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  1. Larry1

    Antenna Changes

    It may help if you could get your antenna closer to the peak of the roof. Trees and buildings will reduce the signal and can cause reflections. In general, TV signals are line of sight. Anything blocking the line of sight will reduce the signal. You could try connecting a piece of coax to the...
  2. Larry1

    Locast Wrong City Error

    Are you using Win 10? Have you set your location in Win 10? is location turned on? settings privacy location set default You can clear the location data and set the default location.
  3. Larry1

    How far away can you get channels nowdays with an antenna?

    I have a lot of 2 edge signals in my area. Before cable and satellite became popular, it was common to have a 40 foot to 65 foot tower with extreme fringe rated antenna and a pre-amplifier. Stations were 65 to 85 miles away. You would loose the signals some times, but for the most part, they...
  4. Larry1

    were there ever or are there such things as mini prime focus KUBand dishes?

    In my area, an offset dish tends to not accumulate as much snow as a prime focus.
  5. Larry1

    were there ever or are there such things as mini prime focus KUBand dishes?

    One of my friends who has now passed away, had a C-band dish and also a prime focus Ku dish. The Ku dish was from an early pay system he got from somebody he knew. He had a 36" dish. He never had the 36" dish hooked up. We would trade recording from my Ku band dish and his C-Band dish.
  6. Larry1

    Homemade OTA antenna

    I made a VHF CH 10 antenna a few years ago. I cut and rolled aluminum flashing for the 10 elements. It was based on an old antenna that they posted the measurements on the digital home Canada forums. Works very well and still in use. It sits on top of my tower along with an antennas direct 91XG...
  7. Larry1

    Balun Info?

    Water inside the balun will cause problems, may it be corrosion or just lower signal. The solder connections inside the balun may become bad if water has been sitting inside it. If it is not sealed, then there should be a small drain hole for the water to exit. Different baluns will have...
  8. Larry1

    New TV season to start

    MeTV has now posted their new lineup starting September 2nd. Highway Patrol has now made it way to the MeTV network, with Barnaby Jones also showing up.
  9. Larry1

    New TV season to start

    Well with the end of summer, it is time once again for a line-up change to our TV schedules. We have seen over the years many of our favorite retro shows either added to the lineup or removed. Some shows are just played far too often and others only rarely seen. When I first started with...
  10. Larry1

    Will this 2-way splitter work OK for OTA?

    The arrows indicate the direction of flow of DC power from the power supply to the amplifier, not the direction of the TV signal flow..
  11. Larry1

    Will this 2-way splitter work OK for OTA?

    When you put the splitter in, your signals will be a little less than half of having no splitter. Also, it the length of coax from the power supply signal out, to the splitter and finally to the neighbours tv is a long run, you may loose too much signal for reliable reception (on that one...
  12. Larry1

    omnidirectinal anteanna option

    Check with Vizio for a software update.
  13. Larry1

    ClearStream TV Wal-Mart Clearance

    Not quite like the Hauppauge, it is wireless only and requires their app.
  14. Larry1

    Economical OTA Recording Equipment?

    You can always use a Hauppauge USB tuner plugged into a PC with one of the many free media centre style programs. The 950Q and 955Q are excellent tuners. If once you see what is there and want to move up to a full function PVR as well as multi tuners, the USB stick will work with the Edison as...
  15. Larry1

    1 meter or 90cm dish

    True as the dish is an offset dish, so the effective size is 36 x 36 If you look at the dish from where the LNBF mounts, you will see that the top to bottom size of the dish shrinks as you move away the Centre of the dish to the offset angle. Some manufactures will list effective size (aperture)...
  16. Larry1

    Are any subchannels currently playing “Happy Days” reruns?

    CHCH does have a live stream, but looks to be location locked.
  17. Larry1

    Best Long range UHF outdoor antenna

    What about raising your antenna. How high is it now? 2 edge signals are going to be hard to get reliably.
  18. Larry1

    New (to me) preamp Kitz KT-500

    A lot of my channel are in extreme fringe being 2 edge. I'm sure this amp will help. The Channel Master CM-7777 works but needs a little more. Just waiting for a LTE filter to arrive now for my second antenna setup.
  19. Larry1

    Folk Tv , now also streaming!

    The rarely shown tv series The Prisoner 1967 Tv Series with Patrick McGoohan is being shown on Saturdays.
  20. Larry1

    STIRR stream

    CHCH has some older shows on their channel (Canadian channel) Not sure how to add the link, but put a www infront of CHCH then a dot com then forward slash and then live (can an moderator fix this for me)