been Watching D* Because I Can Get NBC HD on Channel 84. Now I Have Signed Back Up With HBO & Showtime On D* So I Can Go Between NBC HD For The...
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    How I got VOOM NBC HD and SD for the Olympics

    In Portland OR I Don't Get 321 or The SD's.. On D* Ch. 84 (Same As VOOMs 321) Comes In GREAAAATTTT. I Don't Know Why D* Gives Me The Olympics & Not V*. FYI, I Got To Compare D*s Ch 84 To My Local NBC HD Feed & They Were Identical.
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    Anyone else have ch 321 (NBC-HD),594,593?

    I Am Sure Only NBC Owned & Operated Stations Will Get Ch. 321 NBCDT. Just Like CBSHD On D*. The Majority Of Us Are S##t Out Of Luck.
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    Opinions Needed!! Cust Serv, dish upgrades, etc...

    voomvoom I Believe Your Probably Right. I Would'nt Be Surprised If No Dish Upgrades Until The Second Sat. Is Online. I Bet They Dont Need The Extra Transponders Yet.
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    I like VOOM but DTV makes me think twice (about their new offer)

    Yea Directv Says 6 Months Free HD Package If You Sign Up For 1 Year Of The HD Package. What D* Is Really Sayings Is Sign Up For Total Choice Pkg. Or Above That Level For A Year & Pay Half Price For The HD Pkg.. Thats Not A Deal It's Another 1 Year Commitment For At Least $36.99 Plus 6 Months Of...
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    Mass Exodus from Voom to DirecTV in October?

    If Directv Does All The Mainstream HD Channels (SOON) and Puts Them At The 101 Sat. I Would Leave VOOM. Yesterday We Got Some Rain & Yep Rain Fade. My D* Setup On 101 Sat. NEVER NEVER NEVER Has Rain Fade. I HATE RAIN/CLOUD FADE!!!!!!!
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    Does Voom have the Best HD PQ?

    I Prefer VOOM HD To D*s now.