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  1. jamieh1

    AM-21, will the Database be updated?

    Try clearing and re running the ota set up. Had my rescan day and my channels are working.
  2. jamieh1

    price hike and no relief for a customer fo almost 10 years

    Next year make sure to call and cancel NFL ST before season starts. They will auto renew you without you knowing. Once season starts they will not let you out of it.
  3. jamieh1

    Farthest tv station you have received?

    From Eastern NC I’ve picked up savannah Ga and also Florida
  4. jamieh1

    Directv DVR streaming

    Finally got it
  5. jamieh1

    Directv DVR streaming

    i can’t get my app to register my dvr anymore. I scan while on my home network and it does not find my receiver. So I enter the IP address for my genie it says not correct. Anyone else having issues
  6. jamieh1

    Severe Weather Channels

    Directv has 361-1 and 361-2 up No programming on yet.
  7. jamieh1

    Hurricane Dorian when will it be available like pad hurricanes?

    Directv firing up 361-1 361-2 No programming yet just Directv slide
  8. jamieh1

    Hurricane Dorian when will it be available like pad hurricanes?

    Think they meant PAST hurricanes.
  9. jamieh1

    Sports Pack with Preferred Xtra?

    Same for me. Have all those complementary channels also. Recently added Eleven sports also.
  10. jamieh1

    DogTV...Free Preview or Now Included in Package?

    Was moved there when Cheddar was added
  11. jamieh1

    ACC Network

    I remember back in the early days DTV would have in guide a few days ahead. Channel coming with the date. In some cases I remember them even having a little promo vid about the channel playing.
  12. jamieh1

    ACC Network

    i figured it would be up as well with a countdown clock like when the SEC network launched. Guess they gonna wait til the launch tonight.
  13. jamieh1

    ACC Network

    612 ACC Network SD 612 ACC Network HD In test now.
  14. jamieh1

    Native Mode

    Yea I’ve avoided the CEs for months because of it.
  15. jamieh1

    TBSHD TNTHD MTVHD West now live

    Also Bet HD west and Comedy Central HD west on but is on in 900s
  16. jamieh1

    TBSHD TNTHD MTVHD West now live

    West coast feeds of TBS TNT and MTV now live on Directv. Comedy Central and BET west feeds still in test mode.
  17. jamieh1

    Local Channel Connector (LCC) - Quits Working Every Day

    I’ve gotten 2 LCC and they both have jumpy audio. Got to back up dvr a few seconds to get it to play normal. I’ve hooked my AM21 back up.
  18. jamieh1

    No NBC or MNT in Austin Market...

    Same here WNCT Greenville has same message. This happened back when Media General owned these stations. Every provider in the area has had a outage with them.
  19. jamieh1

    No NBC or MNT in Austin Market...

    Same here in Greenville Washington New Bern NC market WNCT CBS WNCT2 CW Gone with out notice, in past we got scrolls on local station saying could lose. Not seen anything. Good thing I’ve got Local channel connector so can still get over the air.
  20. jamieh1

    New OTA adapter

    Have had my LCC for a few weeks now, have been noticing a pop and skip in the LOCAL OVER THE AIR channels. Ive switched back to my AM21and it does not do this. Ive contacted Directv and they are sending me another LCC Hope this clears up the issue.