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  1. gpflepsen

    It's Official: PBS Sunset March 4th, 2019

    Scroll is running stating C-Band PBS on 103w will sunset March 4th, 2019. Says Ku-band will still be available. It's been nice knowing you.
  2. gpflepsen

    PBS Counting Satellite Viewers

    Just saw a scroll on the C-band pbs feed asking for viewers on satellite dishes to call 800-399-0424 to be counted. Has this been seen and discussed yet? Is this part of PBS 's consideration to abandon the C and ku signals?
  3. gpflepsen

    PC Not Recognizing Prof 8000 DVB-S/S2

    I recently built a new PC for my main use using a MSI B250 PC Mate motherboard. I have the BIOS updated to the most current version. I took my Prof 8000 DVB-S/S2 tuner card from my old PC and put it into the new one. The new PC with Windows 10 does not recognize that a PCI-E tuner card is...
  4. gpflepsen

    FridgeFTA may be Gone

    Just checked fridgefta and amikoalienusa and they seem to be gone, redirecting to suspended page placeholders. RIP I do have the A3 reformatting files and directions. They are available for the European A3 too, so all is not lost.
  5. gpflepsen

    Dish Remote 40.0 Learning Mode

    After some frustrations it trying to program the 40.0 AUX button for a Channelmaster DVR+ (CM7500), I thought I'd make a post here with some useful information gained from my experience. You would think just following the menu prompts for teaching the remote button functions would suffice, but...
  6. gpflepsen

    New Dual Tuner OTA Adapter

    Scott posted this in a thread about programming, which you wouldn't have seen if you don't read unrelated threads like that, so I'm putting this here about the upcoming dual tuner OTA adapter for the Hopper systems and Wally...
  7. gpflepsen

    Identify This Dish; New Addition to the Bunch

    Found this dish, as identified in the C-Band forum: Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at Picked it up late last night by just putting if on the trailer and hauling it ~130 miles home completely assembled, which was probably a mistake. I rationed that the...
  8. gpflepsen

    Any Primestar 84e 73e Eliptical Dish Experts Here? Put the F in LNB

    I've gotten quite a few LNBFs for the Primestar 84e dishes I've aquired. I noticed today that I have three different feedhorns and at least three different LNBs. I knew about the LNBs but not the feedhorns. Which one goes to the 84e dish? I'm guessing the middle size goes to the 84e...
  9. gpflepsen

    Spring Planting... Dish Farming... Cultivating FTA Fever

    For the past few years I've been collecting dishes and parts and just never had the time (and WAF) to devote to getting a dish farm established... until now! The land to my south is being rezones for a residential lot (exactly opposite of what the land owner said when we bought this land...
  10. gpflepsen

    Is There a Latvian FTA channel?

    Title says it all. I thought I saw, a few years ago, a Latvian FTA channel. A friend's mom, from Latvia, might be interested in watching some TV from the motherland. Any recollection of such a channel? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. gpflepsen

    Dish Expansion: What is Committed/Uncommitted?

    In the world of setting the DiSEqC switch settings for 4x1 and 8x1 switches, what is Committed and Uncommitted? I saw this on my pc when setting up my simple 4x1 switch, but I'm going to start combining a 4x1 and a couple 8x1 switches to get away from a lot of motor movements. What is...
  12. gpflepsen

    Hopper 3 Timer Shortcomings and Frustrations

    A lot of issues are blended in multiple threads and not categorized according to specific topic. Maybe this will anchor concerns for timers on the H3. Frustrating: Search for Jack Black and try to record Kung Fu Panda 2. The only option is to buy it by subscribing to On Demand. If you...
  13. gpflepsen

    Wire Suitable for Positioner Pulse Monitoring

    I need to reposition my VBOX further away from the dish and need to therefore extend the power and switch monitoring wires. I currently have sprinkler wire doing the duty, but the voltage drop, especially during winter is a killer for the motor power. I'll probably run a 14 ga for power, but...
  14. gpflepsen

    AMIKO A3 DVR Resume Function?

    Title says it. Is there a way to bookmark a recorded program while watching so it can be resumed at a later time? The MicroHD had the ability by pressing the red button on the playback info screen, then seeking bookmarks by pressing the green button.
  15. gpflepsen

    AMIKO A3 Stability Issues on 2.0.59 ---> 2.0.60?

    Is 2.0.60 an update I should install? It's in the Updater App and not the Amiko Software Downloader app, as shown in the AMIKO ROM [SOFTWARE] UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS (2). I don't want to go off the reservation and lose the ability to stay with the Americas versions. I also don't want to go into...
  16. gpflepsen

    OTA Tuner Performance Falling Off?

    I haven't had too many problems with the Hopper OTA tuner performance, but lately it seems to be lacking behind my other OTA tuners. I have two antennas mounted in the attic, a VHF High looking west and a Yagi UHF looking north. The Hopper tuner gets 100% signal on most the UHF, but lately...
  17. gpflepsen

    Dish Add Placing in Programming

    I'm watching Justified from 3/4/14 off the Hopper on the following day. At about the 20 minute mark into the recording, Dish adds for referrals, iPad, etc are running. I hit the 30 sec. skip button about 6-8 times before I get past them. I thought it was odd Dish had almost 4 minutes of...
  18. gpflepsen

    Hey DISH, Improve Your Picture Quality

    Last night we had guest staying overnight and we cued up Dark Shadows HD from the On Demand function. About 15 minutes in, one of the guest said "That's weird how they make the picture look old to fit the time period". I had to tell him that's not the intended image, just that DISH HD is...
  19. gpflepsen

    What Do You Make of This Install?

    I was at a friend's parents house this past weekend and they mentioned their E* signal breaks up at the slightest amount of rain. I checked the signal strength they get against the excel acceptable signal strength spreadsheet available on this site. They were low. The next day in the light I...
  20. gpflepsen

    How to Get a 10' Fiberglass One Piece Home... From 260 Miles Away

    I'm getting it bad, my little 8' Channelmaster fiberglass is working well, but it struggles with the weaker S2 signals. The solution... A BIGGER DISH!!! Now I'm seeing a second problem developing. I'm collecting too many BUDS! :D I grabbed a 12' Unimesh last month that was craigslisted as a...