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    DISH Long Term Customers

    I've been with Dish for 19 years and they have always treated me great. Anytime I have a problem, they take care of me. I don't abuse that privilege. When I called to upgrade from 2 Hopper's and 4 Joeys they gave me 1Hopper 3 and 4 4k Joey's at no charge. Occasionally I have had a CSR or a...
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    Who got contacted from Dirt on a new Hopper 3

    I was #63 on the list. ErikaP liked my post but never contacted me. After waiting most of the day I finally took matters into my own hands and contacted Dish via chat on their website. I was offered a Hopper 3 and 4 Joeys for an upgrade fee of $250. I declined and noted that I have been a...
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    Interested in upgrading to hopper 3
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    How old was your password?

    Wow, it said mine was 15,702 days old. That's roughly 43 years. Not sure why mine said that but I was one of the original members of this site and I doubt that I ever changed it.
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    Cell phone tracking?

    Wow, this thread is proof that whatever you do on the internet never goes away...
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    AT&T continues to insist they're working on their 3G network

    I am just about 15 miles north of you in Paulding County and my reception is awful. Constantly have dropped calls and no data or Edge. At the most I have one bar of reception in my house and contrary to popular belief I don't live in the boonies, this is a fairly well populated area
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    It's back now. For some reason my FB was set to block MW and I didn't change it.
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    My MW disappeared.... No idea why but I can't access it at all. Thinking they may have suspended my account but I have hardly played in the last few months. Who knows....
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    USC Football Gets 2 Year Bowl Ban!

    was at this game, guess if Bush was ineligible then he couldn't have pushed Leinart into the endzone in the final seconds of the game. ND may not of won it but now it looks like they didn't lose. Bush Push (And no this isn't any kind of victory for me)
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    Dish n it up?

    I hadn't seen it on my online account either. I was told that I had an upgrade back when I moved into my new house in August. Today I was calling Dish to make sure they didn't rebill me for the ESPN Gameplan college football plan which I no longer want. Once we were done with that I asked if I...
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    Not so happy to be Irish....

    I figured someone would eventually find and post this so I may just as well get it over with
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    What is your favorite sport?

    I grew up loving ice hockey but the area I grew up in didn't have any ice. About the time I turned 13 years old we moved to a big hockey town and I began playing and loved it even more. Later moved to South Florida and continued playing and still love it. I have never really cared about watching...
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    I can use 490 Zmeya Carbon Blades if you want to loot those.I will take whatever you can spare. What do you need?
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    What baseball stadium was the newest when you were born?

    For me it was Angel Stadium of Anaheim
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    it says that I need one more mafia member. Somehow I think they are going to require new mafia members each time I try to login to Paris. That will suck because I don't use that account for anything but MW's and I don't like taking the time to add mafia. I have 1436 mafia members now and I don't...
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    Big Ten to Expand?

    I fully agree with you there. I have no idea where the writer got that from but there would be no reason they should even try to stay in the Big East for basketball. It kind of weakens his statement that ND is out of the mix.
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    Big Ten to Expand?

    "They haven't been in the mix for awhile,'' said the source. who did say that Big Ten expansion of three or five teams was very possible. According to the source, Notre Dame is fairly confident that it can remain as a full independent in football and remain connected to the Big East--even a...
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    SlingPlayer 2.0 (compatable) -link

    Does it actually surprise anyone that Dish did this? When they acquired Sling I had the feeling this was going to happen. I really want to get the 922 but if they are going to manipulate us like this I have no need for it. I am sure this has something to do with the missing Sling Catcher
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    Yakuza Logo Yakuza 1500 / 1500 Allied 1448 Triad 1500
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    You win! Dragon Head parlay Level 1745 Maniac
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    It's on your profile page in MW This is yours
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    IRISH #1 football recruit dies after fall during spring break....

    Well damn then, I am going to go hang out by the liquor store tonight and offer to buy for all the kids that pass by
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    IRISH #1 football recruit dies after fall during spring break....

    Whatever adult that supplied the alcohol is to blame also. That person will probably end up doing some time. I will never buy for anyone that is underage and as I look back I can't believe anyone ever bought for me the few times that I did get alcohol before I was 21. From what I have heard he...
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    Here Ramy, go here and fill this out. ask to join this!/group.php?gid=107206531705&ref=ts
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    SatelliteGuys Mafia War Players Unite!

    a couple of weeks ago I ran a Bangkok glitch and had $4 billion Baht but Zynga took it away last week. I was away for Easter weekend so I will be changing my tag tomorrow!