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    Media Server Questions

    I am just starting to research various media players as I recently installed a Synology NAS. I currently am using a PS3 for viewing the media off of the NAS but would like to step up to a media player such as the Dune BD Prime 3.0. I started reading about XStreamHD and have questions about...
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    Upgrade from a 942 and AEP

    I currently have a 942 and a 625 with America's Everything Pack. I recently bought a second HDTV for the bedroom and would like to move the 942 to that room and get a 622 for the main room. If I lease a 622, I will be able to receive the new HDTV channels, but do I need to switch my...
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    Dish Pro Plus Separator

    I have two DVR's that both use Dish Pro Plus Separators and I think that one of them is bad. I am no longer getting any satellite signal on that tv and when I switched the separator's, everything worked again. I put the existing separator back on and no signal. Anyway, where can I get a...
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    Multiple rebates per household?

    I am currently leasing a 942 and a 625. Since having the 625 installed I have replaced that old tv with a new 37" plasma. I would like 2 622's and would like to know if I will be able to get a rebate for both of them. If not, can I trade my 625 in for the new 622 and then keep the 942? That...
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    Cablevision May Be Going Private

    It looks like the Dolan's are offering to buy the outstanding shares in Cablevision and spin-off Rainbow Media as a separate company. Charles Dolan would be running Cablevision and James would be running Rainbow Media. If this would have happened a year ago, maybe we would still be...
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    Wirless Phone Jacks

    I am sure that this has been discussed, so if someone can provide me with a link that is all I need. I just had a 625 installed in my bedroom and the phone jack is on the opposite side of the room. I don't want to pay the $4.99 monthly fee for not having it connected to a phone line and I...
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    E* is now part-owner of Voom 21HD channels

    I decided to listen to the first quarter earnings call for Cablevision to see what they would say about this subject. Here is what was said (not word for word), Rainbow signed the first carriage agreement for the Voom HD channels with Echostar last week and E* will carry 10 of the Voom HD...
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    Voom sold customer list to E*??

    I just wanted to post what happened to me yesterday when I called E* to inquire about adding another receiver to our account. We had E* installed just before Voom went dark. The CSR I spoke with immediately after accessing my account, said "I see that you are a former Voom customer" I asked...
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    Purchase/Lease Options for a DVR

    I just had E* installed a couple of weeks ago with a 942 connected to my main TV and the second TV hooked up to the TV2 output of the 942. I am thinking that I would like to use the 942 in single mode and obtain a DVR for my second TV which is an old 27" model. I had my installer hook up the...
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    Wife's Comment About Voom

    We just had E* installed at our house last week with a 942 feeding both the HDTV and the 4X3 TV. We kept Voom hooked up to both tv's because I didn't want to pull the plug. The installer was really pushing up to remove the Voom dish but I refused to let him...who knows what E* might be...
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    Dish UHF remote replacement

    I have a 942 connected to my main TV and the TV2 output connected to my bedroom tv. The UHF remote provided with the 942 works fine for me, but I would prefer to have a remote that is backlight. I loved the Voom remote since it had a light on it. Why don't all remotes have backlights on...
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    942 Help please

    If there is anyone who has a 942 installed in dual mode, I would really appreciate you help. I have a few questions that I can't seem to find answers for. Thanks, Ryan
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    Singal strength

    I just had my 942 installed and I want to check the signal strength to see if the installer did a good job peaking it. I believe that I should be looking at 110 and 119, correct? What transponders should I look at under each orbital location to check signal strength, and what is a great...
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    Install Help Please

    **I posted this on another forum but thought that maybe it would get more repsonses here. Sorry for the double post** I am scheduled for installation this Friday from 12-5. We are supposed to get rain all day tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. I just called Dish to see if there was anyway to get...
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    Pre-install questions

    I am set to have Dish installed next Friday and have a few questions. I am currently a Voomer so I don't know much about the Dish installation process. I wish this forum had a pre-install FAQ like the Voom forum does since I am sure all of my questions would be answered by it. Here is what...
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    E-mail from Voom - Official Shutdown Notice

    I just received this e-mail:( Please do not respond to this e-mail. For assistance, please call 1-800-438-VOOM. Dear xxxxxxx, As we recently notified you on-screen and as you may have also read in the newspapers or on our website, the VOOM service is being terminated on April...
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    Future use for Voom dish

    I thought that this had already been posted, but I can't seem to find the thread anymore. Anyway, I am having Dish installed next week and wish to keep my Voom dish in place in case Dish decides to use the Voom satellite at 61.5 for HD in the future - hopefully Voom 21 programming:) What...
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    942 + Mx-850

    I have a Home Theater Master MX-850 remote for my system and I will be having Dish installed next week. I ordered a 942 and was told that they are available for new customers and will be shipped to my house prior to my installation date. I am hoping that the CSR that I talked to was accurate...
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    New Dish Customer Questions

    I am currently a very satisfied Voom customer and am 99% sure I am going to switch to Dish instead of my cable company, Insight, or Directv. I have a Mits 65813 and an old 27" 4X3 tv. Does anyone with a similar TV to my Mits. have both Voom and Dish right now? I have heard good things about...
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    April fools: {WinVoom}?

    The main Voom thread over at avsforums has an interesting post about a new company called WinVoom. The person who posted it claims that he has a leaked internal Microsoft memo. I can't decide if I believe this or if it is an April Fool's day joke. Any thoughts?