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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    Thanks to Brian at Titanium satellite and to all members of this forum.
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    Changes for 2019

    The polar bear in blizzard display theme got me too (solid white screen no contents). Could I get a reset, please? Should have read this entire thread before beta testing. Sorry.
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    KASN Now on KLRT Transmitter shows KASN is already on RF 34 as per their assigned repack frequency. So I guess this is an extra channel being used to increase their coverage further to the north (some 20-25 miles). KASN transmitter is near Pine Bluff some 20-25 miles south of Little Rock.
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    KASN Now on KLRT Transmitter

    In Little Rock, AR, KASN-HD (CW Arkansas Ch 38) is being transmitted on RF 30 on 16-3 along with KLRT-HD (16-1) and Escape (16-2). KASN (16-3) is 1080i DD 5.1 at about 6.5 Mb/s. Any idea as to why? They are to move to RF 34 in the repack. Can't get RF 34 here so I don't know if they have...
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    Cord cutting still subpar

    YTTV saved all of the 8-hour+ World Series game last night. Someone or something must be tracking and extending the recordings. I've never missed the end of a MLB game, NASCAR race or any other live events. They/it does a better job than I ever did at extending/catching the entire event. Also...
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    Locast (legal) Roku channel

    Been there. It reported I was on flickr also ... but I am not. Before I used Location Guard, Locast still thought I wasn't in NYC even though ip address was. Browsers use javascript and Google/Microsoft/Apple location service apis. Yeah, uses geolocation as well as other info. The browser will...
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    Locast (legal) Roku channel

    Your browser is probably The browser is probably revealing the real location. Have to use VPN AND install a location spoofer extension in the browser, AND use a fixed location in the spoofer. "Location Guard" can be used with Firefox. You also have to register before you can watch what is a...
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    Centurylink blocking Netflix?

    I haven't seen the listed as a Google public DNS server but there is a to go with the
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    Channel Master Targets Cord-Cutters With ‘Stream+’

    Ut Oh! Dude said Google Live Channels has 2 days of programming info in the guide. ONLY 2? Say it ain't so!
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    49.1 (RF 20) METV Replaced by QVC (Ugh!) in Little Rock, AR

    Using a 91xg with CM7777 preamp to receive 2 edge signals (no line of sight).
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    49.1 (RF 20) METV Replaced by QVC (Ugh!) in Little Rock, AR

    KLRA-CD is a Little Rock, AR Station.
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    Live Bandscan Unavailable

    Just started using Live Bandscan lately to check local reception problems I have been having. Last 2-3 days it reports this: Will this function be back soon? I really appreciate you (Trip) doing this.
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    49.1 (RF 20) METV Replaced by QVC (Ugh!) in Little Rock, AR

    Trip Here is new info for KLRA-CD RF 20 in Little Rock DMA: RF Virt Call SID PMT Video *Aspect V Mbps PCR *A kbps Content 20.1 20-1 KLRA-CD 1 48 1920x1080i 16:9(Wide) 49 11.2 49 52 199.68 Univision...
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    49.1 (RF 20) METV Replaced by QVC (Ugh!) in Little Rock, AR

    Found this about KMYA-LP: KMYA-DT, Camden, AR; KMYA-LP, Sheridan, AR. Seems to indicate that KMYA-LP has changed hands. KMYA-DT - Wikipedia indicates that the above mentioned I Square Media used to own KMYA-DT (of Camden) which had an agreement with KLRA-CD (RF 20 - Pinnacle Media) to...
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    49.1 (RF 20) METV Replaced by QVC (Ugh!) in Little Rock, AR

    It WAS still available, as I tried to indicate here: Rabbitears has RF 47 listed as KMYA-LP. I don't live in town and only have 2 edge reception of the LR DMA so can't answer that definitively. Apparently, KMYA-LP (RF 47) was off air until recently. I was the one who reported it was in operation...
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    49.1 (RF 20) METV Replaced by QVC (Ugh!) in Little Rock, AR

    RF 20 in LIttle Rock DMA has dropped METV (RF 20.2 as 49-1) and replaced it with QVC (RF 20.2 as 20-2). Sad day. RF 20 is labeled "UNIV/METV" on so I guess that also needs changing now. METV was still available in Little Rock DMA on RF 47 (as 49-1) as well as COZI TV (49-2) the...
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    I'm using a browser and experienced what you described last night trying to watch college football semifinals. Was really bad and hard to watch. Apparently, WatchESPN isn't able to keep up with the demand on popular live programs. Several times I did speedtests of my ISP and had plenty of...
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    What does red box with X in it mean on Rabbitears list?

    Yeah, it (RF 18 KTWN-LD) was transmitting nothing for quite a while a couple (?) years back. I have an AD 91XG antenna and KTWN-LD is only about 5 miles from me and I used to get it even when not pointed at it. I pointed at it today and there was no hint of signal on RF 18. If you mark it as off...